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Challenge your friends over the supremacy of a broken kingdom! Introducing new, fun and exciting mechanics that bring combat to life.
Challenge your friends over the supremacy of a broken kingdom! Introducing new, fun and exciting mechanics that bring combat to life.
163 backers pledged $9,073 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Yup! I actually backed that project myself and got a lot of dice coming my way! I've definitely talked a lot about that potential. There may be a bit of timing issue (DD6 delivery is late enough that including their dice may delay the delivery of WK, which I'm sure no one wants), but if that can be worked out, you'll see it as a Stretch goal for sure!

    2. Brett Smoot on

      Playing off Ferben have you seen double six dice that got done on kickstarter a couple month back. I know Matt has done custom dice for other projects.

    3. Adam Faber

      $1200 away! So close!

    4. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      First stretch goal announced! Any thoughts?

    5. Bryan Behl

      I checked out Red Dragon Lair thanks to your recommendation, Harry. I'm backing it now. Thanks for spreading the news. It was a great find.

    6. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Thanks Logan; you are right, it IS fun :D

      Speak of Logan, has everyone checked out his Kickstarter Red Dragon's Lair yet? 2 and half days to go, 1100% funded (that's right, not 110%, 1100%).

    7. Logan Montgomery Knight

      Harry I just increased my pledge to get a copy of your game! It looks like fun! :)

    8. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Play mats are for each player; but like any other game, you often get one for yourself and leave your competitor high and dry :) You can of course be a good host and get one for everyone! (The ultimate fan tier does that and more).

    9. Bryan Behl

      Excited about mystical stretch goals and custom playmats. Is one enough for a game or does each player need one?

    10. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Thanks Jon! Couldn't have said it better myself.

    11. Jon Deng on

      Harry! I love the Scout dog! I can't wait to get this game. We all need to help promote this so that it reaches its goal!

    12. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the feedback! Does anyone else want to jump on the some bandwagon? It is feasible to make custom playmats @$25 a piece if we have at least 10 orders.

    13. Nekosluagh (AKA Necroslug) on

      I don't know if it would be a possible stretch goal, but I would love to see the ability to have the other three wallpapers as play mats. I would love to get the picture of the woman with the pots as a playmat

    14. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Absolutely. Not silly at all! Top contenders include custom dice, additional cards (time permitting), the latter will be Kickstarter exclusive and contain new (mystical?) elements rather than something that's virtually same as what's already there.

    15. Missing avatar

      TheYaz on

      This may seem like a few silly ideas for stretch goals, but I'd like to maybe see:

      -Cool way to store the cards
      -maybe addition of some sort of mystical element like magic or weird alchemy
      -support for larger size playing audience if possible
      -unique dice sets

      Just some ideas to throw out there :)

    16. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Yup! One Kickstarter exclusive card is already in the works (playtesting*100 in order to balance), and I will make sure all of your copies are more special than retail! :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Matt Stone

      Hi Harry -
      For stretch goals, I always like to see Kickstarter exclusives - something special for those of us who are here from the start (or second start)... Bonus cards, or even special colored dice - something to make our copies of the game better than the retail ones...

    18. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      The playmat will be made of polyester and rubber. It will be similar to Magic the Gather playmats, and to mousepad material. Like other playmats out there, It will be stain resistant. It will be stored separately; it is far more preferable for most players not to crumble the mat(s) into a game box each time.
      As for the design, that can be easily arranged if there's enough interest. Anyone else second the gladiator (3rd wall paper) as a playmat? Right now, comments on the update #1 itself leans towards having wall paper #4; but of course the opinion of those who will actually get the mats are the most important :)

    19. Missing avatar

      D. W. on

      Harry, what type of material will the playing mat be made out of? Has it been tested to resist staining and how will the material wear over time if it is being rolled up? Also, is the game box being designed so the mat is able to fit inside the game box, or will it have to be stored another way? As for the mat design, I think Wall Paper #3 (the reddish wallpaper with the warrior on the left side), would make for a super cool game mat. Thanks for you time in answering these questions. Sincerely, Daren Weiger

    20. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      This is as good a place to announce as any:

      YES, I will be going to PAX East, for all 3 days. I'll spend at least half of the time in the free play area with Warring Kingdom on me; for those of you who haven't tried it yet, please come by and enjoy!

    21. Missing avatar

      Sean Faeth on

      Harry, are you going to PAX?

    22. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      The party just got that much hotter--24 hours in, more than half the fund raised! Let's keep the ball rolling....and ultra cool stretch goals are lining up to be claimed!

    23. Khoral on

      Joining the party, hoping for EU friendliness :D

    24. Harry Gao 2-time creator on


      Good question! I've been meaning to make the image of the playmat, but have been too busy with all the other stuff going on. I'll give you a brief description:
      1) It provides a nice playing surface
      2) it looks WICKED COOL
      3) it has informative infographics on them, telling you where to place dice, have basic rules added and visually shows you where your castle is in relation to other cards.

      All in all, functionally, it is great for new players; artistically, it'll be great for everyone to enjoy. That said, you can absolutely play without it.

      Yes, just add $25! I'll confirm all orders during the end-of-campaign clean up.

    25. Missing avatar

      D. W. on

      Harry, I did not type my questions out correctly in my last post. What does the play mat look like? What does the play mat add to the game? Do I just add an extra $25 to my pledge if I choose that I would like the play mat? Thanks again.

    26. Missing avatar

      D. W. on

      Harry, what does the play mat look like and does it what aspects does it add to the game? Also, if I should decide that I do want the play mat, do I just add $13 to my order? Thank you.

    27. Thantastic on

      It was a huge amount of fun, and I think it will have great replay value. There's a great balance between managing your economy and your military, and that in addition to the many possible outcomes of combat means that there's no silver bullet strategy or dominated gameplay that will always work. Depending on how aggressive the rest of the table is in one direction or the other, you have to really adapt to what's happening in the game at that moment, and you can absolutely manage yourself out of a weak position with bluffing and table talk.

      The other aspect I really enjoyed was the interaction between the strategic level of how you're building your deck, and the tactical level of how you place and manage your cards in combat. There is a lot of depth to the gameplay, and I think there's a ton of replay value. You should definitely be excited to play this Nyren.

    28. Eric Hertica on

      Great to see such a good start to the campaign!

    29. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      @everyone who has tried the game in person:

      Nyren thinks it looks fun; what do you all think? ^.^

    30. Naomi Nabbit on

      Thanks again! This game looks fun. :)

    31. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      8 at the moment. I'm weighing two more cards, but need to playtest a lot more to make sure everything I introduce remains perfectly balanced. Quality over quantity!

    32. Naomi Nabbit on

      Thanks! Also, how many unique cards are in the expansion?

    33. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Hi Nyren! Everyone is a new backer, just some local gamers had a chance to preview it at conventions :)

      The cards are a subset of all the cards in the game. Income cards, the Castle and a couple others weren't included; obviously dice, merchant markers and other non-card components aren't on the list either. Also, there are multiple copies of each unique card in the game.

      Thank you for backing! AMA!

    34. Naomi Nabbit on

      Hi! New backer here with a question. Are the cards listed in the kickstarter page all of the cards in the base game, or just a sample?

    35. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      @Jon Thank you! It was great meeting you at TotalCon as well! Great to see familiar faces in the cyber world :)

    36. Jon Deng on

      It was great to meet you at Total Con! I wish you the best on this project and cant wait to get my copy!

    37. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Glad to hear! Yes, 3/8 way there in the first 11 hours....I'm quite optimistic. I haven't even bugged my friends yet! :D

    38. Duane Crago "Skyrek"

      @Harry LOL Oh, I plan to keep in this unless I absolutely can't find a way. I just finished looking over the budget and right now I think I will still be able to manage keeping in. Let's get this thing funded this time :D

    39. Harry Gao 2-time creator on

      Big thank you to all the backers (53 and counting, 9 hours in!)

      @Mattew & Nathaniel
      If you guys loved the prototype, you'll be even more psyched to see the final product!
      Priorities. Game > Food :)
      Why yes, my loyalest backer, yes it is still super terrific fabulous. =)

    40. Thantastic on

      Great to see the launch and the strong initial response. I've loved playing this game at TempleCon and TotalCon and can't wait to get my own copy.

    41. Ray Smith on

      Wellll, I dunnooo. Is it still super terrific fabulous?

      Best wishes.

    42. Duane Crago "Skyrek"

      Hi Harry! Good to see it back. Timing is a bit bad for me so I'll see how it goes by time it is ending, but backing for now and hopefully can afford to stay :)

    43. Matthew White on

      Nice to see you again. (: My gaming group enjoyed the game a lot, so I guess I'm back. =P