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Design sketching book - Teaching you how to draw, including work from leading Australian designers and their unique drawing process.
Design sketching book - Teaching you how to draw, including work from leading Australian designers and their unique drawing process.
624 backers pledged AU$ 45,689 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ian Roberts on February 15

      No book for me too and no response.

    2. Poon Spoony on February 11

      his company is entering the INDE Awards. it seem he just talk out money and focus on his own job and leave us behind.

    3. Poon Spoony on February 11

      guys go to his facebook and his company facebook and ig to leave a comments to remind him.

    4. Evan Seccombe on February 7

      Still waiting on receiving this. Have emailed Rachel and Tom multiple times over the course of a couple months.

    5. Missing avatar

      Daniel on February 6

      never got my book and still waiting. reporting.

    6. Bernardo Espinosa Larracoechea on February 6

      No book... I would like a refund

    7. Noah Fang on February 5

      No book delivered. No replies to any email I sent. Very frustrating and disappointing.

    8. Graham Burrows on February 3

      @Peter Kaltenbach - I mentioned it to Kickstarter but their stance on this is that we have to deal directly with the creator! Not sure we'll get too far. The fact the book is available to buy via his website is a joke!

      Here's KS response:
      "I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing frustration with this project.

      If you are interested in getting a refund for this project, please reach out directly to the creator. While we work with creators to help them find funding for their projects, all money raised goes directly to the creator and is managed by the creator (with only a small fee passing through Kickstarter's hands).

      To get in contact with a creator, I recommend messaging them through our platform, leaving a comment on their page, or reaching out through their social channels or website (where they might be more readily available for questions).

      Though I can't assist directly with getting a reimbursement, I am here to help. Hiccups can happen along the way when bringing a creative idea to life, but that shouldn't turn into a bad experience for you as a backer. I hope this matter is resolved soon and am happy to help if you have any other questions or concerns."

    9. Missing avatar

      Alberto Bravo on February 2

      Very unprofessional, this does a disservice to the reputation of the designers of the region he was trying to represent. Was supposed to be a graduation gift now a year late, but now I wouldn't want this product to influence a young designer anyway. This was a very expensive e-book that I managed to pay shipping for. I am disgusted but will keep my comment respectful and considerate. Lesson learned.

    10. Missing avatar

      Peter Kaltenbach on January 31

      Has anyone else reported this project to Kickstarter? I would think the lack of any communication justifies reporting the creator.

    11. Ethan Chong on January 31

      No book. No response. Nothing least an update pls.

    12. Derek Burkhardsmeier on January 29

      havent heard an update in months. haven't had a reply in email in months.
      where is my product?
      where are you, will you respond to us?

    13. Missing avatar

      James Granger on January 29

      Tom. I think "Rachel" maybe took your money and forgot to deliver the books. It seems that she's now just as hard to get hold of as you are.

    14. David Wood on January 23

      Hi everyone - if you don't receive your book you can always "buy one" online !!!!….

      Tom - get your act together.

    15. David Wood on January 23

      Where's my book! Confirmed my US address on October 2nd. Got an immediate response from "Rachel". Still no book. Really?

    16. Todd Budin on January 22

      I think we should also post on Skeehan's facebook page

    17. Todd Budin on January 22

      Same here in Colorado. No book, no responses.

    18. Missing avatar

      on January 15

      He's on linkedin as well.

    19. Missing avatar

      on January 15

      Instead of posting here, just pester him on FB until he provides updates. Contact his collaborators who are listed on his KS page. He hasn't been here since beginning of November.

    20. Xing Su on January 14

      Still nothing here from SF either

    21. Missing avatar

      Fotios Zemenides
      on January 10

      Tom, I have still not received my book. Please advise. Thank you Foti.

    22. Missing avatar

      Sudarshan on January 9

      I have had no response in a long time!!! This is frustrating, come on!

    23. Nol van Meegeren
      on January 8

      "I have got an email from them asking for my recent address since it's in the next batch to be posted. Two months later, no book no replies."

      Same here. Nothing. What a shit show...

    24. Derek Burkhardsmeier on January 5

      Any Update on delivery to the US?
      i have tried contacting via email and haven't had a response in weeks!

    25. Graham Burrows on January 3

      Please Please Please could you provide an update on delivery! As of your last update on nov 2nd you informed us that "'We' have just over 200 books left to ship globally and are doing our best to insure every book is shipped before Christmas. " - What has been the delay?

    26. Missing avatar

      Peter Kaltenbach on January 2

      Lack of communication is extremely frustrating. Last email suggested US orders would be received before EOY 2017. Now there is NO update and no responses. Please provide an update

    27. Ash evans on January 2

      Where is my book?!!!!

    28. Missing avatar

      on December 27

      Creator, please provide an update.

    29. Petteri Kinnunen on December 27

      Not even e-books delivered -> the reason cannot be the posting costs. Perhaps the book is never made and the money is just burnt to sax and rocknroll... I'm very, very disappointed.

    30. Luke Barker on December 22

      Still waiting.
      Just tried to email and the address on the update doesn’t work....

    31. Elisa Wong on December 20

      Nothing here from Hong Kong...?!?! What gives?

    32. Ethan Chong on December 15

      I haven’t receive my book or no response yet replies! I need refund!

    33. Missing avatar

      luck on December 14

      Hello everybody
      Glad to read that the book actually exists and has been sent to someone in july. 6 month later it hasn't arrived to europe though.
      Whats happening ? Any possibility to get our money back ?

    34. Graham Burrows on December 14

      Nothing here in the UK either? Any updates greatly appreciated!

    35. Missing avatar

      Lee-Arng Chang on December 13

      I haven't gotten anything yet in the USA.

    36. Jake Petersen on November 21

      I invoke my rights under Kickstarter's Terms of Use:
      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."
      I demand a full refund for my pledge amount

    37. Atticus Acid Durnell on November 20

      I have got an email from them asking for my recent address since it's in the next batch to be posted. Two months later, no book no replies.

    38. Irfan Darian on November 12

      Any updates guys?

    39. Missing avatar

      Jason Belec on November 10

      Yet another company destroying Kickstarter, learn to communicate and stop screwing people around.

    40. Missing avatar

      on November 3

      I’ve written to your new email address to get my address changed. This is the THIRD time on email. Please have the decency to respond to my email and confirm my address change!

    41. Missing avatar

      on October 30

      Where is my book?

    42. Missing avatar

      steven owens on October 30

      51 weeks ago I faithfully made my pledge for you to get your book off the owe me and may others an explanation.

    43. Missing avatar

      Peter Kaltenbach on October 24


      We've all been patient, but the lack of information is dis-heartening. Please provide updates. Have books shipped to US, not shipped, never going to ship?


    44. Irfan Darian on October 23

      Almost a month since my last message. Any updates on my book guys?

    45. Watchrapong Agsonchu on October 22


      It's hard to be respectful to a creator like this

    46. Missing avatar

      steven owens on October 19

      No response from my message 2 weeks ago posted on here and no response from my DM either. RUBBISH VERY UNHAPPY GIVEN OUR BACKING NEARLY 12 MONTHS AGO

    47. Xing Su on October 18

      Still nothing here in the U.S.. I got an email a couple of weeks ago asking for confirmed address, and have heard nothing since. I've reached out a few more times and it's been radio silent. What's happening?

    48. Missing avatar

      Ikumi Harada on October 7

      Does anybody gotta the book? In japan, still None, I haven’t get the book yet.

    49. Missing avatar

      steven owens on October 2


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