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Search & Restore is going to build the greatest point of discovery to the new jazz scene, and show the world how incredible the music truly is.
591 backers pledged $76,822 to help bring this project to life.

Huge thanks to ! We're at 99 Backers!

Firstly, a BIG BIG thank you to, their UCommunity program has sponsored Search & Restore and contributed to the free printing of brochures to advertise our cause, so if you have any printing needs please head over to , they've been incredibly supportive and do great things for the non-profit community.

We're at 99 backers! Don't you want to be the 100th backer? Yes, yes you do! Expect another great video from us in the next week, but for now, musicians from all over are contributing their 25 seconds to the cause, watch the videos here:

Thanks for the support, we're well on our way, keep telling people and we'll reach our goal!


Are you a musician? Help us spread the word by filming a 25 Second improvisation!

It's easy and if everyone does it and posts it on their facebook page, it will bring our fundraiser to tons of new people! Just write "" on a piece of paper, hold it up in front of the camera, then improvise for 25 seconds.

call the video: 25 Seconds for $25,

and in the video description write:
"Film your own video of a 25 second improvised duet to help Search & Restore raise $75,000 to document the new jazz scene for the next year, donate $25 at!
Copy and paste this message for your own video's description and make your own welcome sign."

It will inspire your friends to make their own 25 second blasts and help spread the word. We can do this! 3,000 people give $25, we're there. Let's make it happen!

watch my video at :


The Village Voice gives our Kickstarter love! + Vijay Iyer now on the compilation

Journalist Rob Harvilla wrote a great post for the Village Voice about our fundrasier. Check it out here:

Today is day one and we're already off to a great start.

Also I'm proud to announce the addition of Vijay Iyer to the list of artists featured on the compilation you receive for donating $25 or more.

More to come! And if you want to support Search & Restore in person, we have two great concerts happening this weekend

October 15th: Bobby Previte’s Coalition of the Willing + Jeremy Udden’s Plainville
October 16th: Mike Reed’s People Places & Things + Darius Jones Trio

both are at 45 Bleecker, 10 PM. Come hang out and enjoy the amazing music!