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12 Women Activists 12 Global Postcard Campaigns 12 larger than life painted portraits. A project of Justice, Resistance and Love!
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Roots To Resistance Only 14 Days Left In The Campaign!

Posted by Denise Beaudet (Creator)
Roots To Resistance has finally arrived at the tail end of this 60 day campaign. We are nearing the $6000 mark with 14 days to go which is really an amazing feat in my mind. It is due to your generosity that this project finds itself in a position to reach its goal. These fund raising campaigns definitely build character and require a lot of self reflection and quite a bit of belief in ones work and vision. It is challenging to ask your community for their support and their help when you know that they have their own busy, full and demanding lives. I really appreciate that despite all of your own distractions and demands that you took the time to support this project.

 Roots To Resistance is a project that I really believe in. I believe in it because it is small and slow enough for me to see how individual people have become excited, involved and engaged. They are small things perhaps such as an email from a Women's Organization on the island of Fiji  that had received the Postcards we created for Reproductive Rights Activist Rebecca Gomperts and the Safe Choices For All Women campaign, they wanted as many more sent as we could spare because abortion is illegal on the island of Fiji. Even something as simple as the letter we received from a professor at Medgar Evers College who had never heard of Natalia Estemirova and assured me that by bringing Natalia to their attention, our project was doing its job and they would spread word of her work to students and faculty. They are small but beautiful connections which are made and these connections are what Roots To Resistance is seeking to continue bringing to the Global Community.

I am profoundly dedicated to my Art, my work, these Women and this project and I am determined to make this campaign succeed and reach my goal. That said I have a quite a distance to go in 14 days, $4000 to be exact and so I am reaching out to you as my amazing base to ask again for your help in passing this forward to your communities and networks. I know you have already done so much and you have busy lives and many of your own projects to fund, so whatever ways you may find are really appreciated. Feel free to use this letter or any parts of the info and writing on Kickstarter in anything you post or forward. I will put the link below for easy access and again I really appreciate your support and your efforts.

Profound Gratitude
Denise/Roots To Resistance


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