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I want to bring to you a quality 336 page full color hardback book containing most of my painted and drawn art over the last 40 years.
I want to bring to you a quality 336 page full color hardback book containing most of my painted and drawn art over the last 40 years.
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We are excited to announce the launch of A NEW, STREAMLINED WEBPAGE for fans of Larry's art. Faster, stronger, better than ever before! Check it out at The store is active--many of Larry's more popular prints are available in a variety of sizes. You can now order Larry's Complete Elmore full-color art book, his 30th Anniversary SnarfQuest art book, and both hardcover and softcover versions his new SnarfQuest graphic novel, "Danger on the Mystical Plains of Sashaar" through his webpage as well. Pre-orders for his Complete Elmore Volume II: Black & White art will be available soon!


And don't miss out on Cellbloc Studios' SNARFQUEST TALES point-and-click adventure game Kickstarter. It is currently 99% funded and closing this weekend at DragonCon in Atlanta. If you're a fan of Snarf and computer adventure games, make your pledge today!

General Elmore News


Larry is in the Windy City this weekend!

Wizard World Chicago: If you're visiting Wizard World Chicago this week, don't forget to say hi to Larry Elmore. He'll be at the Elmore Productions booth every day between Thursday, August 20 and Sunday, August 23.

SnarfQuest Tales Kickstarter Updates

If you're a fan of Larry's SnarfQuest comic strip in Dragon Magazine and/or a computer gamer, don't miss out on the SnarfQuest Tales point-and-click game Kickstarter now live. This is being run by James Simpson, a long-time fan of Snarf and friend of Larry. Here's a roundup of recent updates:

  • Jon Bailey: The voice of Honest Trailers, Jon Bailey, has joined the SnarfQuest Tales team to provide in-game character voiceovers. You can see more of Jon's work on YouTube: .
  • New SnarfQuest Tales Kickstarter Rewards:We've added three new limited tiers of original, published Larry Elmore SnarfQuest art to our Kickstarter campaign. If you want some SnarfQuest art to call your own, visit our Kickstarter at
  • New SnarfQuest Tales Kickstarter Add-Ons: Due to popular demand, we've added the set of 11 SnarfQuest miniatures as a $20 add-on to the Kickstarter campaign. Visit the Kickstarter project at for more details.

    FINAL HOURS on the sister book campaign!


    We are down to the final few hours on Larry's Complete Elmore Volume II: Black & White Kickstarter campaign. The project has done very well, achieving stretch goals for an expanded book printed in the USA, a studio open house in 2016 and a number of bonus prints (I think we'll hit the full 15 prints before this closes.) Larry is thrilled!

    If you haven't pledged yet, there's still time to get in! The project closes at 12 noon EST (4 pm UTC) on June 11th. The Kickstarter price on the standard hardback edition books ($49) is 33% off the price he will have it for at conventions and through his web page ($75). The campaign sales gives him an idea of what quantity to have printed, and the more he prints the cheaper the per-unit cost is, ere the discount. After the campaign, the costs of storing, managing and transporting inventory factor in and he will ask full price from then on.

    The slipcase being offered through this Kickstarter is also exclusive to backers--Larry will only order what we need plus a few spares to cover lost/damaged mailings. Slipcases will NOT be available after this campaign.

    Larry is still planning to order the full run of 500 limited edition leatherback books. The extras not spoken for by backers of this campaign will likely be made available at conventions until they run out.

    Thanks again for your interest in Larry's art and projects! This is very likely his last Kickstarter project for some years. He does have in mind a more story-oriented book sometime down the road, but nothing in the near future. The best way to stay current with Larry is to find him on Facebook, either follow him directly:

    or follow his official fan page:

    We are working on a new website that will feature an active blog where Larry can post about his current projects, convention appearances and things like that, plus have an easy-to-use store for ordering prints and books, hopefully live around July:

    Best Wishes, and thanks again! --Larry and staff.

    Complete Elmore Volume II: Black & White Campaign NEARING FINAL WEEK!


    The Complete Elmore Volume II: Black & White Kickstarter is nearing its final week! The project has had a strong launch, and there's still time to jump on board!

    Tomorrow (Tuesday, June 2nd) at 12:00 pm EST (4 pm UTC) we will be adding several new packages. Ten will include an 8" x 10" NON-COMMISSION original drawing. "Non-commission" means it's pot-luck. It will be whatever comes out of Larry's brain when he sits down to do it. It may be pencil, ink or a combination. It may be a girl, a guy, a dragon head, a critter, etc. Some samples of drawings Larry did as part of the color art book campaign are included below. These packages all include "The Works". Larry intends to include the drawing with the book shipped in October, but as October is on the tail end of convention season he may have to mail it separate if they don't get done in time.

    Sample drawings from Complete Elmore campaign
    Sample drawings from Complete Elmore campaign

    Five new packages will feature an 18" x 24" fully rendered "lightly commissioned" single-figure drawing. By "lightly-commissioned" Larry means he will accept a simple fantasy or sci-fi suggestion from the backer, such as "sexy elf girl" or "dragon in flight" or "plate-armored cleric guy" or "Shadowrun guy with dual pistols" but not complex character descriptions, specific or especially copyrighted characters. For example, he will not accept "Everquest girl" or "Sturm from Dragonlance" or "Zelda". As these will be a large part of his new work into next year, Larry wants these to be drawings he can make prints of to sell at conventions. The lighter the suggestion the better. Ideally, tell him, "Do something cool." All of these packages will include "The Works". IMPORTANT!!! --THIS DRAWING WILL NOT BE STARTED UNTIL 2016-- The other package rewards will ship in October like everyone else's, but the drawing will be completed and shipped separately sometime next year. International backers at this level will not be asked to pay additional postage for this separate 2016 mailing of the drawing, only the amount for shipping the books and print.

    As always, you can easily adjust your existing pledge level by logging into Kickstarter, clicking the blue "Manage" button next to your pledge and then selecting your new reward level. Best of luck if you decide to go for one of these new pledge levels. As always, Larry thanks you for your support of his projects and we are thrilled to be bringing to you another awesome, high-quality book.



    I have found more than 600 drawings I’d like to include in this book, from rough sketches to finished drawings. Some are pencil, some are ink, and some are a combination. These span my full 40 year career, from my TSR days through last week! Some are sketches and drawings used as the basis for some of my more famous paintings, but many you've probably never seen before. This book, being the sister book to that first one, will be the same 9" x 12" size and encompass 256 pages. Depending on your pledge amount, you can own this book as a standard coffee-table hardback edition, or a deluxe leather-bound limited edition; as well as other bonuses, such as special prints, a Complete Elmore slipcase for both books, or even the original drawing used for the cover itself.

    I want to make it clear that this book is being published by me, Larry Elmore, and is being assembled, packaged and shipped by only three people: my wife, Betty, my friend, Gary Triplett, and myself. Betty is an unbelievably hard worker when it comes to packaging and shipping these books. She’s a morning person, so she’s constantly pushing us to get an earlier start on each day and get done before midnight! Gary has been a special help with the editing and order fulfillment on my first Kickstarter project, the full-color Complete Elmore. He also helped me on my SnarfQuest New Adventure Kickstarter: The Plains of Sashaar, with editing, coloring, layout and order fulfillment. He is continuing to help me in all aspects of this project as well. Gary not only has a Master’s degree in IT, he also taught English as a professor at a Korean University for ten years and is currently writing his own series of fantasy books… all of which makes him a great editor.

    The leatherback edition of this book is limited to 500 and is only going to be available through this Kickstarter. The standard hardcover edition of the book is being made available at a special Kickstarter price, but after the Kickstarter will be made available through my website ( and conventions for the retail price of $75. I want to say one more thing, and this is very important to me. YOU are helping me realize my dream of bringing this collection of almost all my artwork, throughout my career, to you, my fans. You guys have been instrumental in my long successful career as an illustrator.