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The USCGC Gallatin is getting decommisioned and you can honor her with this Gallatin special edition T-Shirt from Puddle Pirate.
The USCGC Gallatin is getting decommisioned and you can honor her with this Gallatin special edition T-Shirt from Puddle Pirate.
78 backers pledged $2,455 to help bring this project to life.

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Shirts are on their way!


Great news everyone! The shirts arrived this weekend and we spent all day yesterday packing everything up so you can expect your shirts sometime this week! (In time for the Decommissioning ceremony, as promised). 

We're really stoked how everything turned out and we know you'll be happy as well. We do have some leftover, so we'll be putting them on the site for sale in the coming week, in case someone see's your rad new shirt and wants one for themselves. 

The Cutter Edition™ will continue in the near future with a design for a recently decommed Cutter, so be on the lookout and spread the news. 

Thank you all for your support and if you'd like to be showcased on our Instagram ( @puddlepirategear) or our Facebook page, , then snap a picture of you rocking the new shirt and send it our way. 

Thanks again shipmates and we looked forward to talking to y'all soon! 


Sporty new tags
Sporty new tags
in all their glory
in all their glory

Final stretch!

Hey Y'all, 

I'd like to thank everyone again for all the support. We REALLY appreciate it. This project is on it's final weekend, so that means Monday, it's going to printers, and we'd like to have everyone's size in, so we can order the appropriate amount of each size. 

A lot of you have responded to the messages, so for that, we thank you. If you have yet to get us your size and address, please let us know this weekend by replying to the message I sent you, or just writing to 

Thanks again everyone! 


Gallatin Shirt Update #2

First off, Thanks to ALL of you for supporting this project. Obviously, we couldn't have done it without you, so thanks! 

Towards the end of the week, I'll be messaging all of you for your shirt size and address (as well as what other shirts you'd like, if the amount of your pledge is applicable for another shirt from our website). Again, we have 19 days until we can send to printer (we'll probably send a few days before that) but just wanted to let you know, it'll still be a few weeks before you receive your shirt(s) because of the process. 

If you're the 'pro-active' type, you can just email me your shirt size and address to 

Thanks again y'all, talk to you soon. 


Already reached our goal!


Thanks everyone for the support! We had no idea this project would get so much support! So it sets a foundation for other Decommed ships in the future. With that said... 

First off, again, I'd like to say thanks for backing the project. We still have 30 days until the project finishes (Kickstarter doesn't let you end prematurely). So When that finishes, I'll have all the people that pre-ordered shirts between now and the end of the project run, and I'll have a solid number to get printed. Then the printing happens, which usually takes a approximately 2 weeks. So we wanted to clarify that you'll be getting your shirt before the Gallatin's decommissioning ceremony (which was our goal) which is the end of March. So be expecting your shirt(s) around Mid-late march... 

I'll be contacting each of you for sizes and addresses in the near future as well, so be on the lookout for that. 

Again, thanks a ton for your help and support. Fair winds and following seas shipmates! 


Chris Edington

Puddle Pirate Gear