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$4,662 pledged of $7,777 goal
$4,662 pledged of $7,777 goal

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Makua Charley Now Available on DVD and Amazon Video On Demand!

Aloha Friends! 

We're proud to report that MAKUA CHARLEY did quite well at the Bare Bones International Music & Film Festival 2014! It was nominated for Best Horror Feature! Also, Jayne and I were nominated for Indie Auteurs of The Year, and the film won in the Best Use of Blood category! 


We were also very happy to have been an Official Selection at The Big Island Film Festival 2014! We enjoyed the opportunity to show our film on the big screen and to hob-nob with many talented filmmakers and some famous actors!


We're also very excited that we won "Best Directors" at The Honolulu Film Awards 2014!!! 


The film is now out on DVD here:

and on Amazon Instant Video here:

We would be pleased as punch if you could tell every single person you come in contact with that they should download and watch this movie at least once! That would be very nice of you!

Jayne and I are already working on a new movie. Look for a Kick Starter campaign coming within the next couple months as we try and raise funding and awareness for that. We'll keep you posted on any new developments in our film making adventures! 

Mad Love to You All!

Al & Jayne

Submitting to Festivals!

Hi Folks, Long time no updates! Sorry about that but we've been super busy.

Here a quick update on our progress on Makua Charley. We finished up a couple remaining B Roll scenes and I've been editing late every night after working my day job and getting up early in the morning and editing some more before going to work. The movie is looking very good. Jayne and I are very happy with our low budget horror movie. Our actors are all very talented and it really shows in the almost finished product!

We're happy to say that we achieved our goal of entering our DVD to the Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF). Keep your fingers crossed that they accept it!

The festival is not until October, but I would really like to have the world premier here in Honolulu. It would be cool to see it on the big screen at Dole Cannery Theatre. We'll be submitting to lots of other festivals too and we will keep you posted. Warmest Aloha! 

Re-Casting for the part of Mona

Aloha KickStarter Friends,

During the filming of our KickStarter Campaign trailer, the role of Mona was played by talented actress, Anemone Jones. We appreciate her contribution to the campaign trailer and we're disappointed that she has decided not to continue on with our film. We wish her all the best and we know that she will do very well in the acting world.

We are currently re-casting for the role of Mona, but we have adjusted our shooting schedule and continue to shoot other scenes which do not feature the character of Mona.

Sending you all our warmest regards,

Al & Jayne


Successful In Other Ways!

Aloha KickStarter Freinds!

We are down to our final two hours on our Makua Charley KickStarter campaign and it looks like we will fall short of our goal. We want to take this final opportunity to thank all of you folks who pledged funding! We also want to thank KickStarter for giving us the opportunity to run the campaign in the first place.

Even though our campaign is not finishing up as a "success", we truly feel that we have accomplished many things which were part of our initial goal and strategy. One of our goals was to get the word out about Makua Charley. We think we did that pretty effectively. We also appreciate the vehicle that KickStarter provides for folks wishing to refine their vision and clarify their message. This alone has proved invaluable to us.

We also feel that the support shown by you, our backers, has given a breath of fresh air to our endeavors, and your encouragement has completely filled our sails with determination. We will complete our little film one way or another. There is no turning back.

Even though the KickStarter campaign did not achieve the goal of raising the entire amount (and therefore your credit cards will NOT be charged), some of you still want to help us out. You've asked how you can contribute to our film. Therefore,  we have placed a PayPal button on our Makua Charley web page Here.

We will still provide all of the rewards which we had promised to our supporters, if you still want to join our team. There is also a mailing address listed on the Makua Charley webpage, if you prefer to send a check or money order.

We want to thank you all again for all your support and for believing in us. We will keep you updated on our progress as our work on Makua Charley continues!

Mahalo nui loa,

Al & Jayne Cloutier

Scenes from Makua Charley

Aloha KickStarter Friends,

Well, here we are with less than 6 days left for our campaign. So far, we've only raised 51% of our goal and unless a miracle happens in the next few days, it's looking like we will need to go to plan "B". And, what is plan "B", you might ask?

We will go ahead and make the damn thing anyway (Maniacal laughter) AHA HA HA HA HA!

Running this campaign on KickStarter has been a mixture of suspense, elation, struggle, and major stress. We love it! Even if we don't make our goal, it has been so incredible to see the support from the 31 of you who are standing behind us. We are so thankful to have received your vote of confidence and that has added a major lift to our filmmaking sails.

Just a reminder; if we fail to reach our goal in a few days, none of your credit cards will be charged. So, I guess that's some good news!

The other good news is that if you still want to support Makua Charley, we will find a way for you to do so at the finish of the campaign and we'll let you know how. Regardless, we go onward and upward with production! We owe it to the actors who have donated their talents so far for the KikcStarter trailer.

Just FYI; we shot all of these scenes on very humble equipment with no crew other than the exceptional Tiffany Sims as AD. We basically had no soundman and we ran the cameras ourselves. However, once we begin filming in earnest, we will have Manny Medina as sound tech, a small camera crew, and the film will look and sound ten times better. The good part is that we've gotten a chance to practice shooting some scenes, and when we re-shoot them, they will be spot on!

So, taking that into account, here are two scenes from Makua Charley. The first scene is the opening scenes of the film. Karen arrives in Hawaii and checks into the North Shore Youth Hostel. She meets Charley for the first time and the romance begins:

The second scene is when Mona confronts Charley over the disappearance of her friend Patrice. Patrice mysteriously vanished without telling Mona and she thinks Charley had something to do with it.

Well, we hope you enjoyed the two scenes, and we hope one of you can come up with a miracle for us. Spread the word to your insanely wealthy friends. We still have a couple great rewards to give away. We would love to have someone stay at our house for a weekend so we can cook them breakfast and tour them around the island. We would be so stoked to take a couple of folks shark cage snorkeling while we film B roll on the North Shore. Just a couple of pledges at those level will put us over the top and we can get down to what we love the most; making MOVIES!

Mahalo nui loa,

Al & Jayne