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Fake news is all around us. Fake news destroys lives. Who are its biggest purveyors? What can we do to stop it?
Fake news is all around us. Fake news destroys lives. Who are its biggest purveyors? What can we do to stop it?
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    1. Missing avatar

      TheWorkingDead on

      Poster 1. Poster 2 is generic. Poster 1 has a nice title art and the upside down mic looks slightly phallic and they do say sex sells.

    2. Missing avatar

      Omar Barba on

      Number 1: I like the uniqueness but it just feels off. Should be changed to convey the media's hoaxed idea better.
      Number 2: Looks more appropriate but it gives a generic conspiracy theory feeling. Will be dismissed by normies.
      My vote is something different, a tweak of one of these or something altogether different. I would choose number 2 if I was hard pressed though.

    3. Dave Penn on

      This project is worthwhile and will still have an impact, but it's taken way too long to complete and missed the zenith of the "Fake News" meme by at least a year. Too bad.

    4. Missing avatar

      Bill on

      Mike, strongly recommend removing all self references. It does not play well. Still really excited to view the finished product...hope it's a huge hit!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Trayce Lowe on

      I CANT WAIT!! This looks almost as delicious as President Trumps latest executive orders. I’m so sick of hearing those dirt bags on cable attack this great President and anyone who stands for what’s right. Get em!

    6. Missing avatar

      Lynn Brown on

      Thanks for the update and looking forward to the release!

    7. Missing avatar

      theressa on

      Great job, can't wait to see all your hard work!

    8. Missing avatar

      chris on

      Great can't wait .

    9. Ellen DeBoeser on

      Mike is doing great work exposing the very FAKE and biased media. Looking forward to viewing the completed project. Please everyone, pray for President Trump and his family. No matter what you think, this man and his family are putting it on the line to change the traditional two party business as usual way of governing.Thank you. MAGA��

    10. Missing avatar

      Levi W. Guerin on

      Anyone who is awake knows our government is run by a two-party duopoly that perpetually instigates narratives to persuade public opinion through psychological warfare propagated by globalist elites who run our political and economical infrastructure (as well as Hollywood) for their own beneficial gain in result of diluting factual information and dumbing people down from what's really going on... And anyone who knows that, knows that Mike Cernovich, with the help and support of we the poeple, will expose the crooks for who they are and bring down mainstream media once and for all!

    11. Missing avatar

      Terry Phelan on

      Decided I needed to stop spectating and give my support to what I believe in. Thanks for your courageous voice and spirit. Go get 'em, Cernovich.

    12. Missing avatar

      Marty Yates on

      Thank you Mike for your honest outspokenness , we must stand for what we believe in ! Can't wait to see this movie !

    13. Alicia Previn on

      Great news all funded! I'm a pro musician well-loved for my spirit, performance, improvisation & creativity. I play along to House Music which I know you like. I love America and would like to help with your events, openings etc. I am a writer for a rock magazine and my own non-fiction children's picture books.
      Very thankful for you making this film! I've got a great picture of Shauna and you together from a screenshot on Periscope.

    14. Dr. Jane Ruby on

      Very excited and proud to be part of this. Please let me know if I can do anything further to help.

      All the best,
      Jane Ruby

    15. Missing avatar

      Matt M. on

      I want to thank you for pushing back on the mainstream everything narrative. Fake news "Journalists" need to be exposed for what they are. Everyone should be skeptical of what is fomented through the corporate owned media, and we also should seek out multiple news sources to figure out what is truly happening in this world. Anyone opposing the Fake Media with moral and logical truth is given a "LABEL" to fit the Fake News Mainstream narrative. Keep fighting the good fight, we will not be silenced!

    16. Missing avatar

      Dawn Hall on

      I wish you much success in making this very important movie! I look forward to seeing it! Please be careful out there, Mike! Stay safe and well! We freedom lovers can not afford to lose any more freedom fighters! People like you and Alex Jones are doing a great work for all of us who do not know what to do to fight the globalists. Thank you!

    17. Lucia LaRocca on

      I was a HUGE Bernie Sanders supporter. It infuriated me that the Fake News Media kept saying Democrats were 'united' around Hillary Clinton at the DNC in Philly. No we weren't! There were literally 1,000s of delegates who walked out of the convention! The DNC had to pay seat fillers so that their absence would not be noticed on national television. Cernovich is the ONLY journalist who reported the truth about this. I've been a fan ever since! I'm proud to support this project and I can't wait to see my name in the credits! Woot! Woot! Go get em Mike!

    18. Missing avatar

      Slick on

      Not doing great financially atm, but this project is so crucial in order to destroy the Radical Leftist Media, that i had to chip in on the last day! Glad to be on board, and hope it kicks butt!

    19. Missing avatar

      Ken on

      Thanks Mike for your great work .
      It has taken a long while to get this messed up.
      Heavy lifters like you are appreciated!!

    20. Colin Nordström

      Of course the hoax couldn't include Alex Jones? It only includes the mainstream media? Mike, I know you think you're doing God's work or something, but controlled opposition defines the alternative media, pushing narratives instead of truth. Every politician is a puppet clown. This film will only push people further away from reality into the loving arms of The Machine.

    21. Missing avatar

      Leigh Noel Meeks Purdie on

      I honestly wish I could have pledged more, as this is such important work. Husband will not approve of any withdrawl from savings and I have just spent my egg money of 2 holidays and 3 family events. So sorry I could not do more. I'm going to kick up my patreon a level to keep the lights of if that helps. Love you The Cernovich Family

    22. Missing avatar

      Barbara on

      Mike Cernovich is real deal and Real News. Keep up your great work! Thank you for being you and challenging the status quo.

    23. Joshua D. Smith on

      I am so excited about this project Mike and the ability to crowdfund great projects is something that is going to take our Freedom movement to the next level. We need to continue to add new voices to the movement and to keep morale high. I hope to join in soon with my own podcast and videos, just in the stage of putting together some of the right equipment.

    24. Missing avatar

      Zachery Moy on

      Good luck Mike and team!

      "Scalp the MSM let Cernovich sort them out."

    25. Missing avatar

      Daniel Guzman on

      This could be one of the most important docs of our time. Hope it turns out well.

    26. Michel Tremblay on

      Thank you Mike. I just backed you with 250$. The work you do means so much more. I hope to see Stefan Molyneux in the doc. All the blessing in this peaceful revolution and seed regret in the hearts of all the contributors of the mainstream media.

    27. Nathaniel Wright on

      Tossed $25 in. Best of luck to you.

    28. Missing avatar

      Stefan Backes on

      Wish you the best with this important message!!! ���

    29. Missing avatar

      Ken on

      Thank you
      Mike !!
      Your are a all in hero !!

    30. Missing avatar

      Nate Chambers on

      I think this documentary will mark the beginning of the golden age of news. I'm so excited to support this Kickstarter and clear away the deadwood of the lyin' legacy media.

    31. Missing avatar

      Ray McKee on

      I have despised the lying lame stream media for years. How they can make millions of dollars spreading lies and propaganda to the sheep just burns me. These scumbags do just as much harm as the corrupt politicians that they work for. I hope you put them all out of business Mike. By the way your film Silenced was excellent, I might even have to watch it again. Thanks

    32. Missing avatar

      Donal Fitzgerald

      I am donating, because I am sick and tired of the hyprocricy of the main stream media who have been selling their political agenda through lies and half truths.

      They put up police tapes and claim they are talking from around the corner from the scene while they are miles away. They make claims that they are talking to someone at the other side of town when in reality they could even be feet' s away from them.

      Many nations around the world have these tax or legal state mandated (forced people to pay TV licences) funded news organisations that sell us these repeated lies.

      They consistently shoved their political bias, while claiming to be on the "right side" of history, when they are anything but.

      They make up Hollywood style drowning and Hollywood crises video and interview crises actors to fool us the people in order to sell their political bullshit narratives in the name of ratings. They claim the wants no border and walls and on the mean time they live behind their own security and walls and let the ordinary people suffers the consequences of their bad political policies that they shame us into accepting.

      They are living in their own bubble and they calls us stupid and sexist and racist, islamophobic and demands we suffers their hate filled political beliefs, while they continuous lie yo us.

      I do not expect all of this in the video as it has to be severely trimmed down, as the scale of the news media political problem of their war against the ordinary people as Trump would say is "HUGE".