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Two morally ambiguous con men, Byron and Paul, scour the 1960 east Texas countryside, performing pseudo-exorcisms on helpless families. Read more

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Two morally ambiguous con men, Byron and Paul, scour the 1960 east Texas countryside, performing pseudo-exorcisms on helpless families.

Recent updates

Some Behind the Scenes

Thank you all so much.  Everyone who was on set.  Everyone who contributed their money.  This has been a blast to work on.  It's going to be a heck of a movie.  We're so grateful to have such supportive people all around us.

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Final Storyboards

These mapped out our last couple days of shooting.  Pioneer Farms is the location for all these scenes.  Our house was perfect!  It's exciting to look at the footage now and see it in the flesh.  Our last day of pickups tomorrow.  Wish us luck.

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More Storyboards!

Kris and I busted out some storyboards for the climax scene last night.  We got a real flow going.  It was fun to visualize this scene since there is a lot of tight and quick action.  The goal is to be as thorough and clear as possible so that come shoot day we can fly like an eagle to the sea (and then the to editing room). 

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New Location!

Kris and I took a trip to Pioneer Farms in the rain today.  It is just 15 minutes north of UT campus.  It is a living history museum with some houses from the late 1800s.  One of these, the best-kept one, caught our eye.  They actually have power in the house.  The living room will be great for the parents' talk with Byron and Paul.  And the kid's bedroom is eerie as heck. If we can lock this location with the manager, we're home free.    

-Kevin and Collapse Crew

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The Car

Mr. Douglas Bauer is hooking us up with one of his beautiful classic Fords.  The car is so important to give these con men a background.  We have a few options.  One is a slick black that's clean as a whistle.  This will communicate that these men are successful in what they do and will contrast with the rural environment.  Or we can go tan, which will blend nicely with the environment and not separate the cons from it, but say they are a part of it.  Lastly, we can go pale green.  Not too sure what that will mean yet.

PS. Please excuse the A&M sticker on the back of the Maverick. Hook 'em.

-Kevin and the Collapse Crew.

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