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I want to bring to you a quality 336 page full color hardback book containing most of my painted and drawn art over the last 40 years.
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Larry Elmore

2,097 backers pledged $299,914 to help bring this project to life.

Last day for the Imagined SnarfQuest Kickstarter.

If you all did not get your copy, now is the time. There are only a few hours left.

And this is the best news, Imagined has graciously said they will unlock all of the stretch goals up to the 50K mark. This means that you get a HARDBACK - Yeah Baby!!!

It also means that the two color stories will be in color, and I will be doing a new cover for this book. Thank you all for your support of ole Snarf over years. I look forward to future generations enjoying this beautiful HARDBACK 30th anniversary edition for years to come.

If you have not picked up your copy, here is the link. It ends today, so don't wait.

Thanks, Larry

SnarfQuest T-Shirts and how to get 'em

Not sure if you have seen this, but for the Kickstarter that Imagined Interprises is doing for my SnarfQuest, they are making T-Shirts - and they are doing 2 different versions! This is the first time shirts have been made for ole Snarf, and if you would like one, the only way you can get either of these is through this campaign.

They have also added a way for you to get these, as well as any of the other add-ons that are exclusive to their campaign, without having to pledge to get a copy of the book. Just pledge at the $1 level, add $5 to cover shipping ($15 outside of the U.S.), and then just pick whatever add-ons you want - including these cool T-Shirts! - and add whatever they cost. For more details, click here.

Please help them reach their stretch goals so they will be able to produce of Hardback version of SnarfQuest.

Thanks, Larry

SarfQuest2 and the 30th anniversary edition of SnarfQuest


Just got back from Jordancon, and I wanted to update everyone.

There was some back and forth about the SnarfQuest 2 book that I Kickstarted back in December/January. I just wanted to say, everyone who contributed to that campaign WILL get at least what you ordered, that is for certain. Once the Kickstarter campaign that Imagined is running for my 30Th anniversary edition of SnarfQuest has finished, we will look at the numbers. Depending on what we are able to offer, and what Imagined is able to produce, I will see about giving everyone who contributed to my SnarfQuest2 Kickstarter the option to upgrade, if you want, at no additional cost.

If you have not checked out the 30th anniversary edition of SnarfQuest that Imagined has produced for me, you should! They have done an amazing job of revitalizing my work. Plus, they are creating a wonderful version the likes of which has never been done. This is wonderful for all the SnarfQuest fans out there.

BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! I would really like to see my 30th anniversary SnarfQuest book as a Hardback. The only way that will happen is if Imagined raises enough money to produce it. Please, check it out and see if it’s something you would like to own. It would also mean a lot to me if you would share this on your own social media platforms.

Here is the link:


One more comment about the Snarfquest Kickstarter campaign that is running now

Project Update #16: Larry Elmore Posted by Larry Elmore ♥ Like One more thing, I think the new SnarfQuest 30th Anniversary Kickstarter that is going on now will be offering the new remastered Snarfquest graphic novel plus the new 64 page color graphic novel all in one book...and maybe hardback as well.....I hope everyone is not totally mixed up about My kickstarter here and the one that is going on now. I knew they were remastering the original Snarfquest graphic novel with everything they could put in it, but I didn't know exactly when they were going to start their campaign....and I was wanting to finish the big color story that I had started and never got to my schedule worked out so that I could finish the story and make a new 64 page color graphic novel ---that was my kickstarter here, and of course we had some add-ons and extras. What we are trying to do is to make it the best for all people that backed either or both campaigns. I want you to have ALL of Snarfquest at the best quality that we can make.

Info on new Snarfquest Kickstarter campaign running now


There is a new SnarfQuest kickstarter book going on now....I am working with the company that is doing it, we are friends, so I am backing this 100% The info about this kickstarter campaign is below, but first I have some info for the people that backed this project. Since this new kickstarter is remastering the old Snarfquest Graphic novel and adding the color strips published in Dragon Magazine and an older color strip, I want you guys to get a chance at getting this book instead of the older version that I have been selling at conventions and on my website. So everyone that ordered the "add on" from this (my) SnarfQuest 64 page Graphic novel,Kickstarterc campaign---which included (as an add-on) the complete graphic novel and the new 64 page color graphic novel in one book---you will get this NEW REMASTERED original graphic novel with the color strips and also the NEW 64 page color version. I felt there is no need to reprint the old graphic novel with some mistakes and my bad lettering but instead give you this new remastered version for the "add on" that was here in this campaign. God, I hope you understand what I am trying to say.....I am trying to make it better for YOU GUYS that got the old version graphic novel add on from this kickstarter.....understand?? :) If you have been a fan of SnarfQuest, you know that several versions of it have been published before. However, none of them have been complete. In addition, most of the original pages are gone due to either being lost or sold to collectors. So, the only surviving files are old, having been scanned in nearly two decades ago. What we have done here at Imagined Interprises is to take these files and digitally remaster them. We have spent the past nine months working on this project, and we couldn’t be happier with what we’ve accomplished. One of Larry's requirements was that he wanted us to remove all of his hand-written text and replace it digitally. You can see in this example how we have tried to ensure that our replacement text closely matches Larry’s original. We would like to thank our friends at for their wonderful fonts! Another stipulation was to do an editing pass on everything, as this project has never been professionally edited. All of this put a lot of pressure on us. I mean, this is a friggin’ fantasy icon for cryin’ out loud! How much do we fix? How much do we leave intact? How much do we edit? All of these questions weighed heavily on the shoulders of each of us working on this project. In the end, we are proud of what we now present to the world. Yes, for the first time in print, the entire original SnarfQuest story. This is everything that originally appeared in Dragon Magazine, all in one volume. And not just the black and white stories, but both of the color stories that were done after the main story was finished. As of now, we have taken those color stories and cleaned them up to be printed in gray scale. However, if we reach our stretch goals for them, they will be printed in full color. The book is all 207 pages of the Black and White that appeared in Dragon Magazine, plus the 10 page Werewolf story, the 5 page Birds & Bats story, and several stand-alone pieces of SnarfQuest artwork that Larry has done for this series over the years for a total of right at 230 pages. This will include the original cover artwork inside the book, if we reach the goal of having Larry do a brand new cover. SnarfQuest 30th Anniversary Remastered Graphic Novel Larry Elmore's original SnarfQuest story for the first time in one complete graphic novel, digitally remastered with exclusive swag. 6 Update #14 Apr 2 2014 Larry Elmore 3 comments Like 21 likes Ok, folks, today, I started back writing, continuing the new SnarfQuest story. I really enjoy this is going to be fun!! Update #13 Jan 19 2014 Thank you Guys 3 comments Like 6 likes I want to thank everyone for making this Kickstarter campaign a successful one. I was very exxcited to see that we greatly surpassed our goal. We set our goal at $16,000 and knew we actually had to make more than that to be able to complete our goals. I had faith in you guys and we did it. Again, I want to thank everyone for all their help!!! Larry Elmore Update #12 - For backers only Jan 16 2014 CHANGE OF ADDRESS for BACKERS ONLY!!! Comment Liked 6 likes If you have a change of address before this product ships, please send your new home address to (You will get an email back letting you know we received it.) The miniatures will ship first; you will get them a few months before the SnarfQuest: New Adventures book is printed--- most likely in April or May. (I'll let you know if anything changes.) If you move in between the shipping of the minis and the book, just let us know you have gotten your minis when filling out the change of address. If I can get the Snarf book done early, I will. Believe me, I can't wait to get this thing finished and move on to the big Elmore Black & White art book due out next holiday season! Thank You! Larry Elmore