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World's best salsa and BBQ sauce, made by one man!
World's best salsa and BBQ sauce, made by one man!
101 backers pledged $3,067 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Drew on November 6, 2013

      Hey Drew, looks like from your Facebook, Twitter, and website that you are back up and running. Are you still planning on shipping products to your backers? Or providing refunds?

    2. Missing avatar

      Drew on September 30, 2013

      I know it's been a while, but any chance there are still refunds / salsa that may be going out? Hope things have turned around for you, Drew.

    3. Missing avatar

      Anant on June 13, 2013

      Oh wow I didn't realize people were still waiting for a refund. I placed an order on Drews website last week but have not heard anything back or received anything.

    4. Missing avatar

      Andres Chabur on June 7, 2013

      I am sure I am not alone in this when I say that I am still waiting on my refund or my salsa, the latter would be better. I also see your website is still taking orders so that would make me assume that you are still selling the product therefore could fulfill my order or refund my money. I have sent you a few e-mails and received no response. A reply would be appreciated.

    5. Missing avatar

      Anant on May 13, 2013

      I keep checking every week or so hoping you decide to get back into the salsa business. The hot pineapple salsa was without a doubt the greatest salsa I've ever had in my life. I wish I could afford to just hire you every month to make me salsa.

    6. Missing avatar

      Drew Kuchera (deleted) Creator on May 6, 2013

      I appreciate the nice comments. I'm going to try and save up to start this business over. Obviously my products taste very well. It's just hard running a business alone with little money. Refunds are still being dispersed. Thanks everyone.

    7. Missing avatar

      Div3r5ity on April 15, 2013

      wtf! your hot salsa is the bomb! i havent even got to try the hot pineapple or mango yet but i know its gonna be good. i'm going to need more! you can't do this to me! sad. my prayers go out to you and your family.

    8. Tina Tipton
      on April 4, 2013

      Drew, I am so sorry for your troubles.

      Maybe something miraculous will happen: a small business loan suddenly popping up- you'd think with how many people enjoy your product that it would be a simple decision for a bank to help you out. You've already gotten the FDA approval, etc.

      My thoughts are with you and your family.

    9. Missing avatar

      Anant on March 5, 2013

      That's a real shame to hear. Drew's Hot Pineapple salsa was the best salsa I have ever had in my life and was waiting to order more after all KS backers had gotten theirs. I'm actually saddened that I won't be able to have anymore. I can't even fathom having to go back to regular store salsa.

    10. Missing avatar

      Drew Kuchera (deleted) Creator on March 5, 2013

      Things are not smooth at all and I'm sad to say, that my business is coming to an end. Please everyone who hasn't received their order, give me your email so I can issue a refund. It may take awhile, because I'm near homeless at the moment. Sorry for everything.

    11. Missing avatar

      Drew on March 4, 2013

      Hi Drew,
      Hopefully things are going smoothly for you - just wanted to see if you're still working through orders here, and if we can expect to see some salsa soon!

    12. Missing avatar

      TD Hathcock on February 23, 2013

      Sorry forthe repeat comment drew, I did not see your response.

    13. Missing avatar

      Drew Kuchera (deleted) Creator on February 9, 2013

      Thank you for the kind words!

    14. Frank on February 9, 2013

      Hey Drew! I just wanted to drop in and say that I am loving my jar of salsa that I got! Very tasty! We have been using it for our quesadillas as well and they too come out delicious. I intend to purchase more once we run out. Job well done.

    15. Missing avatar

      Drew Kuchera (deleted) Creator on February 8, 2013

      If you like, I could email you a picture!

      I have also temporarily cancelled my website until I can get these shipped. I'm not out to screw anyone over, I'm going to ship your product. The product is made and is awaiting shipment. There's about 10 more shipments from this site needing shipped. They will arrive soon. I appreciate your patience TD.

    16. Missing avatar

      Drew Kuchera (deleted) Creator on February 8, 2013

      Well kind sir, I had stores and website orders previous to this project, so yes, it's been rather busy. I also had a child, so that's quite busy. Most orders here have been shipped, the others are sitting in the kitchen ready to be shipped. Once I get back to the kitchen, they will be shipped. Sorry for your dissapointment, but I can assure you, your package will arrive. Have a great day.

    17. Missing avatar

      TD Hathcock on February 8, 2013

      It's dissapointing to read that all these other backers have gone through "6 jars" and I have not even seen mine yet?

      You were funded in September, it is now February. Looks like to me all the focus is being placed on website orders or other places rather than those of us who helped get this started.


    18. Missing avatar

      Anant on January 24, 2013

      I've gone through all 6 jars. Hot Pineapple is definitely my favorite. Will be reordering soon from Kuchera website. But I don't want to skip ahead in the line before all KS backers get theirs first. So will wait it out a few weeks till hopefully the remainder KS backers get theirs.

    19. Missing avatar

      Drew Kuchera (deleted) Creator on January 16, 2013

      Hey guys! Been crazy around here. I'm headed back to the certified kitchen this weekend again, will arrive soon. Thanks so much for your patience.

    20. Missing avatar

      Drew on January 16, 2013

      I was also wondering when to expect my jars - I'm getting jealous!

    21. Raj Kochhar on January 11, 2013

      Hi, Just wondering if I should expect to receive mine soon?

    22. Missing avatar

      Anant on January 3, 2013

      Thanks Drew, and you got a repeat customer here.

      I know some people are upset about how long it took to get theirs. I see your side and I see their side also. Very rarely does a kickstarter project deliver on time. I think the key to keeping everyone happy is giving them regular updates either through your project page or personal emails. In your case, I think the best course of action would have been to email each one of your backers and giving them an approximate date of when they could expect their salsas. If you know you can make X amount of day dedicated for Kickstarter backers, then you could just run through your list telling everyone when their turn will be coming up.

      Either way thanks for the salsa. Really enjoyed it. Tonight I'll be having Chipotle and adding your salsa instead of theirs.

    23. Missing avatar

      Drew Kuchera (deleted) Creator on January 3, 2013

      Glad to hear. Every product I make is cooked and canned for a safe shelf life of at least two years. You only need to put them in the fridge after opening the jar, and they will still last a few months after opened. Unopened jars can be stored on the counter for a few years, but to get the most nutrition out of the products, I recommend eating them within 1 year. After 1 year, nutrition decreases.

    24. Missing avatar

      Anant on January 3, 2013

      Finally got mine yesterday and immediately had it. Was pretty good. Was out of town for about 2 weeks so it was sitting at the Post Office. Drew i may have asked this before but what is the shelf life of unopened salsa bottles? I just stuck them all in the refrigerator as it will take me a while to go through 6 bottles.

    25. Missing avatar

      Drew Kuchera (deleted) Creator on December 25, 2012

      Thanks Justin. Future orders can be placed on my website ... I guarantee they won't take months to arrive now that I am caught up. :)

    26. Missing avatar

      Justin Dube on December 25, 2012

      I just got mine in today and it is amazing, I will definitely be buying more!

    27. Missing avatar

      Drew Kuchera (deleted) Creator on December 21, 2012

      Awesome guys, thanks! Many more deliveries should arrive Today and tomorrow...some Monday as well...been busy as heck keeping up with website orders too. Appreciate the patience!

    28. Amanda W on December 21, 2012

      No joke this stuff is Amazing....
      I got the hot Pineapple. I have been adding it to everything. Put a tablespoon into ramen noodles and it gave it an amazing kick. I love it's sweet and spicy flavor.
      Then just plain BBQ sauce, it is not... I love it. I baked some chicken added a little at the end (have to conserve) so redic good..
      Great job on an a really good product. It was totally worth the wait. I am so pleased I backed you.

    29. Tina Tipton
      on December 20, 2012

      Congratulations on the new baby, Drew!!! Boy or girl?

      Concerning the delivery date from this campaign; I had a strong feeling it wouldn't be September, so I'm good with waiting :)

      I think you are missing a great opportunity for reaching out to all 101 of us at once- send an Update once in a while. A wonderful tool provided by Kickstarter; It goes out to everyone and keeps them, well, updated.

      It's just human nature to start to worry when you don't hear something. Part of Life's Rich Pattern, as my sainted mother would say.

      I know when my order arrives I'll be very pleased, especially after reading the comments from others who've had a nibble or 10 from their orders. If not by Xmas, in time for festive BBQs. Which in Sunny Cal, can be any old time.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jessa on December 18, 2012

      I ordered a couple of jars for my father as a present, the hot salsa and mild pineapple salsa! He's always been fond of trying different ones, and really loves this one. It was a fantastic present for him and I certainly hope that I'll be able to order more in the future, after the Christmas season when I actually am able to. Thank you so much for your hard work on this, and I'm so glad you started this Kickstarter! I wouldn't have had the opportunity to order anything otherwise.

    31. Missing avatar

      Drew Kuchera (deleted) Creator on December 17, 2012

      Thanks for the review LA!

    32. Missing avatar

      LA on December 17, 2012

      I received my Salsa & BBQ sauce over the weekend. It was packaged very well and you can tell the ingredients are much better than that of the typical store bought salsa. I ordered the hot salsa but found it a little too sweet for my taste.

    33. Missing avatar

      Drew Kuchera (deleted) Creator on December 16, 2012

      Arrives by Christmas! Thanks for your patience.

    34. Missing avatar

      Scott Snow
      on December 16, 2012

      Has mine shipped yet. I was hoping to serve some and give some away as Christmas presents.

    35. Missing avatar

      Drew Kuchera (deleted) Creator on December 15, 2012

      Drew Kuchera
      Saturday Dec 15, 8:40pm EST
      Jay, 101 customers might seem small to you, but some of them ordered as many as 12 jars each. Being on a bicycle, I am limited to things in life such as picking up a pallet of mason jars, delivering products to stores and post offices, hauling home hundreds of pounds of fresh produce, etc. in addition to the 101 orders from kickstarter, I also have to keep stores stocked, maintain website sales (in a timely manner as you indicated), host and sell at craft shows, as well as try to enjoy my free time, which rarely happens when I'm constantly making products and planning my next move, being on a bicycle or not. Tis the season for Christmas, which means I average about 6 jars each day, that must be delivered by Christmas or I don't get return customers. Mind you, each of my products takes time and money to make and a well thought out plan must be had to keep things operational. The delivery date was scheduled October, yes, I wish I could have gotten your order done faster, but I wasn't prepared for stores to keep selling out, threatening me not to stock my product again. Every order is important to me; no order gets special attention compared to others. On a personal level, and you might not like this, but I honestly don't need customers like you telling me how to run my business. I appreciate your support, but will not tolerate the disrespect. If you think it's easy, try it yourself. On another personal and business level, I will be mailing out your package with extra product, because I believe in 110% customer satisfaction. I realize there is a slim chance you'll order again, but that's my policy and I stick to it. I can't afford to hire someone. There's a lot more to a salsa business than you understand. Each product of mine costs $750 to be FDA certified. That's just one scenario, I could go on all night. At the end of the day, I sleep well knowing my sauces and salsas have supplied 33 states and 5 countries, multiple stores, been on radio and television, hit front page news, on and on. And doing it on a bicycle. If you aren't able to comprehend how much work and effort it takes me, then go buy pace. Thanks, your salsa package will arrive soon. -drew Kuchera. MFCEO of kucheras.

    36. Missing avatar

      Drew Kuchera (deleted) Creator on December 15, 2012

      Report Spam
      Saturday Dec 15, 7:54pm EST
      I was going to post this as a public comment but I decided I didn't want to drag down your public profile. I have to say that I am rather disappointed in this Kickstarter. I understand that you didn't start this to build up your business and you wanted to get your product out there for folks to try. But at the end of the day, it just seems like this whole project was rather pointless. So you get people all over the country to try your stuff and they love it. But how are you going to scale your operation? I think you said you're stocked in two physical locations currently and you got 101 new backers as a part of this kickstarter, yet you cannot meet even the increased demand from this small additional group of people. Who is taking priority right now, your web order customers, your store stocking requirements, or your kickstarter backers? If you produce 6 jars, how are those six going to be assigned to your pool of customers? If I place an order on your web site, will I get my sauces in the next six months? Kickstarter folks may be patient but I can assure you that regular customers won't be. Your stuff could be the greatest stuff on earth but if I can't get it within a few days (or at most a week or two) of placing my order, I'll order somewhere else.

      And the whole schtick about only being one guy doing all this stuff is, frankly, a dodge. Your delivery date for the kickstarter said September/October. It's now the middle of December and you're still shipping out to the group of 100. Let's accept your statement on its face that you didn't realize the delivery date until after you'd initiated the project. Your first update should have been to say that so people knew what to expect. And given that you just had your baby, you had to have known your wife was pregnant when you started this project. I really question why you decided to do this when you did - perhaps you could have waited until next year rather than trying to juggle your normal demand plus the kickstarter demands plus a new baby? Or at the least hire some help to deal with the increased demand and decreased time?

      All in all, I've basically written off the money I've invested in this kickstarter. I hope you figure out how you're going to grow your business, but from what I've seen so far, I don't hold a ton of confidence in that. If I ever get my sauces, great. I'll judge them on their merits and you may be right - they may be the greatest sauces on earth. But given how long it took to get them, I probably won't ever order them again.

      The sad thing is that this bad experience was my first investment in a food project and, based on this, I'll probably not invest in another food project again

    37. Missing avatar

      Drew Kuchera (deleted) Creator on December 15, 2012

      Appreciate the kind comments and I am glad each of you new customers like my products. The hate mail continues to come in. I'll post it public and respond accordingly.

    38. Elizabeth Ray on December 15, 2012

      I received mine today. Looks good, wish I had not eaten lunch before the mail man came, LOL! Thanks so much!

    39. Missing avatar

      matt wilson on December 13, 2012

      Awesome got mine. A+ well done Drew. Glad to see a small biz from Kansas succeeding.

    40. Missing avatar

      Drew Kuchera (deleted) Creator on December 11, 2012

      Good to hear Chris! Hope to see you and the others as return customers! I really, really, really appreciate everyone being patient with me.

    41. Chris Lauer on December 11, 2012

      Congrats on the baby! Salsa has been amazing! Almost out..

    42. Missing avatar

      Anant on December 11, 2012

      Congrats on the baby. Thanks for the updates.

    43. Missing avatar

      Drew Kuchera (deleted) Creator on December 10, 2012

      Just shipped out another truck full of products from here and my website today. You'll get your package soon. Ps-I just had a baby 3 days ago. Pretty hectic around here. Thanks for being patient.

    44. Missing avatar

      Anant on December 10, 2012

      Don't mean to rush you, just want to make sure I haven't been forgotten. Thanks Drew.

    45. Missing avatar

      Anant on December 10, 2012

      Any update Drew? Still waiting here =[

    46. Missing avatar

      Drew Kuchera (deleted) Creator on December 9, 2012

      Yours should arrive this week Brian.

    47. Brian Luckenbill on December 9, 2012

      Have all the orders shipped? I still haven't gotten mine

    48. Missing avatar

      Drew Kuchera (deleted) Creator on December 7, 2012

      You'll find my product in stores Brett, but you'll find my product blowing out the "commercial, processed" JUNK! .... You can see produce in my salsa. When you dip a chip, it doesn't drip. That's salsa. It's not sauce, it's salsa. Glad you like it! Thanks Ali for the great review. New Yorkers have been tricky to please, but I've pleased you! ha

    49. Wildstreet on December 5, 2012

      My jar of Mild Salsa arrived today and I couldn't be happier with the product. As the previous comments stated, the salsa was so fresh. A delicious blend of ingredients. I especially enjoyed the added sweetness the salsa had to it. I am looking forward to trying the hotter salsas and the BBQ's as well.

    50. Brett on December 5, 2012

      My jar arrived today! Just tried it and mmmmm. Definitely what I'll call a, for lack of a better word, "fresh" style, as opposed to most of the commercial, processed, salsas you find in stores. Very tasty, good work, sir, good work.

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