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Looks like a ballet flat. Engineered like a running shoe. Luxuriously handcrafted with high-tech orthotics from space-age materials.
Looks like a ballet flat. Engineered like a running shoe. Luxuriously handcrafted with high-tech orthotics from space-age materials.
Looks like a ballet flat. Engineered like a running shoe. Luxuriously handcrafted with high-tech orthotics from space-age materials.
3,354 backers pledged $694,417 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Barbara Robson 6 days ago

      The fit assist app doesn’t seem to work properly on my iPhone X. Has anyone else got it working?

    2. Cristina
      6 days ago

      @Ege they said they are not monitoring Kickstarter messages (which I think is a bad idea) so they want you to email their support. They also never sent surveys they sent a link to their store with discount codes equal to how much you pledged and you're supposed to go through the store checkout process and check out using that code.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ege Baro 6 days ago

      Dear Team, I had hope to wear my sneakers in the summer, but I have not received a survey.. Please let me know if I missed something. with best wishes

    4. Missing avatar

      Rachael on May 8

      Has anyone managed to take a video successfully through the app? If so, any tips? It keeps rejecting mine for being too blurry. I even asked my partner to take the video for me, but no luck after multiple attempts.

    5. Jennifer Farmer on May 1

      Anyone still waiting for answers, please make sure that you have contacted

    6. Missing avatar

      Aniram on April 25

      I was not able to complete my survey because no one responded to my email question from last week.

    7. Audrey Falconer on April 24

      A comment from Thomas Pischler on 6 March:

      "However, you will be able to select a 'thinner' footbed when when you select your size."

      Sadly, it seems I have to pay for the thinner footbed?

    8. Jennifer Farmer on April 24

      Hey all, if you need to contact support, you should be emailing to

    9. Eduardo Hidalgo
      on April 24

      I haven't received a survey email at all, ever.
      Neither in my main mailbox or in the junk box.

    10. Meg on April 24

      Hi Thomas, I’m asking for a friend. Will you be adding any larger women’s sizes for any style shoe. My dear friend has very large feet (size 44/45) and never can get shoes that aren’t men’s. I feel for her! She sees me ordering fun colours at a size 38 and she can’t. It’s sad.
      Thank you,

    11. Missing avatar

      Tanya on April 23

      I haven't received the survey yet and have sent an email twice

    12. Missing avatar

      Tryphena Gohmann on April 23

      How do I cancel my pledge? I saw in an email Thomas or Kickstarter sent that said we could cancel if we changed our minds, but I don't see how to do so. Thanks!

    13. Missing avatar

      Su tay on April 23

      i did not get the survey in my email to allow me to order. I have checked both my inbox and junk
      mail folders.

    14. Missing avatar

      Christine Froehlich on April 23

      Hi there, Igot all messages from Kickstarter, but not the one for the survey. Where can I ask for support? Thanks

    15. Missing avatar

      Jamie Longson on April 22

      I have a question about sizing and sent a message a few days ago. Measurements have me at a much smaller size than what I would wear just translating my standard US size.

    16. Missing avatar

      Tanya on April 22

      I haven't received a survey and no one has replied to my email where I advised I was heading overseas and would have intermittent access to Internet.

    17. Missing avatar

      Dina Rogoziansky on April 21

      Thanks, @Jennifer Farmer!

    18. Missing avatar

      Karen on April 21

      Will the charms be available to order when the store launches in the summer? Or for those shipping in October? Or is everything undecided still?

    19. Jennifer Farmer on April 21

      Hey Dina, I also experienced that issue. I got in touch with support and they were able to correct whatever glitch was happening. It wasn't recognizing the proper backing amount for some reason or other. You can reply to the email that gave you the codes and they will get with you as soon as they can-I sent mine last night and it was about 4:30pm CST before I heard back.

    20. Missing avatar

      Dina Rogoziansky on April 21

      Never mind, that was my bad, I do see the second code now. Having seen how long and complicated the other code is, my eyes kept searching for another long code, and the other code is actually very short and simple, so my eyes would scan right over it and I kept overlooking it before. That's my own mistake. Even with that second code entered though, I still have a tax fee left over that I'd have to pay. Anyone else have that experience? I thought the total was supposed to be zero once all the codes were entered, since we already paid for everything during the campaign (unless you're adding other items now, of course, but I'm not). I know it's a very small amount, but it's very strange that there's an added fee now, no? Is that just me?

    21. Missing avatar

      Dina Rogoziansky on April 21

      Also, I did send a direct message to Thomas as well. The reason I posted the comment here first was because I thought maybe other backers have had the same issue and either can help me before he has a chance to read my message, or if they can't, at least if anyone else has had that issue, then they'd see my comment and know they're not alone because I, too, have the same problem that they do.

    22. Missing avatar

      Dina Rogoziansky on April 21

      I only saw the one code. I still only see one code in the email, and that one is already applied.

    23. Missing avatar

      on April 21

      Dina I had the same issue. I didn’t read that there are 2 discount codes in the email. So apply the one in the big bold heading in the email and then the long number code below the link at the bottom. With both codes it will equal zero

    24. Missing avatar

      Kira on April 21

      If you all have issues, you should send a direct message instead of a public comment. To do that, you click on the creator's name and there will be a link to ask a question. Turn around would be much faster than a public comment.

    25. Cristina
      on April 21

      @Dina did you try adding the extra code from your email? At the end there will be two discount codes and total will be zero. It threw me off at first too.

    26. Missing avatar

      Dina Rogoziansky on April 21

      Hi Thomas,
      When I try to check out on the website, it still charges me an additional amount, even though I am not adding anything extra into the cart - I only added the 2 pairs of shoes and the custom fit. I already paid for all 3 of these items (2 pairs of shoes and the custom fit fee) during the Kickstarter campaign, and that money was already sent to you/Kickstarter, so there shouldn't be any additional fees at all now. The total amount should be zero because I already paid, but the website is still showing that I still have to pay $52.33, and that's WITH the special code already entered into it. I was one of the earliest backers, so I should only be charged for Early Bird 1 pricing. I think something was set up incorrectly for my link. Could you please look into it and correct it? I can't check out until it's resolved, because I shouldn't have to pay anything at this point for these shoes, as I've already paid.

      Thanks in advance,
      Dina Rogoziansky

    27. Missing avatar

      on April 21

      In future will you be making foldable versions for packing? Sorry if I'm out of the loop I was thinking foldable black would be my ideal so if that's the case i may get a different colour in these terzettos for now.

    28. Missing avatar

      Abby Cundiff on April 20

      I have still not received my email to allow me to order. I have checked both my inbox and junk
      mail folders.

    29. Missing avatar

      on April 20

      See update #12 for the size chart

    30. Missing avatar

      Tara Le-Nguyen on April 20

      After commenting, I received the email. Do you have a size chart?

    31. Missing avatar

      Tara Le-Nguyen on April 20

      Hello, I still have not received my survey from SUPPORT@SOTOMASSINI.COM. I even did a search in all inboxes to make sure it’s not in my Junk and it’s not there. When should I be expecting it? Thanks.

    32. Thomas Pichler Creator on April 20

      Jannifer, thank you for your help here. As we are sending out the emails to everyone, our attention today is on making sure every backer gets this. Once you get the emails it take no more than 10-15 minutes to select size and color and add on any other products. We have shared the options, models, colors, size table a few times before so we assume everyone had made up their mind in the past weeks and wouldn't just start thinking about size and color when they receive the survey.

      If anyone is without internet access for the next 4 days then please message me individually. NOT IN THE COMMENT SECTION!

      For any questions in the meantime, please refer to the 20 updates. Likely every question (i.e. what is tailored fit) is answered in the campaign text or an update. Also questions about sizes, colors, etc.

      This might be quicker as while we prepare these emails to the 3,500 backers our attention is on making sure every backer gets this throughout today and can select over the weekend.

      The question about AIRPORT SECURITY for the charm: In the US one ALWAYS has to take off the shoes and put through the handbag scanner. I understand that in Europe and other countries this might be different. The charm is made from a ZINC alloy. Zinc is a metal so a metal detector will detect it. However, even in European airports they often scan the shoes if they are too big or if they are boots (regardless if they have a metal) and most airports have separate shoe scanners so charm or embroidery should make little difference when travelling.

      VEGAN: As mentioned before, we are not shipping any VEGAN models in July. If anyone is waiting for a vegan model then they don't have to fill out the survey now as they will not be getting their shoes in July. We will have vegan color options available after June but we don't know yet what colors we will be offering. Since the material comes from a different supplier the colors will be different form the leather colors and our offering depends on what color options the supplier make the material available in.

      Thank you for your understanding.

      Ciao for now.

    33. Missing avatar

      Lakeyn on April 20

      Is the Cinderella blue about the same color blue as the Cobalt blue? I can’t really tell from the pictures

    34. Missing avatar

      Lauren Labrecque on April 20

      Is it possible to add the custom/tailored option to my pledge still? How can I add it?

    35. Jennifer Farmer on April 20

      V, it means you'll be fitted to the best shoe size for each foot. So if one foot is longer/wider/narrower, etc, you may have two sizes instead of one. It helps determine the insole as well. We'll know exactly how this will be input once the store/survey is sent out to us. ☺ hope that helps but if not, pm Thomas and he should be able to give you more in depth insight. I'm basing my info on previously received info.

    36. Missing avatar

      on April 19

      Can I get some more info on what the custom fit means? I got that and my left food is slightly shorter and narrower than my right foot. I'm confused what custom fit will mean. And when we get the survey do we have to pick the size or do we put in our measurements and get suggested a size?

      My left foot is 240mm long 235mm wide
      Right is 245mm long and 240mm wide
      I think I need wide but don’t know what size because I’m in between sizes having a wider foot.

    37. Missing avatar

      Dina Rogoziansky on April 19

      Hi Thomas,
      I am with Daphnie on the question regarding the charm: will the shoes' charm set off airport security? Have you guys tested that yet, perchance?

      Thanks for all you do!

      - Dina :)

    38. Jennifer Farmer on April 18

      Hey all, the best way to reach Thomas is going to be through contacting him directly. With the finalizing of the survey and shop he isn't as active but tends to get to private messages more quickly.

      I'll try to help answer stuff based on previously released info we have seen.

      Anna Power, the spoiler protects the shoe while driving so it isn't optional for the high end line these pledges are for, however for the more economical line it won't be on it from info that has been discussed previously.

      Emily, a person with a prototype has said in the Facebook group that the charm doesn't make noise, it stays stationary.

      Dawn, currently they are not doing a teal blue sole, however there may be other colors in the future. Thomas has said that if you pledged for the sole color and not the actual shoe benefits, you will want to cancel once the survey is sent. The currently black and a wine color are options.

      Cruzette, you will be able to add to your order when the survey/store is ready. From what I've seen you will have to pay for that additionally so you'll need whatever method you plan to use to pay for it with at that time.

      Apologies to those I cannot answer the questions of, I just don't have those answers.

    39. Missing avatar

      Cruzette on April 18

      Can I still add to my order?

    40. Missing avatar

      Rachael on April 18

      Hi Thomas, one more question - sorry I know you're super busy! Is there any chance we will have a full list of the vegan color options for the indiegogo campaign before we make our selection here? I was planning to pick taupe for my shoe from this campaign and then another color from the vegan line in the future, but depending on which colors will be available in the vegan option I might pick a different color now and the taupe vegan shoe for the October delivery. Thanks so much for your help!

    41. Missing avatar

      Dawn on April 18

      Hi Thomas:
      With the unfortunate dispute over IP and colour, does that mean the teal bottoms are no longer an option? It happens to be my favourite colour and what drew me to your campaign was the fact that you were creating a comfortable ballet flat combined with that colour!! It saddens me if this is the case, and I am not a fan of the new colour options that were introduced.

      If this is the case, I respect that you do not want to overstep IP boundaries, however I would then want to cancel my pledge :(

    42. Alyson Gabriel on April 18

      Will the dark seagreen ever be available with a black bottom instead of the pink?

    43. Missing avatar

      Christy Simpson on April 17

      Hi Thomas! The pictures provided make the vegan taupe and the leather taupe look a bit different, but I'm wondering if it's the lighting. Can you tell me if there is actually a color difference between two taupe options? Thank you!

    44. Missing avatar

      Leslie Shapiro on April 17

      THOMAS!!!!! I wish I could hug you in person!!! CINDERELLA BLUE!!!! Be still my heart!!!!

    45. Missing avatar

      on April 17

      Thank you for the latest updates!
      I’m wondering if the metal makes any noise as the wearer walks. At work, I must move around very quietly.

    46. Missing avatar

      Brenda Boretti on April 17

      Awesome lineup in the newest update! I know I'm getting a solid three! I'm on the fence with another and I'd get the sea green in a heartbeat if it came in a black sole. Can't wait until that metallic gray comes out because I will be getting it!

      Thanks for the updates and transparency throughout Thomas!

    47. Missing avatar

      Daphnie Yu Kim Teng on April 17

      Hi Thomas. Have a few questions please.
      1. is the charm at the back, is it heavy and will it set off the airport x-ray machine?
      2. I pledged for the custom option. Is it possible not to take the custom option and instead apply that money towards an additional shoe instead?


    48. Missing avatar

      Anna Power on April 17

      Hello is it possible to get the shoe without the silver metal bar/trim at the heel?

    49. Missing avatar

      andrea h lynn on April 17

      Love the black snake and wine!

    50. Missing avatar

      on April 17

      Wow. Thank you so much. I never thought about colors until now and was worried it would be hard to make a good choice from the campaign info. This email and the comparisons really help and is appreciated.

      I did my foot measurements last night and am a little unsure what to do for sizing. In the survey do we enter in our measurements or are we to only pick the size we want?

      My left foot is 240mm long 235mm wide
      Right is 245mm long and 240mm wide

      I think I need wide but don’t know what size because I’m in between sizes having a wider foot.


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