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A premiere collection -- hand-woven and crocheted fabrics and products -- from women in Peru.

The Project

Background: Saucesito Verde is a cooperative of textile artisans made up of 15 women in the northern Peruvian Andes. The ladies prepare their own natural dyes and hand-craft woven, knitted and crocheted fabrics. I have been working for the past year and a half to try to connect these ladies to a market for their textiles. What began as a small idea to find some retailers has grown. Last fall we had the unique opportunity to make custom bags for a U.S. designer and we hope to work with her again this year.  In order to plug into more opportunities, we need to better organize ourselves for business.  So, in March I returned to Peru to spend this year working with the ladies to work toward a shared vision of future work; grow a sustainable business model; secure our supply chains; create and market new designs; and develop business connections.

Our kickstarter campaign will allow us to roll out our premiere collection, 8 fresh, new fabrics and 8 beautiful, hand-woven and crocheted products. We've been working this spring to create new fabrics based on traditional patterns and motifs, and fashion prototypes for new products.  We plan to release our collection online in August as well as promote it through a marketing campaign to buyers in both Peru and the U.S.

Fabrics: We have 5 wool fabric designs and hope to create 3 more great fabric designs that we all love.  We'll also be experimenting with a few limited edition organic cotton and baby alpaca fabrics.  The process of trying out new designs has also produced fabrics that don't quite make the cut.  We plan to combine assorted fabrics from the design process in a collaged product. 

Products:  Four of the products for the collection will be Pillowbags, transformable cushions for your couch and bags (with removable straps) you can tote around.  We've been working to develop 4 different Pillowbag designs: 1) clutch, 2) messenger, 3) adjustable yoga mat sling/backpack, and 4) tote.  Some bags will feature leather straps & handles and others will have hand-woven or wooden straps & handles. 

Check out our website to see the fabrics and prototypes we've created so far:
(click Designs).  We have other product designs in the pipeline, too but we're also excited to work with some of you to see your ideas. 

With kickstarter funds we'll be able to complete the designs for our premiere collection and roll out a first production of fabrics and accompanying products.  Making your kickstarter rewards will also give us the opportunity to strengthen our organization and production capacity, practice weaving our new designs, arrive at our polished rates and costs of production, and better prepare us for future business opportunities.

Want to know where the money goes?                                                            

Continued Product Development & Production:  $13937                                      Funds materials and labor involved in producing the collection, a special production workshop for Saucesito Verde, and color recipe archiving.  $7830 pays the ladies of Saucesito Verde to prepare the yarn and weave the sample and first-run production fabrics; and pays the tailors we work with to develop product prototypes. $4927 goes toward materials (like yarn, botanicals, alum, and some large dyeing pots).$1180 funds natural dyeing experiments, archiving of color recipes, and a special dyeing workshop to expand our range of colors and ensure color consistency and replicability before production.

Marketing, Promotional Expenses & Fees:    $3990                                             Funds fabric samples and marketing materials to potential buyers, product tags, launch and development of the project website, and associated kickstarter fees.

We'd love your help in creating the final fabric and product designs for the premiere collection!  By pledging $500 or more, you can work with us to develop a custom fabric design or prototype for a new product.  If you pledge $1000 you can design both -- fabric + product -- specially crafted for your unique sense of style.  Even if you choose not to be involved at this level, we welcome your feedback about our designs.  Once all the fabrics and product prototypes have been developed (August), we'll email out photos of all the designs and ask for your preferences.  For those of you picking a product or fabric as a reward, this will also be when you tell us which design you want mailed to you.  We'll be producing rewards in the fall and all woven rewards should be in your hands by the first week in December. 

Some Additional Points of Interest:

This project began as a friendship with Ruth, one of the members of the Saucesito Verde. That friendship, as well as others that have grown out of the experience of working with the ladies, will continue to be honored over the course of business development. Saucesito Verde's wages have been arrived at through conversations about what is a fair wage for their labor. The ladies' interests -- as well as my sincere effort to create opportunities for income in a small town where residents are accustomed to not having work, and a wish to secure outlets for the ladies to share their craft -- are at the heart of the project.

Our kickstarter project will pay for the initial production and marketing of fabrics and products for the premiere collection. Any funds beyond the amount we're asking for (ie. the more rewards we get to make) will serve as additional opportunities for the ladies of Saucesito Verde to weave and earn income!  -- and would also allow us to invest in some basic creative and organizational enhancements, like a special course from an established weaving cooperative in Cusco, workshops with textile industry experts, and a spinning wheel.


We're starting to build an inventory of yarn and will be getting it ready so we can start weaving not long after we hear from you.  We'll be finalizing the designs for the collection in August and for those of you choosing a fabric or product, we'll send out an email with fabric and product choices September 4 so you can tell us which ones you want.  For those of you working with us to design your own fabric or product, we'll start corresponding with you as soon as we hear from you and work with you closely to understand your ideas and translate them into a tactile product.  Fabrics will be ready October 22 and our goal is to have all products finished by November 24.  Rewards sent by the cooperative shipping option will be delivered the first week in December.


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    Access to the project website, as it's developed, with photos, journal entries, and eventually a short video about the experience of designing the collection and connecting to a market. So you can check in and see what's happening.

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    A personal postcard from Peru with a photo of the ladies and personal thank you note from Saucesito Verde. + PLUS Reward #1.

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    FABRIC FOR YOU -- Sample of hand-woven fabric - choose one of the fabrics from the collection we develop - approximately 52" L x 20" W (132cm L x 51cm W). +PLUS Reward #s 1 & 2. When the collection is ready, we'll send an email with photos of the fabrics so you can tell us which one you want. (Please note: international shipping is expensive. Please include $45 for this reward).

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    PICK YOUR PRODUCT -- Choose your favorite pillow bag or other product we develop for the collection. +PLUS a personalized thank you video so you can meet the woman who weaves your fabric. +PLUS Reward #s 1 & 2. When the collection is ready, we'll send an email with photos of the products so you can tell us which one you want. (Please note: international shipping is expensive. Please include an additional $60 for this reward).

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    LIMITED EDITION FABRIC -- SUPER SOFT COTTON AND BABY ALPACA -- Special, limited edition fabric from a limited supply of super soft cotton or baby alpaca yarn that we'll be trying out. Yarns will be natural colors (cafe, cream, black, avocado, tearose, gray) from naturally-colored cotton and from crude alpaca yarns. Fabric will be approximately 75"L x 21.5" and (190 cm L x 55 cm W) and you can decide if you want to use it as a shawl, table runner or tapestry. +PLUS Reward #s 1 & 2. (Please note: international shipping is expensive. Please include an additional $45 for this reward).

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    DESIGN YOUR OWN FABRIC -- Work with us to design your own fabric (within 4 yards L * 24" W of fabric), which could become a prototype for the collection. +PLUS a personalized thank you video so you can meet the woman who weaves your fabric and see the development of your idea. +PLUS Reward #s 1 & 2. (The cost of shipping is included for this reward.)

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    DESIGN YOUR OWN FABRIC AND PRODUCT -- Work with us to design your own fabric and product (please design the product so that it requires no more than 3 yards L and 24" W, of fabric), which could become a prototype for the collection. You can choose: 2 of the product you develop plus a 3-yard sample of your fabric, or 1 of the product you develop plus 6 yards of your fabric. +PLUS a personalized thank you video so you can meet the woman who weaves your fabric and watch the development of your creation. +PLUS Reward #s 1 & 2. ---OR--- If you prefer not to design a product from scratch, work with us to design a custom rug or blanket just for you - you choose your dimensions (area within 10 yards L x 24" W) and colors, & then work with us to create a unique design for you. PLUS a personalized thank you video that illustrates the process of making your fabric and introduces you to the woman who weaves it. +PLUS Reward #s 1 & 2. (Please note: the cost of shipping is included for this reward, up to $90. If your product is exceptionally large and/or heavy and shipping costs exceed $90, we might ask you to contribute the remaining shipping balance).

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    A guided trip from Lima to San Marcos, Peru to meet the ladies, learn about their craft, practice weaving, and explore the landscape and culture around Saucesito Verde. +PLUS a personal thank you video that will also introduce you to your northern Peru adventure. +PLUS Reward #s 1 & 2 AND an opportunity create a custom fabric while you're there. Travel dates (preferably sometime this year), level of luxury (from home stay to two-, three-, and four-star hotels), and additional people are negotiable. International airfare is not included. 6-night, 7-day package includes: 1 night at a bed and breakfast in Lima; domestic airfare from Lima to Cajamarca; 2 nights in Cajamarca at a three-star hotel; and 3 nights in San Marcos either in a home stay or three-star hotel. All meals and a special, ceviche lunch or dinner in Lima are included. Add $900 for a second person. More than 2? Additional people can be negotiated. Cultural activities and how you arrange your time in each place can be customized according to your interests.

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