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Aeon Trespass: Nymphs is a highly detailed series of 32mm pin-up miniatures inspired by Greek mythology and the Science Fantasy genre.
Aeon Trespass: Nymphs is a highly detailed series of 32mm pin-up miniatures inspired by Greek mythology and the Science Fantasy genre.
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Nymphs retrospective and interview announcement

Posted by Into the Unknown (Creator)

Hey guys! 

It’s been two weeks since we shipped the Nymphs and more than 90% packages have already reached their destination. This was an enormous and daunting task for us, so thank you again for backing us, believing in us and sticking with us!   

As we slowly close the book on this project and look towards the next, I wanted to take this opportunity and share with you some facts, stories and thoughts we had during and after the KS campaign, right up to and including shipping.  

Well, the most memorable moments of this whole experience were the beginning of the campaign and the ‘shipping challenge’, our two narrative brackets.  

I remember the exhilaration we felt as the campaign clock started, a mixture of anxiety and excitement that only really subsided after several hours. And I remember the dread when Black Friday came and our backing numbers JUST DIED. Being from Poland, we never truly considered the ramifications of this event in our scheduling. Fortunately, after the shopping fervor subsided, we picked up the pace again and got funded halfway through the campaign.  

The shipping is memorable for much of the same reasons. We greatly underestimated the work we would have to put in to finish this project! Hand stamping and packing more than 2500 sets and then addressing and sending more than 300 packages was no small feat. For almost a week, we worked and lived together (to save time on commutes), and that work was almost 24/7.  


As with most projects, we had our fair share of setbacks and mishaps. Some of them require more detailed elaborations while others are merely footnotes. On two occasions we had an artist drop a commission mid-production, which resulted in delays (that’s why it took so long for us to show you the Nietzschean Nymph!).  

The factory we first contracted for box production changed their quotes on us, forcing us to look for another contractor.  

One batch of masters we received had ‘printing scanlines’, a fact we noticed only after we saw the first resin samples; it required us to order new masters and really delayed our timeline. 

During shipping, I found a small miscast on one of the sculpts; most of you wouldn’t notice, but I still recalled a large part of the batch. We had to scramble to have replacements produced, as our production safety buffer was insufficient.  

A large part of the large shipping boxes we recieved had the wrong dimensions, a fact only discernable after you folded them. We ordered replacements, but the shipment got delayed and wouldn’t get here on time. I got into my car and drove around the city, buying up all the shipping boxes in that size from local post offices. This is how it went:  

“Yes, I’d like to buy some shipping boxes, size S.”  

“How many?”  

“All. Of. Them.”  

“... oh, you’re the guys that called earlier.”

It was so cathartic to finally be able to ship all your orders! Which brings me to...  


I think we can put most things in this category! We didn’t go over budget, we produced and shipped everything we promised (we are working on the digital artbook!), we created 16 beautiful miniatures and we did it in record time!  

I’d like to elaborate on that last part, our fulfillment timing, because I’m especially proud of it. Yes, our initial estimated delivery was set for May, so we had a 2 month delay. But! As we’ve mentioned in the KS campaign, that date was set with only the 10 initial Nymphs in mind; we’re not a big company and we didn’t have all the stretch goals created beforehand. We had ideas of where we’d want to go, but nothing concrete, no art and no models. So, all the stretch goal Nymph models were created in the tail end and after the campaign.  

So, we had to create those new miniatures, from scratch, and they equated to 60% of our initial proposition. We didn’t want to break the fulfillment into 2 waves and charge you more for shipping, so we just doubled our efforts, trying to land as close to May as possible.  

With all the problems we had along the way (see previous section), I consider those 2 months of delay a great achievement. We even got you a better shipping option, faster and with tracking! And all that while similar campaigns that launched at roughly the same time have yet to deliver.  

Most importantly, what went right was all of you: your backing and your trust helped us fulfill what we set out to do and create this beautiful line of miniatures. What’s more, your generosity funded design work on our upcoming projects, Eschaton and Odyssey. Actually, we poured all the money left after producing the Nymphs into design and development, none of us has cashed any checks on this. This allowed us to create something marvelous. You’ll soon see what you helped bring forth!  

Whew. I think I could go on, but that’s enough of your time I’ve taken! Besides, there’s one more thing...  

Monkeys with Fire Interview

19:30 BST, Tuesday, August 2nd
19:30 BST, Tuesday, August 2nd

Next Thursday, 2nd August, at 19:30 BST, you’ll have the chance to see me live on camera and hear my thickly accented voice for the first time. The great folks at Monkeys With Fire will have me over (over Skype) to talk about all things Nymphs, Eschaton and maybe Odyssey! If you’re into that sort of thing, tune in to Twich at HERE.

Aaaand that’s all for now. We’ll have new things for you really soon, so keep your eyes peeled! See you next time!


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