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I want to bring to you a quality 336 page full color hardback book containing most of my painted and drawn art over the last 40 years.
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Larry Elmore

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I have found more than 600 drawings I’d like to include in this book, from rough sketches to finished drawings. Some are pencil, some are ink, and some are a combination. These span my full 40 year career, from my TSR days through last week! Some are sketches and drawings used as the basis for some of my more famous paintings, but many you've probably never seen before. This book, being the sister book to that first one, will be the same 9" x 12" size and encompass 256 pages. Depending on your pledge amount, you can own this book as a standard coffee-table hardback edition, or a deluxe leather-bound limited edition; as well as other bonuses, such as special prints, a Complete Elmore slipcase for both books, or even the original drawing used for the cover itself.

I want to make it clear that this book is being published by me, Larry Elmore, and is being assembled, packaged and shipped by only three people: my wife, Betty, my friend, Gary Triplett, and myself. Betty is an unbelievably hard worker when it comes to packaging and shipping these books. She’s a morning person, so she’s constantly pushing us to get an earlier start on each day and get done before midnight! Gary has been a special help with the editing and order fulfillment on my first Kickstarter project, the full-color Complete Elmore. He also helped me on my SnarfQuest New Adventure Kickstarter: The Plains of Sashaar, with editing, coloring, layout and order fulfillment. He is continuing to help me in all aspects of this project as well. Gary not only has a Master’s degree in IT, he also taught English as a professor at a Korean University for ten years and is currently writing his own series of fantasy books… all of which makes him a great editor.

The leatherback edition of this book is limited to 500 and is only going to be available through this Kickstarter. The standard hardcover edition of the book is being made available at a special Kickstarter price, but after the Kickstarter will be made available through my website ( and conventions for the retail price of $75. I want to say one more thing, and this is very important to me. YOU are helping me realize my dream of bringing this collection of almost all my artwork, throughout my career, to you, my fans. You guys have been instrumental in my long successful career as an illustrator.

Black & White Volume II LAUNCHED!


Thank you for your support for this first Kickstarter project of mine, the Complete Elmore color art book. I wanted to let you know that I have just launched a Kickstarter for the sister book to this one, the Complete Elmore Volume II: Black & White!

This book is being offered at the same 9" x 12" size and also in hardback and leatherbound versions. We are funded and already close to our first stretch goal! This project also features a slipcase to house both books. I hope we will soon bust through the goal of increasing size to the same 336 pages as the color book.

Don't miss out, and thanks again for your encouragement and support! It means a lot to me.



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Last day for the Imagined SnarfQuest Kickstarter.

If you all did not get your copy, now is the time. There are only a few hours left.

And this is the best news, Imagined has graciously said they will unlock all of the stretch goals up to the 50K mark. This means that you get a HARDBACK - Yeah Baby!!!

It also means that the two color stories will be in color, and I will be doing a new cover for this book. Thank you all for your support of ole Snarf over years. I look forward to future generations enjoying this beautiful HARDBACK 30th anniversary edition for years to come.

If you have not picked up your copy, here is the link. It ends today, so don't wait.

Thanks, Larry

SnarfQuest T-Shirts and how to get 'em

Not sure if you have seen this, but for the Kickstarter that Imagined Interprises is doing for my SnarfQuest, they are making T-Shirts - and they are doing 2 different versions! This is the first time shirts have been made for ole Snarf, and if you would like one, the only way you can get either of these is through this campaign.

They have also added a way for you to get these, as well as any of the other add-ons that are exclusive to their campaign, without having to pledge to get a copy of the book. Just pledge at the $1 level, add $5 to cover shipping ($15 outside of the U.S.), and then just pick whatever add-ons you want - including these cool T-Shirts! - and add whatever they cost. For more details, click here.

Please help them reach their stretch goals so they will be able to produce of Hardback version of SnarfQuest.

Thanks, Larry