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The best stand up comedy album ever produced in Sacramento by a Panamanian U.S. Marine.

Go Be A Clown is my first Stand up Comedy Album and it's 6 years in the making... I started doing comedy almost 7 years ago after my grand mother told me to pursue my dream, to be a stand up comedian. This Album is dedicated to her, Idel Raybon and although I'm sure she wouldn't approve of many of the jokes let alone the Album cover, she always marched to the beat of her own drummer and that's what I've done in her honor.

During one of the tapings I thanked everyone for coming to my 6th annual DVD taping. I've tried and failed 8 times in 6 years to record a stand up comedy album I can be proud to sell to fans. I've finally DONE IT!! And I couldn't be prouder of the product.

The CD and the DVD will each feature different sets, so owning both the CD and DVD is a must for die hard fans. Each also includes it's own unique special features.

The album is a celebration to my time growing up in the Sacramento comedy scene, with my absolute best material, in the club where I first started performing, and the first Comedy Club I ever went to, Laughs Unlimited in Sacramento, CA. All the special features on the CD and DVD feature my friends and family, and other artists who have influenced me during this amazing time in my life when I was learning to be a professional Comedian.

I've invested all my money on the production and I'm pre-selling the Album for the initial orders. There is a limited edition poster available during the DVD release tour slated in select Northern California cities in the middle of October. The tickets will be available for donors in Stockton, Sacramento, Fairfield, and San Francisco. More cities may be announced.

I am most proud of the special features on the DVD. I have never heard an audio commentary on a stand up DVD, and I'm proud to be one of, if not the first. I will be speaking to two of my closest friends about the journey to becoming a comedian and the set itself. I'll be thanking as many people as I can including large donors. But Thank you in advance to EVERYONE, who has ever supported me, even if in only prayer as a comedian and as a person.

thank you for your support these 6 years... this album is the best I could do. I'm proud to have fans like you, and I wanted you to be proud of me. Watch the DVD and let me know... I want to get better for the next one!

Live your passion

-R. Ellis Rodriguez


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    For your $5 you will receive my eternal gratitude and a ticket to the DVD release Show!!

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    Gets you the album on CD. It’s got an exclusive headline set and some special audio, also exclusive to the CD. I’ll be signing each one at the DVD release Show, and mailing to those who cannot attend.

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    Is the reason for the teasin’. It’s the DVD I’ve been trying to make for 6 years. We’ve already filmed and it’s going to look fantastic! It’s a different set than the CD version and it’s loaded with special features, including a Commentary. Also signed, most likely something inappropriate unless you request something at the show.

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    The official Go Be A Clown Poster, is unfortunately only available at the show. Sad face. I’d still love your $40 but I can’t ship it to ya!!! If you’re going to the DVD release show you gotta have one!

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    Hundred dollar donors get to be a part of the DVD FOREVER!!! Everyone who donates $100 or more gets their name printed on the DVD insert in the special thanks section. Your name will ever be linked to my first album!

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    Are you still reading this? Okay… if you would like to donate $250 or more I will PERSONALLY thank you during the DVD commentary and say that YOU… are the reason all of this happened.

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    All the swag… VIP Seating for 4 at any show I do in 2013, and a private Spanish lesson.

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    You are my new best friend and I will write a bit talking trash about the person of your choice onstage during a show and release the roast on youtube. If you're more of a lover than a fighter I'll write a bit about whatever subject you like... AND whatever bit it is, I'll add it to the Special Edition Extended Cut due out next year...

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