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We aim to create beautiful carved signs and the first books ever printed in some of the endangered indigenous languages in Bangladesh.
We aim to create beautiful carved signs and the first books ever printed in some of the endangered indigenous languages in Bangladesh.
266 backers pledged $11,051 to help bring this project to life.

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Special gift offers--for Kickstarter supporters only!


What better gift for friends and family than something they have never seen in any catalogue or store?

As a special pre-Christmas offer to you, my faithful Kickstarter supporters, I'm putting two of my most popular carvings on sale at 50% off. Above, "Sunrise" (classic Mongolian script on distressed maple), for sale at the recent Open House for $1,000, now on sale for $500.

Below, "I love you" (traditional Javanese script on cherry), reduced from $950 to $400.

"I love you"
"I love you"

Prices include Priority Mail shipping within the U.S.; contact me for a price on overseas shipping and timing.

And speaking of timing--hurry! There is only one of each of these in the world, and besides, the rate at which Christmas is approaching is not going to slow down.

While you're at it, consider two other gifts: We're trying to sell 20 Endangered Alphabets T-shirts over the next two days at, and 10 copies of my book Endangered Alphabets (the new expanded second edition, available at by Christmas. Please help!

All profits support the registered non-profit Endangered Alphabets Project in our work to support minority and indigenous cultures worldwide. Tell your friends!

Thanks again.


The very last reward, and perhaps the most unusual

The Balinese Om table
The Balinese Om table


With less than two days to go in our current Kickstarter campaign, I'm offering the very last, and possibly the most unusual reward: the Balinese Om table.

Made entirely of cherry, the table has the Balinese character for Om hand-carved in the top.

Standing 26" tall, the table would be ideal as a nightstand, as a hall/correspondence table, or as part of a more reflective and personal space.

I have carved the Balinese Om, perhaps my favorite character in the world, more than a dozen times, but this is the articulation that has pleased me most for its flow and grace.

The Balinese Om table--there is only one--is our reward for a pledge of $800. Find it at

Kickstart or Bust: the Final 72 Hours

We are now coming down to the wire. Worldwide support for the Endangered Alphabets has raised nearly $9,000, but unless I reach $15,000 in pledges by 6 a.m. on Thursday, my Kickstarter campaign--intended to fund the creation of 20 carvings in endangered scripts, exhibit them, then send them to cultural preservation organizations in their countries of origin--will fail.

Please join me and the 125 backers who have already supported this campaign at and make this project a reality.

Thanks for your help in the past, and your patience as I've come to you again this time.

Please pass this invite along to anyone you think might be interested.



The $2,000 weekend--or bust

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I'm sorry to say it, but unless we raise at least $2,000 this weekend, this campaign is probably dead in the water.

We had great support today from Irina Wang, Warren Ashworth, Beth McElroy, Julia Grunewald and Iva Kravitz, but with only five days left, it's just not enough.

Kickstarter campaigns often see a final surge, and if we're going to meet our goal we need a major, major surge, starting now.

If we raise $2,000 in pledges this weekend, we just might make it.

Please help. Right away.


The final week

The Endangered Alphabets "Mother Tongue" poster
The Endangered Alphabets "Mother Tongue" poster


Right. Here we go. A week left, and $8,000 to raise. HERE.

That may sound daunting, but here’s the good news:

• we already have a solid base of $7,000 raised

• we have over 100 committed and resourceful backers who want to see this campaign succeed

• most Kickstarter backing comes in the last 48 hours.

So this is the time not to worry but to mobilize.

Here’s what I can do to help you:

• I might be able to add new rewards. At this point, no fewer than three of our rewards have come at the suggestion of backers or potential backers. Suggest away!

• I can contact folks you suggest. Maybe they’re people you don’t know, maybe you don’t like asking—entirely understandable. I’ve certainly felt that way myself, but I’ve had to get over my shyness!

Here’s what you can do:

• you can donate, if you have not done so already. If things are tight, we have new affordable rewards that are turning out to be very popular, including prints of several of the carvings, Alphabets mugs, and the Cham E tote bag, which is receiving rave reviews on Facebook.

• You can raise your level of donation, as more than a dozen of our backers have done. This also raises the level of reward for which you are eligible!

• You can talk the campaign up among your friends and colleagues. Someone who has already backed us is the most credible person on Earth. Email is good, a phone call or a face-to-face conversation is best.

The purpose of this fundraiser—to mount an exhibition in endangered languages, and then to send those carvings to their countries of origin so they can be used to help revive those languages and the cultures that created them—has already been endorsed by hundreds, even thousands of people during this campaign. We can find that support and do that good work.