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52 cards for 52 weeks of the year, each with a unique design based on my collection of ephemera and feature words of wisdom.
52 cards for 52 weeks of the year, each with a unique design based on my collection of ephemera and feature words of wisdom.
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EPHEMERID update N°04 - Upgrades and new possibilites

Posted by Mr Cup (Creator)

Thanks again for making this project a new door, which open on a field of possibilities. I am pleased to announce that the cards and standard tuck case will be printed by NPCC Noir Arts, the deluxe tuck case and extra will be printed in letterpress in France y Studio Pression.


My idea at the beginning was to print 1000 decks and do half standard and half deluxe. Now I have the possibility to make 2 different decks. The design will be the same for the front, but the deluxe edition will have an extra gold ink on front, and back! This is an image to let you have an idea.

And the decks will now have 58 cards (2 more jokers, a double-backer, and a special card).

Also, here comes more upgrades for both editions.

We will be printed a special sleeve for the double deck! Nothing to do if you already took a 2 deck set, it will be automatically added ! And last but not least, I will print an extra card which will come for every pledge of 30€ or more ! Here are the upgrades in detail :

The bricks will also be upgraded. Check the campaign details for all the updated ! 

The court cards were all reserved during the 2 first days of the campaign. I reserve these names for the deluxe edition. 

As the standard and deluxe edition will be different (deluxe come with gold ink extra), you can name the court of the standard edition! There are also 2 new jockers you can give your name to!

To update your pledge, press the « Manage Your Pledge » button above the campaign info here. Increase your pledge in the « Pledge Amount » box and change your reward.

Another great set of cards I want to share with you! Antagon Royal Playing Cards Poker Size is a unique and elegant deck of playing cards for collectors, where the Court is made up of women only and the cards are all created with an original design.

Check Antagon Royal Playing Cards


Hope you like all these ideas and news ! 


PS: I am 41 this Sunday! So I propose a 41% off sale in my shop at! You can find a selection of products I like (including cards) as well as my previous projects like the letterpress posters, calendars, and a lot of vintages unique found items! I also create a design magazine called Walter and on volume 2 I did an article about... playings cards! 

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    1. Mr Cup 8-time creator on

      Thank you all for all your comments and advice. I will take these as what they are: pieces of advice form collectors experiences. I well heard them and will take them into consideration and see what other solution I could found. I will announce this as soon as I have enough information.

      But the most important for me is quality. You can see from my previous projects even if they are not cards:

      The most important for me is a good relation with other makers. Also, I am sorry for my angry answer to Cardistroy, I should never answer when I am angry and especially at 2h30 AM in the morning after working all day!

    2. PipChick on

      I'm also less than thrilled the decision has now been unexpectedly changed to print with NPCC, especially so late into the campaign; it makes me worried what other ill-informed surprises us backers will have to swallow later on after the campaign ends and funds are collected - Unfortunately, it also makes me question whether or not to keep my pledge... I look forward to seeing the progress of this project but wished there was more upfront communication that this change was coming and hopefully there will be moving forward

    3. Orel on

      Dear Fabien, "Cardistroy" wording may be taken offensively and is hard to take when working hard. The announce of working with Noir Arts was still quite a surprise, as they do not belong to the known card factories associated with reliability and durability. It is understandable also to reluct workinf with uncooperative companies. It is always hard to decide, but worse not to. Seeing your taste for detail, I trust that you will assess the quality NPCC can deliver and decide further how to make a great deck of cards come true. In you we trust, good luck with it all.

    4. Mr Cup 8-time creator on

      "Cardistroy" as I do not know your name, I would have preferred to send me a direct message instead of leaving it here.

      First of all for the quality, a lot of people advice me to work with them and seems very happy with the result. Yes, it is my first playing deck and I am waiting for a sample of them. For now on the communication has been very smooth and easy, compared to any other especially USPCC who tell me to contact them only when I have the money.

      For the fulfillment, I said I will work with them for the printing, not for the fulfillment. At last not for USA order. For now, the idea is to have them printing, and a have them send part of decks to USA and order will be sent from there. Same for France order, I will ship them from here. So please do not comment on something you have not all the information. LAso shipping is not only the price of the "stamps" but all that is coming with it: envelops, protection, labels...

      So your comment made me very angry too and please cancel your order if you are not happy with my choices. As we said in France "La critique est facile, l'art est difficile" than you can translate to "Criticism is easy, art is difficult."


    5. Missing avatar

      cardistroy on is one of the worst printers out there. And, you got us all on here as you declared you were checking with USPCC & Legends when this campaign started.

      Noir Arts or NPCC does fulfillment from Ukraine and they have offered very low shipping rates in their projects. You're charging quite a lot and in no way I am going to be part of this sham. You still have 8 days to go, you should reconsider your decision of printer and check with USPCC and LPCC.

    6. Orel on

      Dear Fabien,
      thanks for the regular update. A very good news that two more jokers and a double-backer are included! What about having the letterpress special card in every deluxe deck?
      As for the gold metal ink on the card front size for the deluxe edition, I may dare to have my reserve for the reasons that the blue was more vintage/banknote looking and the fear that the colour may resemble a shiny beige (as it happens in the Theory 11 Artisan deck, USPCC).
      After the selection of the printing company, next steps may be to carefully choose the type of (crushed) paper, its thickness and printing finish. Good luck with that!
      A extravagant idea: have watermark (filigrane) on the jokers or special card?

    7. Mr Cup 8-time creator on

      That’s nice to read, thanks !!

    8. Adriaan Slingerland on

      I worry that the cards will be so good I don't want to play with them to keep them pristine...