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We aim to create beautiful carved signs and the first books ever printed in some of the endangered indigenous languages in Bangladesh.
We aim to create beautiful carved signs and the first books ever printed in some of the endangered indigenous languages in Bangladesh.
266 backers pledged $11,051 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Tim Brookes 6-time creator on

      Tyler, did you not get your reward? Give your contact info and I'll make good--with apologies!

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      Tyler on

      Did you ever send out notifications to the backers for the pdf charts? I can't seem to find any email with a download link or attachment. I know you're busy, so just let me know when you can! Thanks. -Tyler

    3. Tim Brookes 6-time creator on

      Julie, yes, I remember you! This is very interesting. I already know the question people are going to ask: can you afford a budget for the translation/calligraphy? I should know that before I start asking around....
      Cheers, and thanks again for your good wishes and support.

    4. Julie Murkette on

      Congratulations, Tim. So glad you met the goal and looking forward to receiving the book. We met a couple years ago at a NEIBA conference. I publish bilingual children's picture books. Currently working on Burma/Myanmar. If you know anyone who might be able to translate and/or do the calligraphy, I'd appreciate a recommendation. Again, congrats on funding the project!

    5. Tim Brookes 6-time creator on

      Hi, Heather! Thanks so much for your kind words. The calligraphy is coming together as we speak. Jamie is running some designs by Maung to make sure they are culturally appropriate, and we hope to have visuals available shortly.

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      Congrats on sneaking over the line! By the way, any images yet of what some of the calligraphy (and the calligraphy incentives) will look like?

    7. Ruwanara on

      I have learned through experience that no language may truly be translated. Throughout the past, wars of conquest, colonization and other such abominable enterprises have destroyed a wealth which will probably never be found again. In present times, uniformization is accelerating the empoverishment of our culture through the death of languages spoken worldwide. Thus, I always feel a great sense of relief when I learn of projects such as yours. I wish I had more to donate but I also wish you the best of luck.

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      Jill Chase on

      We lived in Bangladesh and Burma, both of which have many tribal peoples who are losing their languages and their cultures. Because these people are often migratory and don't always keep track of where national boundaries are, Bangladesh and Burma share alot of the same tribal people facing the same problems.The governments teach in Bengali and Burmese and discourage local languages, though I think Bangladesh is more tolerant than Burma. If you don't assimilate, you lose out on many benefits, freedoms, and support from the countries involved. (Sort of sounds like the Americas.) In Burma, I was introduced to a woman who came to Yangon periodically to touch base with civilization. She was German, I believe. The rest of the time she spent with the tribal peoples in the hinterland trying to record their language before it was lost completely. She tried working with the University in Yangon, but found that they had no studies going on of the tribal languages, nor did they seem interested in her work. This was over ten years ago now, but it doesn't sound like things have changed much yet. Maybe projects like this one will help them realize the riches they are wasting.

    9. Tim Brookes 6-time creator on

      I'll have the typographers work on digital typefaces as part of their contribution to the project.

    10. Missing avatar

      bbotany on

      I would definitely consider raising my pledge for the possibility to receive a copy of digital typefaces developed during the project. Every now and then you find yourself part of something like ... who knows what comes tomorrow!

    11. Zael on

      Are the PDF documents of the lower tiers included with the higher tiers? Eg. If I was to opt for the coffee mug, would I also receive the PDF Chart and the PDF Booklet?