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Aeon Trespass: Nymphs is a highly detailed series of 32mm pin-up miniatures inspired by Greek mythology and the Science Fantasy genre.
Aeon Trespass: Nymphs is a highly detailed series of 32mm pin-up miniatures inspired by Greek mythology and the Science Fantasy genre.
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Pledge Manager is live! Stretch goal Nymphs revealed! And more

Posted by Into the Unknown (Creator)

Firstly, I'd like to apologize to anyone who was disappointed with our slight delay in launching the PM. Secondly, let's get right to it! It has been a busy time for us since the end of the campaign, and we’ve got a lot to show for it! As mentioned in the last update, the Nymphs are on track for the May release date and as the creative work is winding down on this project, the team transitions to full-time work on Odyssey. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves - the important thing for now is that the... 

Pledge manager is live

The pledge manager is live (or soon will be, depending on the review process). Kickstarter veterans know what they’re in for, but for all you first-time backers: you will get an invite to participate in the pledge manager, which is sort of a greatly expanded shopping cart. First you will get to select the Nymph sets you’d like as part of your initial pledge level. Then you will be able to spend all the funds you pledged above your level for additional sets. If you like, tou will be able to add more funds for more sets or even bump your pledge level. Finally, you will be asked to give us your address and answer a few simple questions. That’s the gist of it.

For clarity, I’ll repost the important pledge manager facts from the last update:

- To handle your pledges, we are using CrowdOx

- The Pledge Manager is going live now, (Tuesday 16th January)

- The Pledge Manager will be open for about 2 weeks (till 28/29th January); we really want to get the exact quotas for the printers, so we can start manufacturing the cardboard elements

- You will be able to change your pledge level for one of a higher order; this will also allow you to buy additional deluxe set for discounted prices (according to the pledge level, same as Kickstarter)

- You will be able to add funds for additional miniature sets;

- We know you’ve been asking for it, so, officially: you will be able to Late Pledge! If you want to late pledge, hit the 'late pledge' button at the top of the page!

- Unfortunately, because Stripe payments are unavailable in Poland, you will only be able to add funds (or Late Pledge) through PayPal. We know it may be an inconvenience to some of you, it may as well end up being an inconvenience for us, as PayPal is known to hold the collected payments for extended periods of time, but at this time we have no other option. We are in early talks to set up a subsidiary that will be Stripe-enabled, so please bear with us, as we’re going through these company growing pains. 

All the new nymphs revealed 

This is the part of the update you’ve been waiting for. As mentioned in the last update, we’ve finalized the look and art of all the stretch goal Nymphs. Two of the models are finished (the Night Nymph and the Hope Nymph), while the rest are in various stages of completion. Without further ado, I give you the...

Night Nymph updated


You had a chance to get a glimpse of the Night Nymph during the campaign, but here she is, in all her 32mm glory. The model is finished and is getting its master created as we speak. You can check her backstory in one of the earlier updates.


Hope Nymph updated


Same goes for the Hope Nymph, the art and model are 100% complete. We’re especially proud of this one, it’s really different from the other nymphs, it’s also our largest model to date, we really went nuts with the design - something you’ll see became a leitmotiv of the stretch goal Nymphs. As with the Night Nymph, you can check her backstory in one of the earlier updates.


Mask Nymph revealed


Let’s dial it back a bit. The Mask Nymph is a more subdued design. As she is trying to keep a low profile, it suits her well. When you take a closer look, the masks and faces hidden on the inside of her cloak really pop, though, making her more haunting than she was at first glance.


Elara followed the trail along the coast. It was a daunting task, as her quarry changed faces the same way you or I change clothes. But Elara was determined and perceptive, and through the years learned to read the subtle cues and hints that betrayed a Metonym.

In her wake, Elara left a bloody trail of her own. The Nymph was an elusive and dangerous opponent. She made sure wherever Elara showed up, a warm welcome would await. She was almost done for in Megara, the Persian assassin came out of nowhere.

Elara was an Athenian master spy, though. She saw her city fall and burn, her lover, Heralia, smashed under a collapsing temple, and lived through it. She would not meet her end at the tip of a killer’s curved blade. No, that tragedy only strengthened her resolve. She knew who – or what – orchestrated the downfall of her once-proud metropolis, and she knew how to slay it. 

All she needed was...

Elara cornered the Nymph in a small coastal town. Not many places to hide, not many faces to steal. The creature stayed at the local inn. Elara carefully made her approach. She took every precaution. All for naught.

When she saw the nymph, sat comfortably by the fire, with that face, she hesitated. When the woman came out of the shadows, she froze in shock. When the blade cut through the soft tissue of her abdomen, she let out a surprised gasp.

The woman was her lover, Heralia, miraculously saved from the doom of Athens.

The nymph was Elara. Or, at least, the face was hers.

“Who... who was he?” said Heralia with a trembling voice, looking at the body of the old wiry man she just killed.

“Someone who wished me harm,” replied the creature that was Elara. “He is undone now, not able to let go of the past. Let us not repeat his mistakes.”


Nietzschean Nymph revealed


I don’t think anyone saw this direction coming, but it’s only natural. The Nietzschean Nymph is the nymph of ascendancy, the path to godhood, albeit temporary. She stands in stark opposition to her fellow Spartans, who chose the quicker, darker way.

To continue the theme of hunters vs. hunted... 


Leartos was the runt of the vanguard. At 28, too old and too frail to accept the Nietzschean’s gift. Still, he made himself useful, both as a scout and field tactician. He didn’t mind the mocking glances or the hushed insults, he was a Spartan through and through, like his father before him.

It was during the third day of the hunt that they found their prey, in a little valley town in the shadow of the great mountains. The thing was... unimaginably huge. Leartos wondered how come it grew so fast, but then quickly noticed fresh bones stripped of their meat, scattered all the way up to the small shrine of Zeus the thing made into its den. He felt nauseous.

His commander, Agathon, ordered the unit to shorten the distance and engage in canvas formation. This was the standard response, of course, and there were plenty of buildings to maneuver around with the Hermes gear.

In succession, the Spartan dynasthais, the line hoplites, zipped past Leartos to take their positions, but when it came time for Leartos to join them, Agathon stopped him.

“You stay behind.”

It was a great affront, but Leartos knew his place. He perched upon the roof of an abandoned winery and observed the battle. At first, it was going according to plan. The dynasthais surrounded the monster and lured him out from the safety of the shrine ruins. But there were... oddities, short erratic behavioral patterns Leartos has not seen before.

“Commander, the creature is behaving strangely. I advise a tactical fallback to analyze its movements.”


Just one word. He might as well have been Ephialtes. But not soon after that Cassandran warning was spoken, things started to go wrong. The creature was anticipating their moves and picking the line hoplites one by one. The hunters became the hunted. Furious and desperate, Agathon joined the fray, only to be struck down in mere moments. Leartos knew this battle was unsalvageable. With the commander dead, he should call for retreat - but no one would listen. He could run... but that was not the Spartan way.

So he charge the beast head on. He fought as hard and fierce as he could, as hard as his mortal body could endure. In the end, it was not enough. A causal slap - the monster gave him no thought whatsoever - sent him tumbling through a window of a nearby building. 

With his last ounce of strength, he got up and limped to the opening. His Hermes gear was smashed, he was now more useless than ever. Yet, he would not back away. 

Leartos bit his lip and watched in silent horror as his unit was slaughtered. Even their Nietzschean’s gift was not enough for this beast. 

“Your spirit rages in that cage of meat and bones,” a soft voice spoke from somewhere close to him. The woman who uttered those words was like no other. She radiated immense power, so much so that Leartos had to avert his eyes. “Give me your hand.”

Was she a goddess?

“Will... will you set it free?”

“No. I will make you a stronger cage. And if you survive...”


“Come find me.”


Machina Nymph revealed


This one might give the Hope Nymph a run for her money, at least when it comes to the model’s size. This thing really stretches the definition of 32mm! We think it’s also a great showcase of the Aeon Trespass world and its sensibilities. Let her story remain a mystery for a while longer... Here’s the only snippet about her revealed so far:


The Eschaton ravaged Hellas... but it was some time ago. Nature started to reclaim what was lost. In the heart of Attica, a small congregation of Gaians tries to facilitate this process. They do this in the name of the Machina Nymph, the self-proclaimed successor of Great Demeter. The Machina Nymph is a curious creature. A mechanical woman that sees herself as the saint patron of nature. Some say she is the last invention of the mad genius, Dedalus, some that she is all that is left of the Golden People, and some proclaim her to be the embodiment of the Atlantean Omnigence...


Curiosity Nymph revealed


And finally, the enigmatic Curiosity Nymph, all the way from sunken Atlantis. And that box... you do not want to open that box. Or do you? A lot of men and women lost their lives trying to pursue the dreams of the Curiosity Nymph. Will you be the next?


Endless horizon

I think that’s one meaty update, our largest to date. Hope you guys are having as much fun as we are. We’ll be updating again as soon as we get the last models finished. And beyond that, there’s a whole year of Odyssey to look forward to. Stay tuned!


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    1. Elizabeth Beckley on

      Choose the Solitude Nymph! Can’t wait to paint her :) Are you guys planning to come to any American conventions this year? Gen con?

    2. Into the Unknown 3-time creator on

      @Ekipage: Yeah, we tried to one-up ourselves with these ;)

    3. Ekipage

      Some great looking new Nymphs. Choices are going to be hard, but that is a good thing in this case.

    4. Into the Unknown 3-time creator on

      @Angra: Glad you like them! Curiosity... why not? ;)
      @Paint'Riot Studio: We'll keep it open as long as we can, but we don't want to jeopardize our delivery schedule.

    5. VA

      Definitely getting 2 machina! Hope looks really nice too. Curiousity....why?

    6. Paint'Riot Studio

      Awesome new nymph ! too short PM sadly , it will be hard to do a choice....

    7. Into the Unknown 3-time creator on

      @Drevin Williamson: Glad you like them :D

    8. Drevin Williamson on

      Done and done, new stuff looks great guys!
      I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Machina Nymph, that design is gorgeous!