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Super-comfy, handmade leather shoes for babies - dedicated to the only supreme beings they believe in; Mummies, Daddies and Boobies.

It's over a year since we successfully launched our Atheist Shoes project on Kickstarter. And, thanks to the support and encouragement of our backers, we were able to give up our jobs and launch a small business; (also Facebook/AtheistShoes). We've since sold shoes all over the world and we hope to do so for a long time to come!

But we have a new idea... to make baby shoes. And we wanted to come back to Kickstarter, to run the idea past everyone and see if we can get the support we need to make it happen.

Our baby shoe is just as snuggly and comfy as our grown-up shoe, handmade with a very soft, untreated leather and 100% cotton teddy bear fur. It also has a soft sole, not too restricting for quickly growing feet and allowing older babies to learn to walk as nature intended.

But the real magic happens on the underside, where we've screen-printed homages to the only supreme beings a baby knows... "I believe in Mummy", "I believe in Daddy" and "I believe in Booby".

We'll be making the baby shoes by hand in Germany and also in Portugal, which is where we make our grown-up shoes.

We'll also be making a vegan-friendly version, which you can order the same way as the others - check out the £45 reward to the right!


We're pretty sure all babies are born atheists and, rather than commit them to some religion before they're old enough to have a say (let alone control their pooping functions) we'd rather celebrate their undoubted belief in Mummy and Daddy.


Our baby shoe is pretty much a mini version of our grown-up shoe, with the same Bauhausy design and a little black hole on the heel.

But it's also a lot easier to make than the grown-up's shoe, because there's no rubber sole to attach. Nonetheless, the leather still requires careful stitching and, thankfully, we've gained a lot of experience in that over the last 18 months. 

The leathers we use are all naturally treated and the lining is 100% cotton, so the entire shoe is completely natural.

The vegan baby shoes will be made from an artificial, but recycled, material, typically the reincarnation of plastic bottles and television set casings. They will likely be a fetching grey colour, rather than creamy white, but it will still look and feel great and we'll have photos in due course.

There will be 4 sizes, for babies aged 0 to 24 months.... you don't have to choose the size until later, after you've pledged, and we'll help you to do that.

Ultimately, a lot of care and craftsmanship goes into our Baby Shoes, so the quality is much higher than what you'll find on the high street. And we do hope your baby's feet will appreciate that.


We'd love to see babies with great looking feet, free to enjoy the bliss of babyhood, and parents holding-off on handing the souls of their offspring over to deities, at least until the child is old enough to say "hang on, that's mine!"


You can pre-order a pair of baby shoes by pledging £45 (see the column on the right). But we have other rewards too...

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We've made plenty of learnings through our Atheist Shoes project that will stand us in good stead as we now try to make Baby Shoes a reality. We're a lot more confident in production than we were a year ago and we have really talented people lined up to work on the shoes.

We also have more experience of posting shoes internationally - so sending out Baby Shoes should be a crawl in the park. But I guess our biggest challenge will be getting the rewards out to people by Christmas... post then can be really unpredictable... but we'd like to make that happen and we're confident we can. However, if for any reason we don't manage that, anyone planning to order baby shoes as a present will be able to download a beautiful seasonal card promising their imminent arrival.

For more, you can follow us on and at


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    For those who believe in nothing, we give you nothing! Back in stock, due to popular demand, our new-and-improved nothing 2.0 is 33% more nothing than before, with a deeper absence of something and just the perfect shade of no colour whatsoever. Organic, fairtrade and handmade, with loving care, absolutely nowhere. Shipping included.

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    Download the awesome "Booby" song from our video, learn the words and sing it with your chums over a glass of milk.

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    Some of you grown-ups still believe in Mummy, Daddy and Booby, and this set of 3 leather patches will help you preach to the world! Screen-printed in Berlin, we'll send you 1x "I believe in Mummy", 1x "I believe in Daddy", and 1x "I believe in Booby".

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    For your messy little heathen, we'll send you 2 handmade toweling bibs; one screen-printed with "I believe in Mummy" and the other with "I believe in Daddy".

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    Congratulations, you just bought 3 dapper tote bags! Screen-printed in Berlin with "I believe in Mummy", "I believe in Daddy" and "I believe in Booby" (respectively). Each tote has our signature black hole of nothingness on the reverse.

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    Oh my gollygosh, you just bought a pair of handmade Baby Shoes! Now a baby will have snuggly toes as well as being able to express their belief in the only supreme beings they know... Mummies, Daddies & Boobies. Handmade from super-soft, naturally treated leather, and lined with the skin of real teddy bears (100% cotton) you will be able to choose from 4 sole pairings; I believe in ... Mummy & Daddy, Mummy & Mummy, Daddy & Daddy, Booby & Booby. We'll also have a vegan-firendly version, in a fetching grey colour. And there will be 4 sizes, for babies aged 0 to 24 months. But there's no need to choose size / soles / leather or vegan just yet - we'll ask you later on, after you pledge. And we'll have tips then to help you get the right size.

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    Not only will we send you a personalised baby shoe, with a little tag sporting the baby's name, but you will also receive a bear hat! This bear hat (just like those in the video) comes in one size only but will fit most normal-headed adults and will enable you to look, act and feel like an authentic Grunewald teddy bear.

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    A pair of ATHEIST Shoes for Mummy or Daddy AND a pair of Baby Shoes for the little one. You can see the shoes here:

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    The Atheist Deluxe Package! You get to totally luxuriate in godlessness, with 3x pairs of baby shoes, 1x pair of Atheist Shoes (for a grown-up), 1 x pair of Atheist Boots (also for a grown-up), 6x different tote bags, 1x Handbook of Atheism (beautifully bound but completely empty) AND 1x roll of atheist packing tape.

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    A baby. Tobin (from the video) will fly to wherever you are and make a baby, by hand, in your belly. No returns. (Please note, this is not a real reward. Tobin sure makes cute babies, but his wife would not be impressed if he were to scatter his seed across the Kickstarterverse).

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    A daddy. We'll send you one of our dads for 3 weeks. They can fix stuff.

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    A mummy. We’ll fly our mums to you for 2 weeks. They are Great. Love you Mum.

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