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The new web series from the makers of Modern War Gear Solid.
The new web series from the makers of Modern War Gear Solid.
834 backers pledged $38,647 to help bring this project to life.

Quick note about the MWGS DVD's!

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Quick detail on rewards shipping.


Hey everyone, I forgot to mention posters were shipped in separate packages than the other reward items (the posters were sent in tubes).  So it's possible they could arrive a different day than your other rewards.  Just keep an eye out, we'll make sure everyone gets....their just rewards....muhaha - oh wait, I mean that in a good way.


Rewards Update - Revised ETA for International


Hey everyone!  I'm stoked many of you have already received your rewards and many more are in the mail.  Our international orders have been delayed due to the holiday mayhem at the post office.  So I'd like to revise the ETA for when to expect rewards (or when to notify us if you haven't received them):

For US backers, if you don't see your rewards by the end of December please let us know.
(If you only recently returned the survey, it might be slightly longer).

For international (non-US) backers, if you don't see  your rewards by the end of January please let us know.

Hopefully it won't take that long and I apologize about the wait.  I want these rewards in your hands!
International shipping is time-consuming since we have to go through customs forms at the post office for each individual package (over 250 of them), and we've been limited on how long we can shut down a line at the post office (during this past holiday week).  Blake has gone to multiple post offices each day to ship as many orders as he can, and is still working on getting everything out.  It should be easier to ship the remaining rewards when the Post Office opens after Christmas.  I'm in awe and gratitude of how much time and efforts Blake's put into shipping these rewards out as quickly as he can. 

Thank you again for this last exercise of patience.  You guys/girls are awesome.  Don't fret if there's any problems with your rewards; we'll make sure everyone is taken care of.  If you don't see your package by the ETA's outlined above, a private message via KickStarter is the best way to contact us, as it's the easiest way for us to reference your survey info.

Thanks, much love, and have happy holidays!


Our stretch goal, delivered to you right now!


Hey everyone!  Here's our stretch goal video!  It's quite fun and ridiculous.  We made it a choose your own adventure style video.  Cheers!

Wrapping up shipping, some rewards already delivered.


Hey everyone, it's awesome to see that some rewards have already found their way to your homes.  We're finishing up shipping this week for all the surveys we've received.  Blake and Matt have been working on them around the clock.
If anyone doesn't receive their reward by the end of the month, please message us so we can check on it (if you're international, maybe give it an extra week).  Hopefully most rewards will be received a good deal sooner than that.  With over 600 shipments and the busy holiday postal season, I just want to make sure nothing gets missed or lost.

Thank you again to everyone who helped make the Mario Warfare web series possible!  It's been a big journey of learning, sharing and entertainment.

With luck, our stretch goal video will go up this week.  I'll let you know when it does.

On an unrelated note,  we've started selling teeshirt designs through and will offer some designs based on various Beat Down Boogie videos; but the shirt you KickStarter supporters are getting will remain unique to this KickStarter.
(In addition to our designs, we curate shirts from other designers on teepublic in our storefront.)