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"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." Edgar Allan Poe
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Less than 40 hours to go!

Posted by Bart Mastronardi (Creator)

Less than 40 hours to go on our Kickstarter!

Can we make it to $11,000? 

Here is an excerpt from the script THE CASK written directed by Alan Rowe Kelly 

Here's a excerpt to THE CASK from TALES OF POE

THE CASK Screenplay by Alan Rowe Kelly Adapted from a story by Edgar Allan Poe


(Still whistling, Fortunato leads the group down the long musty catacomb of stairs. Gogo keeps looking back at the dark labyrinth behind them and suddenly sees a large silhouetted figure quickly dodging in and out of the shadows. )

Augusta: Well this is quite the macabre setting Fortunato!

Hunter: That’s because this entire event is macabre!

Tyler: He certainly has a flair for the dramatic. Uggh! Fortunato, that tune is getting old real quick!

Fortunato: And so are some of my guests! Anyway Augusta, this was the original wine cellar built back in my great grandfather’s day. The wines in our casks below are special reserve, each about 150 years old. Supposedly there are hidden catacombs that have been walled up since 1900.

Hunter: Perhaps that’s where the precious Amontillado has been hidden.

Fortunato: Could be, but where does one start to look? No one has ever found the entry.

(The group chats on while Gogo turns and sees a large dark shadow looming up behind Sarah at the end of the group. Suddenly, a rush of cold air passes through her. She halts and gasps loud, clutching at her heart. Everyone jumps.)

Sarah’s date: Everything all right Sarah?

Sarah: Rush of cold air just passed through me… I’m sorry. It startled me…

Fortunato: Well, let’s take care of that chill right away!

(Fortunato beams and enters a large room full of crates, casks & wine racks. He sets his lantern on a huge crate with a dozen champagne glasses and beautiful lighted candelabra. All circle the table. A tall item stands in table’s center covered with a purple velvet sheath. As Fortunato lights the candles, he covers his mouth and coughs lightly. Gogo shows concern.)

Fortunato: Come here by my side my love.

(Gogo goes to Fortunato and strokes his damp brow. Fortunato wraps his arm around Gogo.)

Fortunato: (Warm) Again, I thank all of you, our dear friends and close family…(Hunter rolls his eyes) …for joining us on the happiest day I’ve ever known. Gogo...this is my gift to you.

(He lifts the purple sheath, revealing a new pristine bottle of sparkling wine called “Vero Amore” (True Love), in a beautiful ice bucket. Fortunato lifts it from the bucket. All ‘Ahhh’.)

Gogo: (Thrilled) Oh Fortunato, what have you done?

Fortunato: You’re very own label my dear…made expressly for you, and only you.

Gogo: Vero Amore…

Fortunato: Means “True love’...forever and always!

(Everyone cheers and claps. Gogo kisses Fortunato. The cork pops and all applause. Fortunato pours and hands a glass to all. Suddenly Gogo’s eyes are drawn to the room entry. A tall dark shadow floats into the room behind the guests and appears as the masked demon stalker. As all raise their glasses, Gogo gasps loudly, dropping his glass. It shatters on the hard ground. The guests turn and are frozen with fright. Sarah screams.)

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