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The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, August 15 2015 8:16 PM UTC +00:00
pledged of $25,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Sat, August 15 2015 8:16 PM UTC +00:00

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      Mitchell Marx

      Id gladly back you. Run another Kickstarter, more dedication this time

    2. Jeremy Rodney on

      I messaged the creator a week or two ago without a response. I asked him to respond to our comments... I was hoping he would say something about our responses to sell instructions on how to build our own or future plans

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      James G. Jorgenson on

      Happy you recognize how important it is to save the bees and also that the Boy Scouts are helping you out. If you submit this project again I would surely fund it but you need to give myself, and the rest of KICKSTARTER, more updates!! Wish you all the best in your future endeavors brother.

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      James G. Jorgenson on

      Happy you recognize how important it is to save the bees and also that the Boy Scouts are helping you out. If you submit this project again I would surely fund it but you need to give myself, and the rest of KICKSTARTER, more updates!! Wish you all the best in your future endeavors brother.

    5. Roderick King on

      @Creator, Kickstarter is all or nothing so unfortunately we did not help the cause this time. Have you considered an alternative funding source where people can back for smaller rewards? I would look at Patreon for starters. A few hundred patrons could chip in $1 for every pole created, for $10/pole pledge would support the pole plus get your Q&A... Don't be afraid of different websites.

    6. Steve Miller on

      Kickstarter is about creator passion shared with likeminded backers. Not saying anything for an entire campaign sends a message that the creator doesn't have that passion. It's important to update, cheerlead, and share with backers WHY they should back your project.

    7. Missing avatar

      Alasdair on

      Hi, I'd love to be able to purchase some bee poles, but I am located in Europe. Are there plans to ship outside the US in the future?

    8. Jeremy Rodney on

      Dear Chester,
      I pledged support to this because I think in concept it is a great idea and I applaud all efforts to try and save our most important pollinators. I hope you will take the following as Constructive criticism:

      if you truly do want to save the bees more than capitalize off of it (I have to bring this up as you are trying to patent this) then perhaps you would have a much greater impact helping the environment if you sold the plans/tools to make the bee pole as I know there are many people like me who think this is a wonderful idea to help the bees, but they want to build their own out of local wood or can't afford the 125$

      Perhaps you could have another Kickstarter with rewards including a step by step guide for creating the poles as well as tools for higher rewards to help people manually cut a hole into the wood. You could also have buttons/shirts, that sort of thing to both raise revenue but also really get your idea out there. On amazon you could also sell your potential eBook on instructions on how to create a bee pole from selecting the right wood, to what tools you should use, the history/importance of bees and colony collapse disorder, etc. I would love to buy that book

      with love and wishing you all the best,

    9. Missing avatar

      Mike Feddersen on

      Chester and friends,
      It is so heartwarming to see the power of positive intentions as is seen in the number of backers to this project. As a former Boy Scout I realize how much could be accomplished with this untapped human resource.
      As a friend of Permaculture I left a post at http://permies.com/forum .
      I received a response from someone that "rained on Chester's noble quest". Intrigued about these bee mites I went looking for answers. The cure will take more than over-priced bee poles. It will take hands on seasonal care, not a one time placing of poles. I will probably show some ignorance here but the honey bee is not native to the USA but neither are most of the crops pollinated by it. I wonder what pollinated the plants before it arrived?

    10. hoofhearted4 on

      too bad this campaign isn't likely going to succeed. Its an important issue not many are aware about. which is why I opted for the tee shirt. best of luck for future ventures here or else where. Ill keep my eye open for you guys!

    11. Missing avatar

      Brooks Anderson on

      I really hope this project succeeds! SAVE THE BEES!

    12. Maja Schubert on

      What a great cause! I hope this gets backed. If not, I think Cat makes a good point about indiegogo - I would definitely back there, too :)

    13. Cat on

      I hope this project gets backed. I knew about the colony collapse disorder but I never realized how much damage it's done. If the project didn't get funded, I'd like to suggest trying Indiegogo or something similar. Because you have two options on that site to either meet a specified goal (like here) or stating the goal but being able to keep the proceeds in the end. Good luck!! Fight on!

    14. Gary Frerking on

      Brad, Travis and Niclas' points are reasonable, and I hope Mr. Lee takes them on board if he needs to try this campaign again (hopefully third time would be a charm). This is a worthy cause for sure, I hope it's successful. Like others, I'd like to see a revamped / expanded program to help other parts of the country (and world). Like others, I'd also like to see a little more transparency about the intent of the patent - but I'm not going to freak out about the existence of a patent. Everyone has a right to patent things, and if they are issued a patent then they have a right to do what they want with it. That's how the system works, folks. This patent isn't particularly scary... it doesn't prevent people from building their own bee poles without flattened faces and multiple sized holes... it doesn't prevent people from building their own bee poles with a single flattened face and holes that are all the same size... and it doesn't prevent people from building a bee pole with multiple flattened faces, with each face having holes of the same size (but different size than the other flattened faces). Just saying.

    15. Niclas Holtappels on

      I totally second what Brad and Travis said. The title is misleading. The reference of a patent for the Bee Pole without any declaration of intent is worrisome.

      It is further questionable that the campaign simply states that a third of the funding will go towards the establishment of the bee migratory route, with no indication where the rest of the money will go.

      On a different note, the entire presentation of the campaign is confusing and mildly convoluted. Furthermore, being a non-U.S.-based Kickstarter member, the U.S.-centric approach bothers me. Not because the project is focused on the USA, but because the presentation of the project indicates an implied assumption that the project would be focused on the USA.

      Please note that this is not meant as an attack. I think Mr. Lee's mission is a very important one, and one that deserves a lot more attention than it is being given by the general public and governments all around the globe. However, I think the campaign is not well executed and the approach shows a lack of consideration for the power of open source (design / hardware) and the power of the crowd, which extends far beyond contributing monetarily. I hope that future attempts at addressing the problem of the dying of bees, whether they be by Mr. Lee or other individuals, look to the crowd of interested, motivated, and passionate individuals out there not just for funding but for inspiration, for raising awareness, for contributing in other than monetary ways to any proposed solutions (e.g. by building and distributing self-made Bee Poles, as it were in the case of this campaign).

      Regardless of my reservations about this campaigns approach I would like to wish Mr. Lee and everyone else involved the best of luck and much success with this campaign and the mission to save the bees.

      For everyone who has a deeper interest in the topic, I would like to highly recommend this article on the TED blog, as well as the three TED talks linked in the article: http://bit.ly/1gWaTje

    16. Missing avatar

      Brad Fagerlie on

      in reply to Andrew the travesty of patent law is that if you make one for yourself just knowing about this patent makes you a violator (and liable for 3X damages), hopefully Mr. Lee would not entertain litigation for personal use but it is his choice since he has a patent (yes, i verified US7959486 B1). the patent also details how to make it as it must to be valid.

      second i believe the title of this kickstarter is misleading, this is not going to do anything to change the colony collapse disorder (because colony collapse effects non-native bees) this will help increase the numbers of native bees and stave off the lack of pollination that could result.

      i am not attacking the goal just the method being used to reach it, Chester can completely resolve the first problem by stating his intent regarding patent enforcement (open source would be best, but a commitment to not pursue litigation for personal use would go a long way). the second may not be so easy to resolve as i don't think he can change the title at this point.

    17. Jonas on

      Worthy cause if any.

    18. Andrew

      Aren't we all missing the point of the greater problem here? Why is the growth of native US bees simply a project being manned by Chester and a bunch of Boy Scouts? Why aren't farmers, who depend on the bees for their crops, or the government, who in some form or another outta be interested in addressing the known bee population, getting involved instead of Chester needing to come to Kickstarter for funding?

      And, of course this is a more admirable project to put my money into versus the cool diy robot I just got in the mail. This project doesn't represent anything less narcissistic though, for me at least. Personally, I don't like bees. Biting, stinging, buzzing, picnic interrupting devils that can ruin my day. But I live in California, where I only get fresh vegetables and fruits, and I don't want that to change. So, I'm in for keeping them around since they do so much important work (unlike mosquitoes, which could disappear and I'd be totally cool with it).

      Finally. Since I'm rambling anyway, I don't see Chester having patented his post to be a selfish act. If you read through the campaign notes I'm pretty sure he describes every detail of it, how many holes, of what size, how tall, etc. He's even got a picture with labels on it showing where the holes go. I'd suspect that if you wanted to go out and make one yourself with those specs, it might be as helpful as donating in this campain....

    19. Missing avatar

      Travis Olson on

      I support the cause but the proprietary execution is sad. The arguments for humanity and the bees are great but why are we charging over $100 dollars for a piece of rotten wood with a hole pattern drilled into it? If this cause were really about humanity and saving the bees it should be more accessible. Instead of $5 and $25 dollars are great ways to show support but the patented pole is the limit. Why not open up the access to the design of this bee pole. If in fact it will work and make a difference there need to be as many around as possible. Would it not be better to have a tier, or include in the lower cost tiers, detailed instructions on how to find the right wood and a template and details on drilling and creating the beepole. That way everyone can create as many as they wish and the money that is collected can be used by Chester to complete his goal of bee pole migration routes. I think the patent is hurting your cause. Things that can change the world need to be accesible. Otherwise this just seems like an attempt to profit. Open your patent, ask for contributions and provide the information. If this doesn't get funded, you should start the campain over and try to fund a system to get the information to as many people as possible, including the beepole design. If you want to make a difference, you need as many people as you can get on board.

    20. Achille on

      Urging and encouraging people to back something we believe in is not hating, Chris.

      As you may have noticed, no names have been given to those who decided to back other projects. It has been pointed out, though, that doing something to solve a disorder that threaten the very existance of a species would be, by far, more important than financing a Cocktail Machine or a bottle that remind people its time to drink.

      It's a personal opinion, though, which has no roots in hate but in personal background and sensibility.

      Also, what you label as an "hollow point" is rather a consideration on the huge inequality that leads people with consolidated access to potable water to afford even forgetting that water, besides being available to them, is essential to life and wellbeing, while somewhere else on the planet, you can bet people wouldn't need a glowing bottle to know it's time to drink. Lips cracking thirst would do the job.

      But, again, my dear friend, I am afraid it's just a matter of personal background and sensibility.

    21. Chris Chambless on

      Don't be a hater Achille. I backed both this and the smart water bottle you reference. Its not a competition.
      Its not the Kickstarter community as a group that values products over saving the planet. That's all of humanity, but the people with out potable water won't be pledging to anything so that's kind of a hallow point.

    22. Achille on

      I hope Kickstarter community wakes up and realize how pledging few bucks to a project aiming to solve Bee Colony Collapse Disorder would be, by far, more important than pledging loads of money to a Cocktail Machine or to a bottle that remind people it's time to drink, on a planet where over 750 million of persons have no access to potable water.

    23. wandie on

      I live in England but support you 100%
      I hope you are successful !!
      If I pledge the $25 will you post me a bumper sticker ??
      Good Luck !!

    24. MikeT on

      Oscar, if a project doesn't fulfill, kickstarter will not collect money from you. More beneficial bee info should really be taught in schools.

    25. Oscar on

      If the kickstarter dosn't fufill, please keep my donation, knowing that it will help on something is reward for me!