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A dance, inspired by the book, They Marched Into Sunlight, by David Maraniss hopes to create a path to heal the wounds of war.
63 backers pledged $4,695 to help bring this project to life.

An exciting update with a warm, wonderful thank you!

Posted by Robin Becker Dance (Creator)

What a wonderful beginning! Thank you so much for creating a great start to our pledge campaign.  

We have exciting updates with our upcoming performances! 

After performing excerpts of Into Sunlight at Stony Brook University March 16th, the seven company members of Robin Becker Dance will be performing Into Sunlight on March 18th with selected dance students of the Trinity Diocesan High School. This will be the company's first time working with another set a dancers to perform Into Sunlight. Into sunlight is danced by the seven company members alongside nine other dancers. These nine dancers have been the astonishing dance students from Hofstra University, whom the work was created on. These nine students worked intensely last year with the company and now, they pass the torch and have taught their roles to the dance students of Trinity.  Company members, Paul Monaghan and Nicole Sclafani have been out at Trinity rehearsing the students weekly, getting them prepared for their dance roles.  With every rehearsal, the Trinity students depth of knowledge, physicality and embodiment of the work grows deeper and deeper.  Robin has had a few workshops with them as well. This is Paul Monaghan's alma mater and he has been working very hard with his former school to make our performance of Into Sunlight with their briliant dance students a huge success.  Paul has reported that you can begin to feel the community of this high school rallying behind Robin Becker Dance in support of the work and it's message.  Many other students and faculty of the school are getting involved in as many ways as possible too.  At the last rehearsal, art students of Trinity were there to draw scenes from the rehearsal, which will be presented and displayed the day of the performances. 

Also, at our last rehearsal, we had Ching videotaping the rehearsal process with the Trinity students. Ching is the wife of Robin Becker Dance board member John Juhl. She was very interested to hear of how Paul and Nicole were working with the students and stayed the entire 5 hours of rehearsal to document this process.  It is her hope to use this footage to help capture the educational aspect of Into Sunlight and to insure it's invaluable future.  We are so excited and grateful to have her on board with her positive energy and special talents to help support this work.

This coming Sunday, the full company will begin rehearsing with the Trinity students and everyone is extremely excited!

There are so many thrilling events unfolding and we look forward to keeping you all updated!

Thank you again for all your support.

With much warmth and gratitude,

Robin Becker Dance


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