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The 3DCone is a stereoscopic add-on for the iPhone 4 to make 3D pictures and videos! Just snap it on and start shooting.

Mashable: "It’s ideal for turning moving scenes into 3D images"

Gizmag:  "3DCone has a market and will likely be incorporated as standard into many phone and tablet devices in the future"

TechZed: "What 3DCone does is offer a hardware solution to a growing software problem"

Redmond Pie: " looks a whole lot of fun ... it could well catch on"

3D Geeks: "This Stereoscopic add-on can take pictures and videos, comes with a free app, (and best of all) doesn't suck!"

The 3DCone is an add-on for the iPhone 4/4S that enables you to shoot 3D videos and stills! Just snap the 3DCone to your iPhone and start making some cool 3D memories. Use it to take pictures of your kids having fun around the park, or your pets doing their tricks (3D cats!). Check out our YouTube channel to see some samples.

Looks awesome in orange!
Looks awesome in orange!

What it does. The 3DCone is an attachment that turns your iPhone into a stereoscopic camera, capable of producing 3D images and videos. What it does is simply use a mirror to take two pictures, with slightly different angles, which are used to create the 3D image.

 A lot of apps are out there for stereoscopic photography, but they all work on the same principle - take a picture, move your phone a bit, take another picture. That's obviously not good enough for anything that moves. Snap on the 3Dcone, launch our app - and you're set. 

Our attention to quality. We all know how iPhone lovers (like us!) pay a lot of attention to details. That's why we're doing everything we can to ensure the 3DCone fits your iPhone perfectly, and that it's super easy to snap on and use.

Our application. There's a bit of processing involved after you snap that picture, so you'll need to use our app. The app will allow you to view and export your pictures and videos to a number of formats - raw data, red/cyan (anaglyph) or interlaced. You could also upload to YouTube as 3D videos, and get on-the-fly conversion to different viewing methods while watching your clip..

The prototype. We worked through several iterations till we got the 3DCone the way we wanted it (we kept that 3D printer really busy). We wanted something simple that would "just work", but also be pleasant on the the eye. 

Prototype #27 ;)
Prototype #27 ;)

The money. Sure, we love the old 3D printer, but now it's time to think about a production line, and bring the 3DCone to the real world. We'll use the money to assemble the first run of 3DCones as well as cover other expenses (shipping, storage and so on). 

We aim to manufacture in the US, and we are currently in touch with a production company based in San Diego for making the molds and making the 3DCones, with packaging and shipment to be handled by a fulfillment company. 

Our goal is to ship to you your own 3DCone on March 2013.

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