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The hand-sized fully functioning electric spinning wheel that spins wool and other fibers into yarn.
The hand-sized fully functioning electric spinning wheel that spins wool and other fibers into yarn.
4,351 backers pledged $498,671 to help bring this project to life.

Color Update and Stretch Goals Added

Posted by Maurice Ribble (Creator)

A huge thanks to all my backers!  Check the gif at the end of this post to see just how happy I am.

Over 800% funded in the first day!  Not just that, but you backers are amazing.  I wanted to thank everyone who posted comments, questions, and answers about the Electric Eel Wheel Mini 2 on Kickstarter, Ravelry, Facebook, and Reddit.  Everyone was so kind and supportive!

Color Update

The most common comments were I love purple, or I wish there was some color other than purple.  First for all for those people who love purple, I am now promising one option will be purple. For those who don't like purple I'm also happy to announce I've been talking to my manufacturer and I can add a second color if we reach $200K.

I haven't exactly decided what that second color will be yet, but I'll have a poll to help figure out the second color if we make the stretch goal.  At this point I think something more neutral like white, black, brown, or gray would be better than another bright color.  If you have some other color you'd like to see leave a comment below.  Don't worry we'll vote on the color later if we can reach the stretch goal.

Stretch Goals Added

I added these stretch goals to this campaign.

  • $150K - Add a plastic spin card
  • $200K - Add another color for the case
  • $250K - Add a spare drive belt and tension band

To help reach these new goals please let your friends in your knitting groups, spin guilds, and online know that this Kickstarter is running.  There are still a lot of people who would love to spin, but haven't heard about this Kickstarter project yet.

I am happy :-)
I am happy :-)


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    1. Missing avatar

      Susan Upson on

      With three days to go, you’re very close to $500K! That’s pretty impressive, Maurice. I love the neutral color
      choice...that’s what I will go with. And the battery pack holder is stellar!

    2. Missing avatar

      Freddy on

      Yay! I feel so lucky I came across this kickstarter!!! I'm now a happy backer too and can't wait to get my little eel wheel to arrive!! Color-wise, I would personally love a black or charcoal wheel.. color can be added with the bobbins, red, green... but I'd love for the wheel itself to just be black or charcoal if that's possible.. Thank you :-)

    3. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Marie Hudson on

      I really think a nice brown may be a good color. I can see it in a wood shade. Black could make it hard to see the bands. My current electric wheel is a off white. But when i spin with some hand painted fiber, the color transfers to the plastic. With that said if i could pick any color it would be that luscious purple on the prototype <3

    4. Missing avatar

      Julene Jones on

      Please add another bright color, like yellow, green, teal or blue!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      YUKO KANDA on

      Congratulations on reaching the $150K goal. More neutral color would be great, and also I like the white and purple in the pic. Anyway I can't wait for my first Eel!! Thank you for your great job.

    6. Missing avatar

      Neek on

      I'm soooo excited! I can;t wait for it to arrive even though it's ages away.
      Would be awesome if you did black!

    7. Missing avatar

      Traligill on

      Yahoo! I'm backer no 8. I set my alarm for 3 am NZ time and it was well worth it. So pleased with how well your campaign is going for this lovely product, Maurice. Mini 1 was my first experience of an electric wheel and I love it. I'm expecting mini 2 to be even more fun! My husband prefers my mini to any of my flock of pedal wheels because it's so quiet, so he's going to adore Mini 2. I would be interested in a foot pedal, which I know is not on offer, but I would be particularly keen on a knob for the tension band as this has been the hardest part of getting to know my mini. That said, can't wait to see where this campaign finishes.

    8. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      Thanks for all the color feedback everyone! Hopefully we get to that $200K level soon so I can start the voting for a new color.

    9. jennifer weller on

      AWESOME so excited for you and us :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Suzanne Shay on

      Purple is great for those that prefer color. A neutral would be nice...I’d buy a classic black.

    11. Missing avatar

      Sherry Michael on

      Please something other than pink or purple. A neutral or a blue color would be great!

    12. Amie Flexner Ritchie on

      love the purple, but glow in the dark would be tempting.. have a Device, but thinking this will be perfect to keep at work or just when I want something even smaller, but don't want to be spindling...

    13. Cathy Johnson on

      Congratulations on reaching the $150K goal already! I love purple but I think Black will be so classy.

    14. Vicki Maree Whateley on

      sorry just realised it is 200k in Australian dollars whoops

    15. Vicki Maree Whateley on

      I am still a bit of a spinning newbie so I can't work out what a "spin card" is? Nice to see you are over the $200k mark - congratulations!

    16. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      I just saw we got to the $150K so the spin cards are now included. Hopefully we can get to $200K soon because I really want to get you folks another color option!

    17. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      Autumn, if you go to the EEW Mini 2 kickstarter page there should be a blue button that says "View Pledge". Click on that and you can get your backer number. You might also check your email spam folder. A few people have reported the email from Kickstarter went there.

      It's good to hear so many people like purple!

    18. Missing avatar

      Valerie T on

      I'll hope for a glow in the dark neutral, too, although purple will spin just as well. But seriously, the glow in the dark theme would be unique to the Electric Eel Wheel, and it would be very practical to be certain I never accidentally step on a bobbin in a dark room.

    19. Missing avatar

      Autumn on

      I love the purple and am excited I’ll be able to get in in this color! Any way to know what backer # I am? I backed the plus package just a bit ago and never got an email confirmation even though it says I’m backed on Kickstarter. 🤔 Also hoping you hit these stretch goals!!

    20. Missing avatar

      Autumn on

      I love the purple and am excited I’ll be able to get in in this color! Any way to know what backer # I am? I backed the plus package just a bit ago and never got an email confirmation even though it says I’m backed on Kickstarter. 🤔 Also hoping you hit these stretch goals!!

    21. Missing avatar

      Elise Cole on

      I love the purple.....also liked the pink in the video......just sayn.....✂️🐑💖

    22. Missing avatar

      Jean Chestnut on

      I am so excited to be part of this ! Any color would be fine . This will be my first EEW.

    23. Missing avatar

      Helen Robbins on

      Fantastic news. I don't want to sound greedy but, I can see a black unit with a rainbow of bobbins and seven would be about the right number for it. I'm sure I will cope with purple if that's the choice

    24. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      The EEW Mini 2 doesn't use much power. It uses under 0.1 A at 9V. So if you have a 6000mAh battery pack at 12V then you'd have over 60 hours of use.

    25. Missing avatar

      Mary McCarty on

      I am so excited and you look really happy. The color purple is fine with me but I would be interested in a foot pedal. Maybe a light gray.. I have been looking at the battery you used. Do you know how long you can spin? Congratulations

    26. Missing avatar

      Kathryn R Hayworth on

      I am purple all the way! Cannot wait for this to happen! My friend got one of the early mini spinners, so I was very glad to see this pop up.

    27. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      I'm looking into glow in the dark and see if that is even possible with my injection processes. If it is I'll add it to the vote, but don't get your hopes up on this one too much since there is a real chance it won't work with the process I'm using.

      Glad some people liked my gif :-)

    28. Missing avatar

      Kim Simmons on

      Congratulations!! Engineering is awesome! I’m wondering if we could also have GLOW. IN. THE. DARK. It looks like a white gray until in the dark. Maybe just the produce and bobbin, so spinning continues after dark?!

    29. Ellaine on

      Your gif is hilarious! Thanks for opening up the possibility of a second color. White or gray are my votes!

    30. Missing avatar

      Jude Pilote on

      I love the purple! The idea of adding a spin card or extra drive belt & tension band would be cool though.

    31. Missing avatar

      Julie on

      A nice seafoam green, it's pale for good visibility, but not boring.

    32. ErickaJo

      Big fan of bright green!

    33. Carol Jensen on

      Red is my favourite colour - but neutral would also be good. NOT brown!!!!!!!

    34. Missing avatar

      Min Fidler on

      I’d like a colour that doesn’t overpower or clash with my yarn colours, so pale grey or white would be great 😊

    35. Missing avatar

      Marcia Carlson on

      I am a huge fan of the purple color so I'm really happy to see that you are keeping that color choice.

    36. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      Thanks everyone for all the helpful feedback!

      Lotus Baker, yes the drive belt and tension band are pretty standard components. Your local stores won't have them, but online stores will. I'll do this the same way I've done previous wheels, which is I will sell replacement parts and I will give you the info so you can order these parts from other places online. My shipping costs will never be as low as big online stores so if you just need some replacement parts it's probably better not ordering them from me, but I do give people that option. That said, I don't think these parts will wear out very quickly.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jules Johnson on

      Blue Blue Blue or Black with Blue 😀 love the added stretch goals.

    38. Missing avatar

      Dana Overstreet on

      I think a neutral is a good choice. Super happy for ya!! Great job!

    39. Missing avatar

      Chris East on

      It’s totally worth it just to see Maurice’s happy video. Color-wise purple is just fine. Purple, pink, yellow with black long as it spins I am a happy camper.

    40. Misty Foreman on

      My first knee jerk reaction is to say "yeah but every other spinner comes in a neutral, gimme lime green!", but a nice gray would show off my fiber colors. So excited regardless!

    41. Missing avatar

      Lotus Baker on

      As I am one who can't stand purple, I would like a neutral or green. Will the drive bands be replaceable easily from a local type source? They would seem to be the most app to need replacement.

    42. Missing avatar

      Alix Day on

      it's because you make such an awesome (and much needed) product that you have reached your goal(s) so quickly!

    43. Missing avatar

      Melanie Perkins on

      ...and purple is my favorite color!

    44. Missing avatar

      Melanie Perkins on

      This is absolutely amazing. I love the design, the soft purr it makes, and the price point. You rock!

    45. Missing avatar

      Melissa on

      Love the gif and I’m just as happy. I like the purple but any color in this model will be wonderful. You’re nearly to your first stretch goal!

    46. Maurice Ribble 5-time creator on

      The spin card is the standard gift card size, but it has info on both sides to help you spin better. Here's an image of both sides:

      Thanks for all the feedback on color, foot pedals, and glowing plastics. I'm thinking about all those things.

    47. Missing avatar

      Anita Sama on

      Still very excited about the purple!

    48. Missing avatar

      Valerie Dawson on

      OMG now if there is a second color choice and it is a white glow in the dark how could I possibly choose. guess I would have to upgrade to two and put one in the craft room and one in the living room lol this brings up another question. if you upgrade do you keep the same backer number?