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Looks like a ballet flat. Engineered like a running shoe. Luxuriously handcrafted with high-tech orthotics from space-age materials.
Looks like a ballet flat. Engineered like a running shoe. Luxuriously handcrafted with high-tech orthotics from space-age materials.
3,354 backers pledged $694,417 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Karina Balaoro Zimmerman just now

      Have you sent out the surveys yet? If not, when should I expect it?

    2. Missing avatar

      Barbara Robson 2 days ago

      Hi. Looking at the videos, I am worried that the soles may be too soft and flexible for my feet. I need stiff soles or my feet hurt. Can you show how much flex is in the sole?

    3. Missing avatar

      Angeline Talens 2 days ago

      Hi Thomas, my feet are 9.5 on one foot and about 9.7 in the other (length) and width is 9.5.
      I do have the tailored fit option but would you say that I should order a 38 or 39 wide? Thanks!!

    4. Lily jung 4 days ago

      Hi Thomas, My feet are 232-233. My width is 225. I would prefer a fuller footbed. Since my measurements are borderline, would it be safer to order size 37 wide?

    5. Missing avatar

      Melissa Loh 5 days ago

      Hi Thomas, I've been reading through all the comments and think I probably should get the tailored fit option. Is it too late to add this?


    6. Michael Della Penna 6 days ago

      Hello Thomas, Congratulations on very successful campaign. Please keep an eye out for a campaign that I'll be launching in the next few weeks. Regards Michael Della Penna

    7. Missing avatar

      Chern 6 days ago

      Hi Thomas,
      Would need your expert opinion on the right SIZE to pick. With the measurements chart given - my measurements are somewhere in between - neither seem to suit nicely.

      (Mine - Ball circumference +/-224mm, length +/-225mm. Allow 2mm difference.)
      (By chart - Euro 35: length ok, (thin) still too tight; Euro 36: circumference ok, too long)

      I believe these numbers also depend on how you measure them, the difference allowed in every measurement & all other factors.

      Truly need your opinion on which would be a better choice. Please guide us.

      After spending much looking for a nice comfortable pair of shoe. Again, I'm begging & praying for this to be the right pair of shoe that fits well!

    8. Missing avatar

      Heidi Bushell 6 days ago

      OMG - Never been this excited about a shoe in my life! The hardest thing is choosing which colour!! I'm thinking red now, and then saving up for ballerina pink (nude?) or the vanilla later on. Can't wait.

    9. Missing avatar

      Nancy Breadmore 7 days ago

      So excited! Can't wait to watch this come together! Even more, I can't wait to get me shoes and I hope they live up to my expectations! Comfy & cute feet!

    10. Barbara Luna
      7 days ago

      Congratulations!! So excited for you...and all of us!!

    11. Missing avatar

      7 days ago

      Congratulations Thomas on a successful campaign. I'm looking forward to these awesome shoes!

    12. Missing avatar

      Adrianne Bird 7 days ago

      I am SO excited!! My feet and body and fashion sense have been begging for this solution. Such nice information and communication.

    13. Elissa Chindemi Spicer 7 days ago

      Congratulations, Thomas! Outstanding campaign, and making history at almost $700k! I cannot wait to see what develops in the next few weeks, and for years to come. I can’t wait to get my hands on these shoes!

    14. Missing avatar

      Stacy Horesh
      7 days ago

      Hi! I’m trying to pledge to the Kickstarter, but I have an urgent question that isn’t being answered by private message. If the shoes we buy don’t fit properly, will we be able to return or exchange them for the correct size? How about if we add the $30 for a custom fit? If they can be returned, where would they be returned to? And would return return shipping be covered by your company?

      Please answer ASAP. I’m going to have to cancel my pledge if I don’t get an answer before the end of the campaign. Thanks!

    15. Missing avatar

      Hanh Nghi on March 16

      Hi Thomas, I am beyond excited to fit my feet in these shoes! Having plantar fasciitis, I always have orthotics to support my low arch. I read that there are multiple insole options and want to confirm this. I’ve added the tailor fit option, and wondering if the 3D app will help guide me to select the correct orthotic insole. So many of us thank you for your vision!!

    16. Missing avatar

      Brandi Smith on March 16

      I don't know if I will like fuschia, I think ultra violet would be better. Will we still get to pick which color sole we want out of the ones available one the survey?

    17. Sarah Hegarty on March 16

      Hi Thomas. I haven't received their email yet. There are no messages in my inbox. I know that many people have attempted to sign up for the emails through my link, yet I've received no confirmation of this from them. Now I can't even check the numbers because it has too many redirects. Have these offers been revoked? This would be a shame, as I spent a lot of time and effort trying to promote the email sign-ups. The link seems to not be working at all.

    18. Ed and Soph on March 16

      Hi, I assume I can select three different sizes, colours and back types through the post-completion survey? I am buying for three different people.

    19. Missing avatar

      Kassandra Kirkham on March 16

      Hi Thomas, I have just pledged for one pair with the tailored fit option. I have wide feet, and normally can fit into wide fitting shoes (they are a little tight, but when they are leather I can make them work) but I tried the measurements and couldn't make sense of whether these shoes will fit me or not. My toe bed is 9.75 inches and length is 10 inches. I hope that these will work because I have such a challenge to find comfortable shoes. Thanks in advance for your help!!!

    20. Elissa Chindemi Spicer on March 16

      Jennifer, if you look below, Thomas answered the same question for me. He said even if it starts off a little tighter, the leather will stretch should your feet swell. If you’re within that size, you should be fine. Just look for the response to Elissa and you can see his exact words. :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Burton on March 16

      I'm at the max end of one size. Wondering if there's extra space in the toe box BEYOND the max length or it's going to feel tight, especially if my feet swell? The minimum of the next size is a little longer than my foot, so not sure if that would be too big??? Thanks for any insight.

    22. Missing avatar

      Nirav Shah
      on March 16

      @ Thomas Pichler. Thanks i've added the extra 30.
      All the best

    23. Missing avatar

      Miranda Delahoy on March 16

      Thanks for your honesty, Thomas. I'm sure you'll come up with some great options. Looking forward to it.

    24. Thomas Pichler Creator on March 16

      Hi Nirav. Only one time is needed. Actually, we would prefer before so we know who of the backers gets the code for the app to do the tailored-fit as the app email gets sent together with the survey.

    25. Missing avatar

      Nirav Shah
      on March 16

      I've opted for 2 pairs. Do i add 30 each per pair to get the tailored fit option?
      Can it be selected at the time of survey ?

    26. Thomas Pichler Creator on March 16

      MIRANDA: Yes you are correct. My estimate is that we will not know at the end of the campaign in 36 hours what colors we can offer in what region but I estimate that we will know in the next 2 weeks. Typically it takes 2 weeks anyway for KS to close out the campaign so we never assumed to send the survey before. Its been always 2 weeks in our books. At that time we should know.

      What is important: Anyone who supported the project solely for a certain sole color SHOULD PLEASE CANCEL THEIR PLEDGE before the end of the campaign as we can't guarantee their color is available in their market and we certainly don't want to disappoint anyone.

      Anyone who supported us for the idea and concept of the shoe and who believes that based on what they have seen in terms of packaging, bags, colors, that we will come up with something that is equally exciting if not even better, could stay on. Yes, there is a risk that you pledge and then don't like the colors that are offered. Since there are no refunds, if that is of concern, we ask everyone to please cancel their pledge if you worry about this!

      If you think the color of the sole pieces is less important than the shoe concept and you believe that we are 'fashionable' enough to come up with something great instead, please stay on.

      Everyone has a choice. I am glad I was able to share the information while the campaign is ongoing and everyone still has a choice to stay or cancel.

      Thank you everyone.

    27. Missing avatar

      Miranda Delahoy on March 15

      Thank you very much for the response, Thomas. I'm excited to see what sole colors you come up with. I think there was just some question about timing--so my most recent understanding is when the KS closes in about 36 hours we won't know *at that time* what sole choices we'll have on our perk. In other words, we'll have to be sure we're pledging at least one pair before seeing full option list. Then later we'll get a survey and at that time the choice will be confirmed as an option. And if we add more pairs on the survey we know what we'll get for those pairs. Is this about right? That's totally fine with me, I was just clarifying the timing. Again, excited to hear what you come up with and appreciate your thoughtful responses.

    28. Thomas Pichler Creator on March 15

      MIRANDA: You will know what kind of you shoe you will get because we will make it the way you order it. The thing that has changed is that, depending on where you reside, you might not be able to order a certain sole color. We are discussing internally to offer some models in fuchsia, others with black and others in a tan color (i.e. the gold shoe). All we want to stay is clear of anything that another company 'owns'. I hope that makes sense.

      DIANE: You are right with what you had said and I agree 100%. We are looking into fuchsia, black and tan depending on upper leather color now and yes, the embroidery will have to match whatever the sole color is. We don't know yet but we might even start matching the inside lining to the sole and embroidery. I believe this required change is a blessing in disguise. We thought of 2 colors first and now contemplate to open up the palette even more. We have endless possibilities. One color gone. Hundred new ones can enter now since we don't tie our brand to one color, our opportunities increase. Some people quoted "when god closes a window he opens a door somewhere else' I believe he opened not just a door but massive french doors in a room with elevated ceilings. Thanks for recognizing the difference and stating it so definitive.

      JENNY: Vegan has not been fixed yet but the supplier has many color choices and beautiful ones. We will produce a few prototypes again next week when I am in italy. Hopefully we have something to show soon but we wont be ready to ship Vegan in June. Thank you for your understanding.

      SARAH: This is not managed by us directly but by the marketing agency. I will forward you the email of the person who can help directly to your inbox.

      MIRANDA: Fuchsia was our first choice some 2 years ago. It won in every survey we did. We made first product with fuchsia soles. It was I who changed it because I knew I would want to bring a men's shoe later and looked for a color that both genders like. Searching for most popular colors for men and women, one quickly comes to blue as holding the top spot. This is why I had changed it to darker teal blue to make it attractive to men as well. That how we ended up with the color. Now that we open ourselves to any color we have possibilities. Some mentioned a broken orange for warm tones like browns, fuchsia for brighter colors, black for more conservative look. We have possibilities. If you like what you saw so far in terms of design, perhaps we can ask you to trust us that we won't be developing something boring all of a sudden. It snot who we are or what excites us. I think as said above, that this is a good development....a blessing in disguise.

      ELISSA: Thank you. The beauty of leather is that it gives and comforms and adjusts so even if its snug at the beginning. it will expand to allow a couple mm if not even more. I think you will be fine in the size you selected.

      Hi D.O.: I can't make a definite statement just yet because we just started talking to the other company. IP protection depends on country. Many brands face this all the time. A car or cosmetic items has one name in one market and another in another. Some famous cosmetics brands add a letter or change a letter to adjust to different markets for the same reason. What I can guarantee you is that we will remain an exciting brand and that colors are important to us. They are important to me. We will not make just a black shoe on a black sole but what color we are allowed to offer depends. We hope to find that out in the next 2 weeks before surveys get sent out so everyone will know what they get. No surprises.

      AME: Thank you...from designer to designer ;-)

      GINA: YES! Please read above...we think the same here:

      MAFStarter: Sorry for the confusion about the socks. What I meant was like a pantyhose type of a thin sock as it makes it easier to trace around the toes without adding bulk but don't worry about this. You could just take the barefoot measurement and that is good. With 213 you should be fine. Your foot would be 1cm shorter than the inside length of the shoe which is for size 35 223 and that is kind of the limit so the shoe doesn't get too big. I think you are good!

      ERIN: We posted a sizing table yesterday. Its the 2nd last update and it has all information about sizing. Could you please check there directly? It should give you a good answer.

      Thank you everyone. Ciao,


    29. Thomas Pichler Creator on March 15

      Hi MEG: Thank you for your support. You would measure standing please. If you buy usually normal width shoes you shouldnt have a problem at all with our 2 width offering. Thank you for the kind words

      SASHA: I am sorry but I have to disagree. There is nothing wrong with this campaign. To the contrary. We have been extremely transparent and open and addressed every question and concern. Nothing has been in hiding. Please read through the comments here as a confirmation. The FB group is not our company's business. We have not started it either nor can we control what interested customers or fans do. Everyone can start a fan group. We can't control that and we won't. We offered our support with product for the members but we don;t manage this group so if there are problems with the group, please don't mix them up with the campaign here. Surely you agree that if two parties chat on Facebook about a product, that doesn't make the company illegit or fraudulent. Neither have we been sued because we didn't rip anyone off. We would appreciate if you would refrain from making false allegations as this in itself would be of legal concerns. We agree that everyone should do their due diligence before buying any product and we are an open book and always have been since our first day here. We will circle back to the FB group and share this information of course but please accept that a fanpage on FB started by a fan and a company's project here are two entirely different things. Thank you.

    30. Missing avatar

      Erin Peebles on March 15

      Hi there,
      Is there any way to tell what the minimum foot width would be? I have very narrow feet and want to make sure the shoes won’t just slide off.

    31. Missing avatar

      Sasha on March 15

      I backed this kickstarter after being recruited by the Soto Facebook group members, convinced that these were the best shoes. I wanted to warn people on here before I cancel my pledge. Something is very wrong with this kickstarter. The facebook group is guiding people with fake accounts, posting misleading information and deleting comments of anyone who asks any questions. This company seems fraudulent and it seems they are being sued for ripping off another brand's colors. I would do your research first and think twice before backing this!!

    32. Meg on March 15

      Hi Thomas,
      About measuring for width...I'm all in the "high-maintenance" foot category. My feet (240 & 245mm) fit well in the size 38, but the width is in question. Do you measure standing on the foot or resting? I measure 230mm resting and 240 standing, just out of regular and into skinny footbed. I did order the Tailored Fit option, so I suppose it will help. I was just measuring now because I'm so excited to have someone make shoes for us high-maintenance foot people.
      Thank you!! Cheers, Meg

    33. Missing avatar

      on March 15

      Hi Thomas
      Thanks for the updates and the sizing chart.
      Could i ask why the measurement is taken with thin socks? Is it to take into account the shoe liners that you would assume we'd wear. Should we adjust that if we'd be barefoot or wearing thicker?
      I'm borderline for your shoes. Size 35 is a UK 2.5 and i am a 3/3.5 (36) so i was hopeful that they would fit. However my bare feet are 213/210 (minimum 219 needed) so im very disappointed and going to find some thin socks so i can remeasure!

    34. Missing avatar

      Gina Strohm Karasneh on March 15

      Fuschia soles, please, please, please! This is a very popular choice on your fan FB page!

    35. D. O. on March 15

      I’m in the same situation as others. If I’m limited in my choice in one region, could I have my 1st choice shipped to another country. (i.e. from the USA, but live/work in Asia.) I travel often to the US, so am I wise to change my shipping, in order to have ALL choices?

    36. Elissa Chindemi Spicer on March 15


      Thanks for the updates and all of the endless hours working to bring us amazing shoes! I have one question for the sizing charts. Do the max foot sizes allow for some swelling? My concern is that I’m at the top end of a size, and with it being rather chilly here right now, my feet may add a mm or two in mid-July.

      Thanks in advance!

    37. Sarah Hegarty on March 15

      Hi, I realised the 10% is calculated from pledges made by people, who used the link. If I up my pledge to 3 pairs, can I save 10%?
      Another question - where can we find out how many people have signed up to the email service, for the free giveaways if you get a certain number?

    38. Missing avatar

      Miranda Delahoy on March 15

      Hi Thomas, a second comment. While it seems nothing is final on the sole color, there seem to be a lot of people who would be very disappointed if not able to get blue or some other color. This includes me personally as many dresses I have would clash badly with a black sole. I had been just about to increase my pledge for more shoes until (reading between the lines) it became likely we may not get the blue sole in the US. Someone on Facebook had the excellent idea of a fuchsia sole which would be very specific to SM and allay some concerns about people who were investing not just for comfort, but the incredible style of colorful shoes. Any chance at all on a colorful sole during KS should blue not be available in our country?

    39. Missing avatar

      Ame on March 15

      THANK YOU! I appreciate that you capitalized that!

      I understand the reason for not adding a new color. I am pleased with my choice so far (and THANK YOU, one designer to another, for using PMS to identify the closest if not the exact callout!)

    40. Sarah Hegarty on March 15

      Hi Soto Team!
      So if someone uses my unique link, I save 10% on my order, correct? Currently, I'm pledged for 2 pairs at Early Bird 2 pricing, so I'd save $27 of it got used. Now, if I up my order to 3 pairs, will it change to a $39 discount? I have been considering doing this. But will waiting until the Kickstarter finishes to alter my order affect that discount?
      You are doing such a wonderful job keeping up with it all! Just over 2 days to go! :O

    41. Missing avatar

      Jenny Lacey on March 15

      Sorry Susanne Flow! I called you Susan (not sure why I got that wrong, my middle name is Susanne so I absolutely know this spelling. The shame!)
      Anyway, What Susanne said about vegan options.

    42. Missing avatar

      Jenny Lacey on March 15

      Oh Yea, what Susan asked about vegan options. (Not sure I've ever asked that about a shoe before!!)

    43. Missing avatar

      Diane Lester on March 15

      I realize that this is all new information to you. However it is clear that teal soles will most likely not be available in the U.S. Do you plan on changing the inside color and embroidered color on heel to match the sole? Also if black was the original color and others were just potential options, why is 99% of marketing as well as promotional and packaging stuff teal? I have to say it is disappointing. The blue you show doesn't look like any other brand and I own several pairs of blue soled shoes with matching stripe. This doesn't seem to be a competitive product infringing. The shoes are entirely different in concept.

    44. Missing avatar

      Miranda Delahoy on March 15

      Hi Thomas just saw the update about sole colors. Will the survey at the end of KS where we chooses colors and sole colors reflect which are available, or is it possible we could choose something on that survey and then have to change our choice later?

    45. Thomas Pichler Creator on March 15

      Thank you very much for the kind words islandboo.

    46. islandboo on March 14

      Thomas, I just want to thank you for working so hard to help us get the right shoes for our feet. Your responsiveness and the scope of your answers are exceptional compared to the other kickstarters I have backed and it is truly a pleasure to be a part of this campaign.

    47. Thomas Pichler Creator on March 14

      Hi Risa, Please refer to our latest update in the UPDATES section from earlier today for sizing information. There you will find a table to find the best size for your foot. Thank you.
      Ciao, Thomas

    48. Missing avatar

      risa cohen on March 14

      hello! I'm also wondering about sizing. I'm usually a 7.5 but sometimes am a size 7. I wear a size 7 in Tieks (also Italian leather made in California I think!). will you be doing half sizes and what if it's the wrong half size? thanks!

    49. Thomas Pichler Creator on March 14

      MAFStarter: Thank you. The sizing information just got sent as an update. Please refer to this table. Unfortunatel y I don't have a measurement for that but I can tell you that we designed a toebox that has a bit more space. In addition the shoe is line so you have 2 layers of leather which prevents the toe nail from pushing through and make it visible. If you are an early bird, you could change and add features at time of survey but shouldn't change before at the risk of losing the early bird special.

      SUSAN: We intend to be able to ship the vegan by September. Anyone can pledge now if they are willing to accept a later shipment date than June. There are a number who have done this to lock in the price at KS. Thank you for spreading the word.

      ADRIANE: I think we squared this away yesterday directly, correct? I will try to send the photos I sent you also on an update here for everyone to see but the sizing update needed to go out first.

      ALLYSON: Thank you for your support. Yes, absolutely we do. We already started with a fashion sneaker with the same concept form women and for men and we are looking into wedges right now....and there will be more to come for sure ;-)

      ABBY: Unfortunately not while here on KS. We can offer exchanges but not refunds due to the fact that we only receive a percentage of your pledge and could only refund what we get and likely that would be unfair to you getting only a percentage of the pledge back. Thank you for your understanding.

      AME: Thank you for this question. I will write in capital letters: BACKERS WHO BACKED AT EARLY BIRD PRICES ARE ADVISED NOT TO CHANGE THEIR PLEDGES AT THIS TIME BUT TO WAIT UNTIL SURVEY IN ORDER NOT TO RIKS LOSING THEIR EARLY BIRD PRICES. BACKERS WHO CAME IN AT THE CURRENT AND REGULAR LEVEL CAN CHANGE FREELY BECAUSE THEY DON'T RISK LOSING ANY EARLY BIRD PRICE. Bronze has been requested many times Ame but we can't add them in the last days of the campaign. Before adding a color it needs to be developed that means tested and used that it holds up. Every color is different and impacts the leather differently so we have to evaluate every color and make prototypes, wear them etc. Thank you for your understanding.

      Ciao everyone,

    50. Missing avatar

      Ame on March 14

      I am seeing conflicting information on how to add a second pair. I've seen both do it now, or do it when you get the final survey. Which do you want us to do? I did the custom fit option, so I want to make sure if I do it now, I correctly add the total so I don't have to correct it later. I did an early bird for the first pair with custom fit but those options are obviously gone now.

      Also, I was hoping that a bronze (not shiny or glittery or snake, just a smooth "matte" bronze) would possibly be added before I add a second pair, so that's part of why I waited.

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