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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Thu, June 6 2019 4:47 PM UTC +00:00.

pledged of $4,000pledged of $4,000 goal
43days to go

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Thu, June 6 2019 4:47 PM UTC +00:00.


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Pulley Wheel Machines as well as Lever Machines are ancient and have been used to decrease effort for thousands of years, when lifting extremely heavy objects. Below are some images of the currently filed design with the USPTO. This bicycle is evolving, so the final product may look more streamline than the concept you are looking at. We care about this project because it have believe it would improve the human condition and of course we like mind blowing technology you can use every day.

  In fact, we are so confident of this bicycle's performance, we would be willing to set a Guinness World Record of the lightest human powered bicycle with the most torque per range. 

I intend to use the funds to pay for a  Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) patent application. The reason why I think this is important is because this bicycle is design is a universal machine that is beneficial to all Humans and will make the Human condition easier. Furthermore, a  PCT application would open more doors to revenue generation and increase the value of the patent application already filed with the USPTO. Here are the benefits this bicycle would provide:

1. Green transportation, which does not harm the environment.

2. It promotes exercise, which is healthy for individuals, community and society.

3. A healthier community reduces the financial toll on America's healthcare system.

4. The building of these bicycles creates jobs and economic opportunity.

    a. Bike sharing companies could be formed creating more administrative jobs, as well as       

         technical service jobs when it comes to bicycle maintenance and repair.

    b. This bicycle technology would help companies by giving them new ways of promoting 

         their products through new bike sharing programs.

    c.  Offshoot businesses could be created due to the creation of this bicycle.

5. The new Pulley Wheel Machine bicycle would make exercise fun again, which is healthy 

     for society as a whole.

6. Building these bicycles in America would give the US industrial machine the lead in this 

     particular technology and an advantage over foreign competition in bicycle technology.

7. The Pulley Wheel Machine bicycle would get the youth interested in math, engineering 

    as well as the physical sciences and make this field fun!

My name is Rashad Scarborough. I was born in Newark, NJ and raised in North Carolina. I have been developing this technology for 14 years and getting close to perfection in bicycle performance. The book, entitled: The Science behind Superior Performance Bicycles, would explain how two force multiplying machines combined (Pulley wheel and Lever machine) would amplify torque output, while maintaining significant amount of range useful to all humans worldwide. This machine is a useful tool for aiding humans in the journey of life. I founded the company call Precisia Bikes LLC. A company that specializes in lever propelled bicycles.


2011 Original P

2014 P Classic

2018 HTC

2019 SPB

1. Scientifically proven to have more torque per range than any conventional bicycle.

2. Gravitational advantage, force vector advantage and mechanical advantage, especially at the peak of the bicycle’s pedal stroke.

3. More powerful and consistent angular force vectors from the peak of the pedal movement to the base of the pedal movement. Therefore, there is less fluctuation in force needed to pedal this bicycle.

4. Hollow lever machine structure that can’t be bent by human weight, because the steel cable reinforcement from the outside harnesses the whole tubular structure of the lever machine instead at just on point on the lever machine.

5. Hollow lever machine tubes makes this bicycle conventional light and lighter than some conventional bicycles on the market.

6. Multispeed hub on the bicycle makes it easy to shift gears while moving and standing still.

7. Low top tube makes this bicycle easy to mount for women and men, while being consistent with bike sharing frame designs.

8. The bicycle’s design is very simple and pleasing to look at.

9. Propelled by Dyneemah® rope, which is stronger than steel cable yet 8 times lighter than steel cable.

10. Easier to climb hills on the Wraparound ™ bicycle, because one could take advantage of gravity and one’s weight at the pedaling peak instead of just leg muscles at the pedaling peak like conventional bicycles.

11. Hollow lever tubes make it easy to store batteries in this bicycle, if you wanted to convert this bicycle into an E-bike. The batteries don’t stick out like an eye sore and you would not know if the bicycle was electronically powered.

12. Low friction dry steel, non-sealed bearings reduces friction and increases torque.

13. Lower longer stirring cylinder leaves space for a promotional pendant flag to bear promotional trademarks, while this flag can double for a pouch for carrying pocket items.

14. Optional rear disk brakes are available with applicable multispeed hubs.

15. Easy to manufacture, because most components are already manufactured. Only the frame, lever machines and radial drive cylinder mechanisms are unique.

16. This frame can be built from aluminum, chromoly or carbon fiber tubes be to lighter.

17. Can easily be rented in bike sharing programs.

18. Extra fail safety feature include steel cable along sided Dyneemah® rope so pedals never hit the ground.

19. Steel wire over radial drive cylinders to prevent the blue rope from jumping off the aluminum rail.

20. Multiple shock absorbent materials such as rubber disk around the Dyneemah® rope and steel cable on lever machines when moving the pedal to base position.


"So since this project is mainly to established domestic and foreign intellectual property rights, our main objective at this stage of the business is to educate the masses in how this technology works. Thus, it would be very sustainable to deliver an E-book so that potential buyers of the product would understand the nature of the bicycle , how to maintain it and what to expect from it."

Here are some pages of the E-book describing how we determined how the SPB has more torque per range than conventional bicycles:

1. Torque test and proof of superior torque. How less vector force resistance results in superior performance

Three tube bending dies were tied together on a plastic rope and looped around the pedal of conventional bicycle while the pedals were at an 180 degree turn (approx.).

Then a tube taped to the handle bars was pressed up against a digital scale when the pull of the weights pushed the bicycle forward. The Red tube bending machines props the bicycle up with the plastic rope in order to get accurate scale readings.

The scale reads 3 lbs and 10.6 oz of forward pressure.

The same experiment was conducted on the SPB using the same weight.

The same tube was taped to the handle bar of the SPB and pressed up against the digital scale when the weight on the pedal pushed the bicycle forward.

The digital scale yielded 6 lbs and 11.2 oz. Almost twice as much as than a conventional bicycle using the same weight. Thus this bicycle cranks out almost twice as much horse power than a conventional bicycle when the pedal movement to rear wheel movement ratios are matched.

This demonstration was necessary to illustrate how both bicycles can be tested, if you have a SPB in your possession and wish to try this experiment on your own to verify the results.

Here is an article from Ideaing live smarter about technology from inventors. Just click on the blue link below to find out about their awesome technology.

ideaing live smarter

Don't you wish your suitcase could move by itself? I always have a hard time collecting my purse, gripping my phone, and dealing with my luggage on airports. You know what? There are actually suitcases that follow you around like a puppy and the Cowarobot R1 is one of them.

The Cowarobot is a carry-on sized robot suitcase that stays with you all the time. It moves by itself, so you can drink your coffee and talk on the phone while you walk around. It's smart enough to avoid obstacles and it may lag a bit if it does, but it will always find its way to you and catch up with you.

This nifty robot is a loyal little travel companion that can hit speeds up to 4.5 mph and can take on slopes at a 15-degree inclination. Security is not an issue either. Aside from GPS tracking feature, the bag has a CO-SMART intelligent lock that your R1 bracelet can unlock. The bracelet, by the way, also serves as a keyless remote for you to control the bag.

Best Features:

  • Robotic suitcase that follows you around
  • Runs up to 4.5 mph and can cover 12.5 miles at full charge
  • Portable powerbank that charges your iPhone 6s Plus 9 times
  • Complies with airport regulations

Risks and challenges

This product is safe to use and fail safe mechanisms are designed into the product to guarantee safety and customer satisfaction. So the blue rope in the 2019 version of the Wraparound is made out of Dyneema rope. This rope is 8 times lighter than steel, but stronger than steel. Its breaking point is 7,700 lbs, so not human weight can break this rope. Other safety features would include a steel fail safe cable that would flex along side the Dyneema rope as a backup in order to keep the rider safe. The steel cable's maximum operating load would be 640 lbs. Maximum human weight on the bicycle would 300 lbs, so this steel cable structure could not be broken by human weight, even though there would not be sustained pressure on the looped steel cable. Other safety features would include a steel bent wire over each rail that would guard the dyneema rope from jumping off of a radial drive cylinder. The frame of the bicycle has been welded by HLS Precision Welding. The individual welder of the bicycle Mr. Howard is very skilled and professional of critical welds. So riders can rest assured that these frames won't break. The company Precisia Bikes LLC currently uses Shamano Nexus 7 speed hub to give riders options to change gears when pedaling this bicycle. These hubs are rugged and have a know reputation for long lasting quality. The bow and arrow looking lever machines look scary, but they are the safest and lightest lever machines on a bicycle for forward propulsion that you will find. That is because the steel cable over the aluminum tube has a breaking point of 5480 lbs. No human weight can break this steel cable. The reason why this cable is position like this is because it increases the strength of the aluminum tube 10 times. If this tube was supported by a steel cable from a point along the aluminum tube that lever machine would be less safe and heavier. That is because the load point at that tube would by subject to bending at that point, even if it were reinforced from the inside of the tube with metal. So when a steel cable is suspended from the ends of the tube and then suspended from that cable the whole tubular structure of the tube is harnessed thus make it human load impossible to bend the tube, because the force of the steel cable is pointing horizontally and not vertically like older models. Thus, it is easier to bend a tube at a point, than to crush a tube from on end to the other end. There are two types of shock absorbents for the riders joints. Each lever machine has a rubber disk about 3/8" thick. So when a lever machine makes contact with the frame of the bike, the rubber absorbs the shock. Furthermore, it's opposite adjacent lever machine steel cable stretches slightly to provide a spring like absorption. The main risk is that the financial goals would not be met.

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For the most part, you either have the option to get a wireless keyboard in a compact form, or a bulkier, more functional mechanical keyboard conventionally meant for desktop use. There are a few options that merge the two keyboard types, but none that are noteworthy.

The Keychron K2 mechanical keyboard is a dual-function unit that can be used either wirelessly via Bluetooth or wired. Above all, however, it has an incredibly sleek and compact design for portability.

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