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Aeon Trespass: Nymphs is a highly detailed series of 32mm pin-up miniatures inspired by Greek mythology and the Science Fantasy genre.
Aeon Trespass: Nymphs is a highly detailed series of 32mm pin-up miniatures inspired by Greek mythology and the Science Fantasy genre.
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Hope Nymph unlocked! Her story revealed! Nietzschean Nymph at 25k!

Posted by Into the Unknown (Creator)

Hope Nymph unlocked!

Unbelievable, you did it! Another stretch goal smashed, just mere hours after the first one! The Hope Nymph joins the Nymph court. Here she is, in all her glory: 

Hope Nymph story

Her story is equally interesting, have a read: 

There were two distinct stories told about the Tracian Mountains. Of the monstrous maneater that came with the nightfall fog, and of the kind mother who walked with dawn’s mist. 

Asklopias knew them both. He just wanted to see, if the tales were true. 

First, he stumbled upon a bandit camp. The heavy fur tents were toppled and torn, and soaked with frigid blood. There were bodies, too, in shambles, so you couldn’t even guess their numbers. All well equipped, mind you, with Persian steel blades and carapace armor. As if a mountain lion descended on these men – but there were no lions in these parts.

The next day, in a snowy pass, he found an overturned Symmarchy hauler, it’s slaver crew butchered, the slaves conspicuously absent. Asklopias checked the surroundings thoroughly. His diligence was rewarded, when he found an Ithacan woman, freshly unshackled, hiding in a nearby cave.

She told him of the passage of the heavenly mother. Of the people who wanted to take her, take her child. Of the many, many deaths.

Next morning, Asklopias left and ventured deeper into the mountains. He caught up to her in the evening, when the distant sun only peaked through the jagged mountaintops.

It was as if she was made of the mist itself, simultaneously solid and real, and ephemeral. The edges of her regal figure disappearing into the white vapors, always changing. She held a child to her breast. Both looked at peace.

She gazed at Asklopias and the sword he held. He noticed the many shapes, many angry faces looking at him from beyond the mist. Hungry. He saw what all those men before him, and he felt frightened. He dropped his sword and kneeled. 

“You may not remember me,” he said, trembling. “But once you held me, like you hold that child. They told me I was yours, but I never believed...”

“You are not mine. You are of the World. Mend it.” And she was gone. 


“Is it the Nymph that weaves the smoke, or is the other way around, I wonder...” 

Nymph Sage 

The Hope Nymph is both a savior and a protector. She takes care of the orphaned, the lost, the abandoned and the outcast, treating them as her offspring until they grow old enough to survive on their own. Many question her motives, as no one really knows what happens to those children... 

Night Nymph progress

Also, fresh new renders of the Night Nymph, as promised! 




What's next?!

 And finally, the Nietzschean Nymph awaits you all at 25k!


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