The purpose to make this out of plastic is to drive down the cost per item.  Making an item out of plastic has a very large setup fee.  I have a required minimum of 1,000 units.  

Costs are as follows:

Tooling: at least $26,000 probably closer to $30,000                             Unit Cost: $23/unit                                                                                    Shipping: $10/unit

1,000 x 33 = $33,000 + $30,000 = $63,000

10% charge from Kickstarter & Amazon = $6,300

Final = $69,300 + $10,000 (to cover the unseen & shipping to people who have ordered the product.)  = approx $79,000 

Product will be made in China by a toy company which makes toys out of plastic.  A reputable marketing company (VOX Marketing Group) is overseeing the manufacturing of the Chinese company.

Risks and challenges

Challenges: getting a high quality product from the factory in China delivered to me.

How I will overcome: I won't pull the trigger unless the sample I get is of the highest quality. I'm working with VOX because they have experience getting stuff made in China.

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