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12 Women Activists 12 Global Postcard Campaigns 12 larger than life painted portraits. A project of Justice, Resistance and Love!
161 backers pledged $10,502 to help bring this project to life.

Roots To Resistance Reaches $3350 In It's Third Week!

Posted by Denise Beaudet (Creator)

Hello Everyone!

I want to extend to you all buckets of profound gratitude for your amazing support of this campaign and for the Roots To Resistance Project. Your support here has moved and inspired me to reach out even further and higher with the goals of this project. I want to reach all corners of the Globe with the words, stories and resistance work of these 12 Women. Your support here is going to make it possible for that to happen. We will print more Postcards and Street Posters and send them to every Country, to every Community. We will bring the Portraits across the planet :).

Thanks so much as you have lifted up the voices of these amazing Women and raised your own voices by connecting yourself to them. I am also really grateful for the ways you have shared this project and passed it forward. This sharing more than anything is the most critical piece of the work. By sharing this link and these 12 Women with friends, family and colleagues we will spread connection and empowerment to all who will have it.

The goal I have chosen is a lofty one as I try to reach $10,000 in the next 40 days. Thanks to your support I am on my way to that goal. I will post the link here again for convenient sharing and many thanks for doing so:

Again I am not sure how to convey just how grateful I am for your support.                    Many thanks to you all and much love!

Sincerely Denise/Roots To Resistance

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