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Challenge your friends over the supremacy of a broken kingdom! Introducing new, fun and exciting mechanics that bring combat to life.
Challenge your friends over the supremacy of a broken kingdom! Introducing new, fun and exciting mechanics that bring combat to life.
163 backers pledged $9,073 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Haha, while having an extra card will be fun, I do have high hopes for the theme song. How many games have its own song? Have to appreciate the uniqueness!

    2. Brett Smoot on

      Can we make Mage goal 2 and the song goal 3??

      Congrats on the funding can't wait to get my copy!!

    3. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Another stretch goal hit! 36 minutes left, the great mage card is still within reach!

    4. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Thank you Johnny! I had a blast demoing the game. Quite excited to deliver it to all fellow gamers!

    5. Johnny Royal Coots on

      Harry, playing this with you at PAX East was a highlight of the con that I consider among my favorites! I'm so happy that you're funded now and can begin to bring this awesome game to the next level!

    6. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Thanks Steve :) couldn't have done it without you.

    7. Stephen Wong on

      Congratulations! *throws confetti*

    8. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Thank you djg, Greg, and Matt!!!

    9. Dj Grandpa on

      dj grandpa bcked and approved.. harry and I had a lot of fun on the crib.. enjoy.. and congrats on funding..

    10. Missing avatar

      Greg Follensbee on

      Congratulations, Harry! So I'll expect my game delivered in person later today?

    11. Matthew Millar on

      Muahaha. Winning pledge made by me!
      Was cool seeing you at pax, Harry. You gonna be at post pax board game night?

    12. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Yes, but 7902 is better:)

      @ Sean, you hinted me down! So you've finally tried the game yourself; thoughts? Living up to your high expectations?

    13. Bryan Behl

      $7777 seems auspicious potentially...

    14. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      I submitted the link, but I don't see it neither. Must have put it in a wrong place? Any BGG expert who can submit the link correctly?

    15. Marty McFly on

      Also, thumb all the videos, images, and forum entries on the BGG page. Images especially because a bunch of views and thumbs can get those images onto the main page.

      Harry, there's still no link from BGG to the KS page. That might also help drive some traffic here when people click on the game page on BGG. There is a link to the game's Facebook and website in the WebLinks section, but that should probably also be in the main Information section at the top of the game page.

    16. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Share share share! Like us on Facebook and share some more! I'll do my part by demoing the game at Pax today so people can get a first-hand impression of how awesome the game is!

      Let's make this happen TODAY, shall we?

    17. Bryan Behl

      Why is it taking so long for this to fund. So close...

    18. Marty McFly on

      Sooooo close! I want this game!

    19. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Thank you!
      Thank you, and I'm on it!

    20. Marty McFly on

      I've noticed a few things about the BGG entry for Warring Kingdom.

      1. There's no link to the Kickstater page on the BGG page. Often, games on Kickstarter use the "Website" or "Pre-Order Link" as a way to get potential backers to the KS page. You might want to consider updating that information.

      2. There are quite a few images available here on KS, but not many of those are on BGG. If some of those made it to BGG, and backers thumbed those images, they might end up in the Images section on the BGG home page. I can't speak for everyone, but I've found many new games because I first saw an interesting image in that section -- and then #1 becomes even more important for getting backers here.

      3. There are two videos here on KS that are not on BGG. The gameplay video especially would be helpful for people wanting to learn more about Warring Kingdom.

      Just my 2 (or maybe 3) cents. This looks like a fantastic game, and I really want to get that Great Helm!

    21. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Thank you Joel! Share the word~!!

    22. Missing avatar

      Joel Siragher

      i just joined. i really hope it funds.

    23. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      I'm sure we will:) Question is when, and the earlier, the more time I have to develop most value to everyone, create stretch goals and balance and tested new cards etc. So fingers crossed!

    24. Brian Roth

      Almost there!! I hope we make it!!

    25. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Sorry James. I've been trying to keep the shipping cost down, but have not yet found a way to do that. The $15 PnP includes the expansion, so that's a great way to get the full experience at low cost if you are interested. Do let me know if you have any other thoughts, and I'll let everyone know if I find a cheaper shipping agent!

    26. James Davis on

      I think the shipping costs are going to stop me on this one. I have done others from America and ones that I believe would be much much heavier, but the shipping costs have been more reasonable. I will keep an eye on things anyway and see what happens.

    27. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Australia shipping is quite expensive. What can help bring cost down per game is if you buy in bulk; for example, the international special has game+expansion+shipping at $60 a piece, with all the digital goods throw in there for free. You can add $25 to that pledge level for a playmat, if you want. In other words, instead of $115 for one set, you can get 3 for $205. You can also opt for no play mat at a lower shipping cost (the play mat is high durable material and is surprisingly heavy)

      I hope that helps!

    28. James Davis on

      I am from australia and I was looking at the game + expansion + playmat level

    29. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Hi James!

      Shipping depends on where you are; which country will the game be shipping to? The international shipping for the game starts at $15, and may go up a bit as you add more stuff in the mix (play mats, expansions etc.) I can clarify and give you the exact cost if you can let me know which country you want to ship to and which tier you are thinking of. Note that the international special tier includes all shipping charges already.

    30. James Davis on

      Hi There, I am a little confused about shipping in the description it says $45 while with the shipping date it says $25 for outside us. Which one is correct? $45 seems very steep for a card game.

    31. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Thanks Brett, keep these great ideas coming everyone!

    32. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Yup! I actually backed that project myself and got a lot of dice coming my way! I've definitely talked a lot about that potential. There may be a bit of timing issue (DD6 delivery is late enough that including their dice may delay the delivery of WK, which I'm sure no one wants), but if that can be worked out, you'll see it as a Stretch goal for sure!

    33. Brett Smoot on

      Playing off Ferben have you seen double six dice that got done on kickstarter a couple month back. I know Matt has done custom dice for other projects.

    34. Adam Faber

      $1200 away! So close!

    35. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      First stretch goal announced! Any thoughts?

    36. Bryan Behl

      I checked out Red Dragon Lair thanks to your recommendation, Harry. I'm backing it now. Thanks for spreading the news. It was a great find.

    37. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Thanks Logan; you are right, it IS fun :D

      Speak of Logan, has everyone checked out his Kickstarter Red Dragon's Lair yet? 2 and half days to go, 1100% funded (that's right, not 110%, 1100%).

    38. Logan Montgomery Knight

      Harry I just increased my pledge to get a copy of your game! It looks like fun! :)

    39. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Play mats are for each player; but like any other game, you often get one for yourself and leave your competitor high and dry :) You can of course be a good host and get one for everyone! (The ultimate fan tier does that and more).

    40. Bryan Behl

      Excited about mystical stretch goals and custom playmats. Is one enough for a game or does each player need one?

    41. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Thanks Jon! Couldn't have said it better myself.

    42. Jon Deng on

      Harry! I love the Scout dog! I can't wait to get this game. We all need to help promote this so that it reaches its goal!

    43. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the feedback! Does anyone else want to jump on the some bandwagon? It is feasible to make custom playmats @$25 a piece if we have at least 10 orders.

    44. Nekosluagh (AKA Necroslug) on

      I don't know if it would be a possible stretch goal, but I would love to see the ability to have the other three wallpapers as play mats. I would love to get the picture of the woman with the pots as a playmat

    45. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Absolutely. Not silly at all! Top contenders include custom dice, additional cards (time permitting), the latter will be Kickstarter exclusive and contain new (mystical?) elements rather than something that's virtually same as what's already there.

    46. Missing avatar

      TheYaz on

      This may seem like a few silly ideas for stretch goals, but I'd like to maybe see:

      -Cool way to store the cards
      -maybe addition of some sort of mystical element like magic or weird alchemy
      -support for larger size playing audience if possible
      -unique dice sets

      Just some ideas to throw out there :)

    47. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Yup! One Kickstarter exclusive card is already in the works (playtesting*100 in order to balance), and I will make sure all of your copies are more special than retail! :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Matt Stone

      Hi Harry -
      For stretch goals, I always like to see Kickstarter exclusives - something special for those of us who are here from the start (or second start)... Bonus cards, or even special colored dice - something to make our copies of the game better than the retail ones...

    49. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      The playmat will be made of polyester and rubber. It will be similar to Magic the Gather playmats, and to mousepad material. Like other playmats out there, It will be stain resistant. It will be stored separately; it is far more preferable for most players not to crumble the mat(s) into a game box each time.
      As for the design, that can be easily arranged if there's enough interest. Anyone else second the gladiator (3rd wall paper) as a playmat? Right now, comments on the update #1 itself leans towards having wall paper #4; but of course the opinion of those who will actually get the mats are the most important :)

    50. Missing avatar

      D. W. on

      Harry, what type of material will the playing mat be made out of? Has it been tested to resist staining and how will the material wear over time if it is being rolled up? Also, is the game box being designed so the mat is able to fit inside the game box, or will it have to be stored another way? As for the mat design, I think Wall Paper #3 (the reddish wallpaper with the warrior on the left side), would make for a super cool game mat. Thanks for you time in answering these questions. Sincerely, Daren Weiger

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