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A documentary film about the groundbreaking video game Shenmue and the impact it had on the gaming community.
A documentary film about the groundbreaking video game Shenmue and the impact it had on the gaming community.
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February Update

Posted by Adam Sipione (Creator)


We'll kick off this update with some brand new production stills from our recent trip to LA. We were able to get some cool behind the scenes access at the studio where the english voices for Shenmue 3 are being recorded. Here we see Corey Marshall, the voice of everyones favourite protagonist, doing his thing! 

Artificial bokeh added to avoid spoilers ;)
Artificial bokeh added to avoid spoilers ;)

Isaac and Randall had a great time. Unfortunately Adam - our resident Shenmue fan and co-director of the documentary - is busy with editing so he wasn't able to attend :(

We posted this image on social media about a week ago. This is what his evenings look like. 

A few of the Japanese interviews have been translated into English so we know what is being said. The rest are slowly coming in - but we have plenty to work with in the mean time. We will eventually refine all of this down to about a 6 hour cut, and slowly revise from there until we hit 90 minutes or so. We may not have anything interesting to post next month because we will still be editing!

Now for some not so great news...

I think it's safe to say we jumped the gun a little too early with June for our target release date. If all goes well we will probably be nearing picture lock around then, but after that comes sound mixing, motion graphics, colouring, and then finally to print. Thats a huge feat to pull off so we are making the call now that it will need to be pushed back. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news; with most Kickstarter projects a delay is to be expected and sometimes is even a right of passage. It happens. We are just 4 guys trying to make this little passion project come to life and deliver it to all of you who helped make it possible. 

So long for now! We'll keep doing our thing and keeping you all informed on the status of the project. Monaco is next month so Im sure a lot of you are excited for what's in store. We won't be there (editing, obviously) nor are we privy to what is being shown, but it should be exciting nonetheless.

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    1. Multiverse Mob on

      Thanks for the update, no worries about the delay. If you need some help with motion graphics and such, feel free to contact me as well. It's what I do as a career, but I'd love to make some stuff for one of my favorite series of all time.

    2. Mohammed Ibrahim on

      creating an imprint of a moment in time to last forever , you guys are awesome and we are with you through this journey wether on time or not we are with you

    3. Missing avatar

      Russell Glover on

      Wonderful update. And please, don’t worry about the “delay”. It’s not a delay in my mind, it’s just what needs to be done.

      Take your time, get it right. If it lands -around- the release of Shenmue 3, it could boost your exposure too.

    4. Missing avatar

      Paul Kratt on

      In my mind, there was no delay. 😅
      I didn't even realize this was originally scheduled for June, (despite the fact it was listed here) since the release date of the game hadn't been announced yet when the campaign began. I assumed that you'd have to wait until the game was out (or very close) in order to release the film due to spoilers / stuff you couldn't show until release. I figured that the original dates listed were just placeholders and ignored them. Glad to know you're basically still "on schedule" to what I had incorrectly thought in my head. Keep up the good work!

    5. Arwin John on

      Thanks for the update. Take your time. I think we are all used to delays by now :) Shenmue fans have the best patience in the world. We will wait for the best documentary from you. But yeah, like everyone says, looking forward to it.

    6. MindChamber on

      I'm pretty sure you'll get done before Shenmue 3 anyways

    7. Victor K Gonzalez on

      Take your time as long as its a kickass documentary. I can't wait to see the finished product. Keep us posted on the status as you get near release.

    8. Conlett White on

      No worries about the delay... us Shenmue fans a used to that 😉 In all seriousness, looking forward to it when it's good and ready! 💪👍😎

    9. Missing avatar

      - on

      Don't worry about a delay. These things take time.