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    1. Into the Unknown 4-time creator on

      Hey guys! As we've previously mentioned, we've moved the KS draft url, here's the new one:
      Besides that, compontents list is coming and we'd also like to do translations!

    2. Missing avatar

      Casiodorus on

      Still waiting for you to show the components list ;)

    3. Missing avatar

      Tarok on

      Let's hope this ks will get big attention, and a language translation! (Italian for example :D )

    4. Into the Unknown 4-time creator on

      Hey guys! As we've previously mentioned, the KS draft url is about to change, here's the new one:
      Hop right in, there's updates galore - a story trailer, funding goal and pledge levels - with prices! We can't wait to hear your feedback!

    5. Adherent Of The Labyrinth on

      Sadly, you pulled the wrong link. But it's okay, you'll fix it!

    6. Missing avatar

      Vedanth B on

      @Into the Unknown: That’s 9 Rage on your side! Unleash your Godforms! :D
      Keep up the good work guys :)

    7. Into the Unknown 4-time creator on

      @Verdanth B: Thank you. It's past 10 PM here and we're still hard at work...

    8. Missing avatar

      Vedanth B on

      @Into the Unknown: No pressure, guys. I know how hard it is to work on big projects like these. We’ll be patient (though it’s hard to keep the excitement in check!)

    9. Into the Unknown 4-time creator on

      @JadedFox: Thank you, will correct these!
      @Vendanth: We're working as fast as possible... but when we finally do update, you may get more than you expect :D

    10. Missing avatar

      Vedanth B on

      Why do I not see any update?

    11. JadedFox on

      ITU: There are a few words that you forgot to add the space in between. Ex: "Vaultlets" in the third paragraph under RAGE: MAKING AN ATTACK and "Triskelionis" in the first paragraph under THE TRISKELION. Not a huge deal, but you might want to triple check for errors before the official launch. :)

    12. Into the Unknown 4-time creator on

      Hah, an update is coming guys! :D The components list (I'd pin it for tomorrow), the more than minis article and an adventure/choices article. Monday-Tuesday we were recording some live video for the trailer - and putting finishing touches on the story trailer. But we're back!

    13. Missing avatar

      SPDude on

      Any updates?? Wasn't the component list supposed to be added yesterday?

    14. Missing avatar

      Vedanth B on

      @Into the Unknown: Please do, as I am super excited to get this one :D

    15. foxlife on

      Italian language?

    16. szww on

      Hey @Into the Unknown... there is this fantastic song you should listen to --->


    17. Into the Unknown 4-time creator on

      @Chance: Yes, we’re looking into that :)
      @Vendanth B: I’ll have to check with our partners and get back to you.
      @Max: Soon (TM)!
      @Andreas Kpunkt: Try tomorrow - there’s more than minis coming ;)
      @Aerouge : Escalations are ‘per Battle’, Evolutions are permanent. There are ways to have more attacks or lower Rage, but as a default, it’s 36, as you say. Don’t worry, if you can’t kill the Primordial sooner, you’ll be long dead before you reach this limit... (just remember the Triskelion resets after each Battle). And yes, there is a retreat mechanic, though you won’t be retreating because you can’t make more attacks, there’s better reason to do that ;)
      @Thomas Willinger: We’d like to, but it’ll depend on the funding of the campaign.

    18. Missing avatar

      Thomas Willinger on

      @Into the Unknown: Will there be only an english version of the game or other languages as well?

    19. Adherent Of The Labyrinth on

      As Rage increases so does the results of your attacks, dropping more Kratos tokens and getting more dice to try to deal damage or, possible, even just to hit.

      Nominally I share your concern, Aerouge, but ITU has been working on this game for something like 3 years and the folks with the Prelude boxes so far haven't had anything negative to say about the Rage mechanic.

    20. Aerouge

      I am wondering about the rage mechanic. If you hit an enemy rage increases and above 9 rage your titan ragequits. Meaning you have a max of 36 attacks per fight? And if someone dies by other means that number is even lower? So basically you can reach situations where you cant win anymore no matter what you do? Is there an abort / retreat mechanic? How many hitpoints can enemies have?

      Oh and last question... are escalations permanent? Or do enemies reset (apart from the evolution mechanic that only improves stats as it seems)?

    21. Andreas Kpunkt on

      Seriously guys...i've been hitting refresh about 100 times today...please give us something

    22. Css on

      In five days, probably.

    23. Max on

      When will we know the price ?

    24. Missing avatar

      Vedanth B on

      @Into the Unknown: Thanks! Is this valid for shipments to India, as well? Because stringent customs norms make it hard...

    25. Missing avatar

      Chance on

      Is there going to be nice card sleeves available to have shipped with the game for the all the cards?

    26. Into the Unknown 4-time creator on

      @Vedanth B: It’s coming! We’re going to have several fulfilment hubs to avoid customs. We’re not partnering with anyone for trays at the moment, though we’re not ruling it out in the future. Let’s see what ends up in the box first!
      @Andreas Kpunkt: Keen eye :D
      @Radioland, Css: It’s a complex issue at the crossroads of negative box space and shipping dimensions. It’s a simpler matter with preassembled minis, as they can come on trays in plastic packaging.
      @Nick: thanks for sharing your insight! For us it’s Danger=Alpha=Life, as life is the beginning of everything. It’s the reverse for Rage=Omega=Death; death is the ultimate end. And PSI… PSI has always been used as the symbol of ‘extrasensory’ abilities (see: Babylon 5’s Psi Corps), ‘psi’ abilities; Fate doesn’t fall far from this, as it’s the divine ability to influence the fabric of reality itself ;) And the lower case alpha has been addressed earlier, we’ll be correcting that one!
      @Cara - High Priestess of Ringtail Fox: Soon TM :D

      BTW,guys, just a heads up, some changes we’re doing on the backend of the draft may change the url – so don’t be alarmed if for a brief moment the site ‘blinks’ (if it happens, it’ll be around Wednesday)!

    27. Cara - Curiosity Nymph of Ringtail Fox on

      @Vedanth B: I know, that's why I ask for more info. ;-)
      Last week they said "not this week"... sooo... how about this one?! :D

    28. Missing avatar

      Vedanth B on

      @Cara - High Priestess of Ringtail Fox: The only news regarding that is “The Core game box will cost less than $150”.

    29. Radioland on

      @Css - I dont talk about a box to fit all, I mean a separate box prepared to store the minis once assembled. It could even be an add-on or a SG.

      It feels really odd that we are having a nice designed box for the game, premium components overall, good art and beautiful designed minis only to end up playing tetris with them inside some brown cardboard box we have to get from who knows where?

      Many games come with minis in a different box. KD:M dont come with it because they did not care to and it is easy to say "our customers are collectors and they are prepared to fix good storage or just cabinets to showcase them" + it is HEAVILY centered in miniature after miniature add-on, the core game is like 10% of all the minis it has, so I can see why they dont offer a box.

      It depends in what ITU wants this game to be, a Miniature Gameboard or a Gameboard gateway to buy more and more minis.

    30. Cara - Curiosity Nymph of Ringtail Fox on

      Soooo... 1 week left...
      Any news on pledge levels and/or price tags? :3

    31. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      Looking sweet!

      I have one question though, being Greek myself, the chosen letters on the triskelion are... odd.. None of them make sense for their related words. Psi for Fate, Omega for Rage (hi Kratos), and a lower case Alpha.

      Could you elaborate on why those choices?
      You seem to put effort and love in this project, so that choice can not have been random :D

      Just my point of view, the greek part of my brain really struggles with the chosen letters and in one instance makes an automatic pun when i read /say one of those words alongside the chosen letter (Psi)

    32. Css on

      For KDM, a box that fits all assembled minis would be twice the size of the (already huge) current one. If it's the same for this game, i would much rather get sprues and store the minis separated.

    33. Radioland on

      Storage for cardboard and cards is not that hard to make, even though I think a game this expensive and good looking should have a nice custom insert.

      My main problem and fear is to have no storage for the minis after we build them, those are really hard to make to look good. Just like KD:M ships all flat sprues inside the box and then it is not their problem anymore.
      I see no difference between that and cheaper games shipping their minis in ziper bags.

    34. Adherent Of The Labyrinth on

      Please, not gametrayz. They take up so much space for what they add. The box is already huge.

    35. Missing avatar

      Vedanth B on

      @Into the Unknown: I have a few questions for you.
      Are you planning to partner with companies like gametrayz for better component storage?
      Any information about customs, shipping etc?

    36. Andreas Kpunkt on

      Day 1 bonus pic changed again...looks like another titan

    37. Missing avatar

      Vedanth B on

      @Into the Unknown: Thanks a ton. Just release the game already! :D

    38. Into the Unknown 4-time creator on

      Yes, there's a lot of Xcom DNA here, sometimes in surprising places! And yes, the dice do matter, but without thinking things through you won't get far ;)

    39. Missing avatar

      Vedanth B on

      @WE AWAIT OUR DESTINY: Yeah, I realise that now. The dice do matter, but they are not the only things that matter.

      This game has got me more pumped than any other RPG-ish game I’ve ever seen. To me, personally, it’s like a board game version of MTG + God of War. Really excited for this one!

    40. Adherent Of The Labyrinth on

      Combat being so much more tactical than KDM is one of the things that has me excited, here. It's not JUST a dice-chucking game. There's some meat on these bones!

      Also, ITU! Fen posted a screenshot of his first play and was already saying it's pretty good!

    41. Missing avatar

      Vedanth B on

      @Into the Unknown: Ah, alright. It’s probably something like XCom, if I’m guessing right, is it?

    42. Into the Unknown 4-time creator on

      @The Inner Geek: We hear you. We may experiment with the lightning effect a bit more, but we really want this piece to stand out. And it’ll look awesome when painted!
      @Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox: Thanks!
      @Oleg: Kev Lar is somewhat right! The cycles ARE distinct campaigns with their own locale, story, Battles, items, adventures and so on. But they also directly connect to one another. Think films in a trilogy, like the original Star Wars.
      @WE AWAIT YOUR DESTINY: Nope! It’s your evasion chance. Though in a lot of cases you may simply decide to take the hit!
      @Steve Truong: It’s coming next week!
      @Vendath B: It’s on the tactical side, you need to think about you attacks, in what order, using what abilities. You also need to take into account positioning.

    43. Missing avatar

      Vedanth B on

      What does the combat in AT:O look like? In terms of randomness, tactics, modifiers etc., does it become a roll-fest, or is there enough decision making to add depth to it?

    44. Steve Truong on

      Can you add a "What's in the box?" section?

    45. Adherent Of The Labyrinth on

      So does "10+" on a Primordial AI mean that it needs to roll 10 or above to hit?

    46. Kev Lar on

      @Oleg: I think each cycle is more like a different act in the same campaign since you will "take" whatever you have at the end of one cycle with you into the next so there is a certain level of "persistence" between cycles. Although we do know that much of what you have from the previous cycle will be less effective in the new cycle so you will have to continue to grow stronger by developing new technology/items and strategies to effectively tackle the new challenges.

    47. Missing avatar

      Oleg on

      Can someone explain cycles in aeon trespass please? Are these different campaigns or different acts of the same campaign? or neither and something else?

    48. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      The God Mode looks awesome, and very cool references.

    49. The Inner Geek on

      I mentioned this on BGG, but thought I'd share it here as well.

      The lightning effect comes off better in the art than the mini render. I don't hate it, but I wish there was another way to convey the power besides putting what almost looks like sprue or 3d print supports all over the mini.

      The Godform idea is a winner though.

    50. Into the Unknown 4-time creator on

      @Jinxsoft: Thanks!
      @Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox: Who knows...
      @Andreas Kpunkt: Godforms are kinda new... ;D
      @Jupp: You can (never) win! :D If we showed less mechanics you’d say we didn’t really show the game, right? :D The mechanics are streamlined for what they are, tactical Battles with real decisions; we really didn’t want to make another Hero Quest clone... having said that, I think it’s a lot simpler than you make it out to be. These are the systems that you want to be enjoy for 200+ hours of gameplay, they need to have depth to them. I guess we need those playthroughs to convince you! :D

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AeonTrespass:Odyssey is an epic 1-4 player massive campaign game of adventures, base building and tactical battles with giant monsters.


AeonTrespass:Odyssey is an epic 1-4 player massive campaign game of adventures, base building and tactical battles with giant monsters.

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All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches it's goal by the campaign deadline.


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