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"Foreclosed" focuses on displaced homeowners using black and white portraits juxtaposing victims and homes.

Foreclosed is a photography project

There are homeless people all over the world, but in the United States, it is a paradox, because the United States is touted as the richest nation in the world.  In addition to the people who are already homeless, we are systematically making more homeless people out of current homeowners. In my mind, then, rampant foreclosure is a part of the homelessness crisis, and why should anyone in the United States be homeless?

We have empty buildings, including houses, all over the country, especially in places where people live on the streets.  There is talk about jobs and financial responsibility, but I rarely hear talk about human needs and quality of life.  The country, or, at least, the media, is constantly concerned with the stock market, but little space is given to the needs of the people.

I consider these circumstances to be an injustice of monumental proportions.  While this injustice is partially a matter of our society not working as it is supposed to work, it is mostly a matter of people not being treated fairly or even humanely. (unless they're incorporated)

I have always felt compelled to balance my joy of photography with bringing attention to injustice and human suffering.  I find documentary work combined with portraiture to be the right mix to shine a spotlight on groups of people otherwise relegated to the dark fringes of our society.

This crisis is not just just economic; it is a human crisis.  It is a crisis that must take up more space in the media and in our concern.  This project, Foreclosed, documents effects of the crisis here in the United States.  Through black and white environmental portraits of foreclosure victims juxtaposed with their confiscated homes, this project hopes to put multiple human faces to the pandemic foreclosure situation.

The current plan is to start the project in Las Vegas, which has the highest foreclosure rate in the country. Research will help with final decisions about locations.

Carl: Homeless Vet, Minneapolis, 2009

Inuit Mother and Child, Arviat, 2000


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