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Huzzah! 2: Dark Woods, Dreadful Fields. A Game of the Wilderness Campaign during the American Civil War
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A game design by Richard Dengel, Huzzah! simulates American Civil War combat at the tactical level. The second volume in the Huzzah series concentrates entirely upon the Wilderness Campaign.   

Combat units are Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery. Each Infantry and  Cavalry unit represents about 1 or 2 battalions of a given regiment. Each  Artillery unit represents about a single battalion of guns. Leader  units represent individual commanders. Each hex equals about 165  yards.

The Sequence of Play is highly interactive, consisting of the following steps:
a) USA Artillery Segment.
b) USA Small-Arms Segment.
c) USA Horse Segment.
d) CSA Horse Segment.
e) CSA Artillery Fire Segment.
f) CSA Action Segment.
g) USA Action Segment.
h) CSA Artillery Fire Segment.
i) CSA Small-Arms Fire Segment.
j) CSA Horse Segment.
k) USA Horse Segment.
l) USA Artillery Fire Segment.
m) USA Action Segment.
n) CSA Action Segment.
o) Game Turn Segment.  

For greater detail, you can download and view the rules, in two volumes: The main series rules and the game specific rules

Scenarios Included

The game will come complete with 8 scenarios:

May 5th Scenarios
1. Opening Guns North. Warren's Fifth Corps temporarily punctures  Ewell's center, only to be hurled back by a vicious Confederate  counter-attack led by the inestimable John Gordon.
2. Sixth Corps Joins the Fray. An extension of scenario 1, as  reinforcements from Sedgewick's Corps descends upon Ewell's left flank.  Hay's Louisiana Tigers help stem the blue flood.
3. Hill to the Attack! Two divisions of A.P. Hill's 3rd Corps rattles up  the Orange Plank Road and attempts to cut Grant in half by capturing  the Brock Road intersection. A single division, commanded by VIth Corps  George Getty, stands in his way. Hancock's II corps arrives just in time  to save the day. Or will he?
May 6th Scenarios
1. Lee to the Rear! Early in the morning of may 6th Hancock strikes  Heth's and Wilcox's divisions of Hill's 3rd Corps. Both divisions have  been strung-out and exhausted from the previous days fighting. They  expected Longstreet's early arrival, and so neglect to fortify their  line. Hancock initially drives them "most handsomely," and nearly  captures Lee's HQ at the Widow Tapp farm. The engagement witnesses one  of the most dramatic moments of the war, when the Marble Man himself  proposes to lead the Texas Brigade of Longstreet corps in a  counter-charge.
2. Like a Wet Blanket. Now fully arrived, Longstreet strikes the  over-extended flank of Hancock's corps. In a swift and dramatic reversal  it's now the Yankee's turn to run. Will Longstreet capture the ever  important Brock Road intersection?
3. Gordon's Assault. John B. Gordon, ever the thorn in Grant's side,  jumps the VI corps and nearly shatters the Yankee's right. Only the  coming of darkness brings his assault to an end.
The Campaign Games
These games implement Custom command rules simulating the problems of  controlling armies over vast broken terrain. Lee struggles to coordinate  his widely separated wings, while Grant whittles away the day, goading  reluctant subordinates to action.
1. The May 5th Mini-Campaign game. Combines scenarios 1, 2, and 3, and provides additional units and player options.
2. The full Campaign Game. Play the entire 2 day battle. The  ever-frustrating Burnside provisions both the Yankee crux and the Rebel  hope. Will you dare achieve better than the historical stalemate? 

Projected Contents:

2 22"x34" maps that mate together to form the battlefield
3 sheets of half inch die-cut full-color counters
1 Rules booklet
1 Scenarios booklet
2 Sheets of charts and tables
2 Ten-sided dice
1 Game box 

Detailed Example of Play

Stragglers, Fire, Advance Fire, Charge, MFZs, & Morale Checks

Situation: It is the first USA Action Segment (g). The Rebels have deployed a thin gray line, hoping to contain a surge from the USA’s Vth Corps. Hay’s brigade, which has managed to entrench, is beneath Breastworks. This gives them defensive advantages as well as extending their MFZ from one to two hexes (9.1). Pegram’s brigade is not as fortunate and finds itself flanked by the 2-7 unit from the Iron Brigade. The 1-7 unit has managed to close as well.

The two units of the US second brigade have declared a Charge against the 1-7 Hays unit (11). Superficially, the odds look overwhelming (4:1). The 3rd brigade is just entering the map and hopes to add some spice to the brew.

Stragglers. The 3rd brigade stack moves to hex (A). It checks for Stragglers using its Average Base Morale, which is 5 ((5+5)/2) (4.6). Its straggle roll is 6 which inflicts a straggler (O hit). It may remain in place, or take the hit and enter hex A (4.6.7). It pushes on, accepting the straggler. Note that by moving as a stack it makes only 1 check (4.6.8). If each unit had moved individually then each would have checked for stragglers, increasing the likelihood of straggling. The unit now moves to hex B. Since this is a clear hex there is no straggle roll. If B had been a woods hex, however, it would have had to make a second straggle check, possibly suffering a second O hit. Expending only 2 of its 3 Movement Points, the stack could move an additional hex. For the purposes of this demo, it remains in B as an active reserve.

Some Preliminaries. The 2-7 Iron Brigade unit, sitting squarely in the flank of poor Pegram, seems to have a decisive advantage. Not so fast, he’s facing the wrong way! He’ll need to pivot first in order to truly menace the Rebs. The unit pivots 60 degrees to face Pegram. Changing facing is technically Movement, and since a unit can only do 1 Action in a segment, it won’t be able to fire or assault this segment (4.5.3). It will have to bide its time till the next one comes along(segment (m) of the same turn).

The 1-7 Iron Brigade unit pops away at Pegram. It’s a low-odds shot. His fi re factor is 2 (strength of 1 x 2 (1 hex range)). Modify the fire line by -1 (Pegram is in a woods hex). So the final fire line is 1. The Yankee rolls a three, which is a NE.

Now the 3-4 1st brigade unit (unstacked) faces a choice: to advance into hex 4, allowing Pegram to Advance Fire at it, or remain in place and take a pot shot at the Rebels. A swift calculation of the Advance Fire follows. The Rebels could fire three of their four strength points from the woods hex (7.1.5). Three strength points (sps) x 2 for the 1 hex range resolves to the 5-7 Fire Line. The fire line would be modified by +2 (+1 for Advance Fire and +1 for Clear terrain) for a final fire line of 12. Yikes! This is none too appealing to the Yankee; he plays cautiously, and chooses to fire. Firing on the 2 fi re line, he rolls a 1 (3 sps x 1 = 3, -1 on the Combat Table for Pegram’s terrain) which is a Disruption. Pegram elects to try to take an O hit in lieu of the Disrupt, checks morale and rolls a 5. He is successful in taking the O hit (7.5).

Some Tactics. The Yankee needs some subtle tactics in order to close with those breastworks. He starts with the stacked units of the 1st Brigade (2-4, 3-4). He attempts to draw fire from the 1-7 Hays unit by moving into hex 1. The rebel can fire two units at the 1st as units in breastworks have an MFZ of 2 hexes (9.1.6, treat Breastworks like an ABATIS in this case). However he declares that only the 2-7 will fire, wanting to save the 1-7 for the coming Charge. The 2-7 fi res on the 12-15 line (2 sps x 1 for range, up four for Advance, Clear, firing from a breastwork (same as Abatis), and Density (7.2, and Target Density Modifier on the Fire Line Modifiers Schedule). The Rebel rolls a 4, which is a Disrupt. The Yankee attempts to take a hit in lieu of the Disrupt, rolls a four on the morale check, so takes the O hit. Place an Advance fi re marker on the Hays 2-7 unit and an O hit under one of the 1st’s units (assume the top 2-4 unit takes the hit, but either could take it).

The Yankee, feeling a bit feisty, pushes on to hex 2. The Rebels can fi re again. He still holds Hays 1-7 fire, and elects to only fire the 2-7 unit. The fi re line is resolved on the 8-11 line (2 sp x 2 for range, up four (Advance, Clear, Abatis, and Density) and down 2 (for the Advance Fire marker). The Rebel rolls a 4, which is another disrupt. The Yankee attempts to take another O hit checking morale using an Average Modified Morale of 3 ((4+3/2 rounded down). He’s not so lucky this time, fails the check, so places the Disrupt.

Now the Fun Begins. The two Charging 2-5 units advance to hex 3, triggering the 1-7’s Advance Fire. The fi re line is 12-15 (1 sp x 2 for range, up 4 (Advance, Clear, Charge, Abatis). A five is rolled, which is a Disrupt. Since the stack is Charging it may automatically take an O hit, and does so (11.6.2). Place an Advance Fire marker on the 1-7. Now it can Pre-Assault fire at the charging stack (10.2). The fire line is 5-7 (1 sp x 2 for range, up 4 (see above) and down 2 for the Advance Fire marker). The Rebel rolls a 2, which is a hit. Place an O hit marker under the clean 2-5 unit and check morale using the Average Modified Morale of 4 (5 base morale -1 for the O hits). The stack receives a morale bonus of +1 for the Charge (11.1.13), modifying its morale to 5. Unluckily, it rolls a 6, and is Disrupted (it can’t take the O hit in this case since only Disrupted Combat results allow that, see 7.5 bullet 2. The Yankee loses the Charge marker and places a Disrupt (11.6.1). The Assault begins. All rolls are simultaneous and must continue for 3 rounds unless one unit or the other Routs (10.1.20).

Round 1: The Yankees fire line is 2 (4 sps x 3, down 4 (disrupted is -3 and abatis is -1). The rebels fi re line is 3 (unmodified). Round 1 rolls : Yankees roll a 3 (disruption on the rebels); Rebels roll a 5 (NE). The Rebels attempt to take the O hit, and with a roll of 6, succeeds. Place an O hit under the 1-7. 

Round 2: Fire lines have not changed. Yankees roll a 4 (NE), Rebels roll a 4 (Disrupt). Flip the one O hit marker to the two side of one of the 2-5 units. Check the morale of the Yankee stack. The Average modified moral is 3 (3 (first unit’s morale) + 4 (second unit’s morale)/2, rounded down). The Yankee rolls a zero, so the stack survives for round 3.

Round 3: Fire lines have not changed. Yankee rolls a 1 which is a Disrupt on the Rebels. The Rebels roll a 5, which is a NE. This time the Rebs will take the Disrupt. Faced with 2 disrupted enemy stacks, the Rebel Player saves the O hit.

Now the error in the original facing of that 2-7 Iron Brigade unit becomes evident. It is the Rebel Small-Arms segment. Pegram can safely pivot to face that 2-7 unit menacing his flank and then fi re at it (units can change facing once in a Small-Arms segment before fi ring (3.1, b). This will preserve his flank against a potential assault. Compounding the Yankee error was the failure of the first brigade’s 3-4 unit to advance into hex 4. This would have created a bed of thorns for the Rebel. If Pegram had chosen to fire at the 3-4, then he wouldn’t be able to change facing and fire in the Small-Arms segment. If he held his fi re to make that facing change and fire, he would have been flanked by that same 3-4 unit. So the Yankee should have probably moved the 3-4 into hex 4 and taken his lumps (which was by no means a foregone conclusion). NOTE: The 3-4 is ineligible to Charge, as two units must be stacked in a hex to do that (11.1.3).

Stretch Goals

We know that almost all Kickstarter campaigns have stretch goals.  This one does not. Certainly we could think up expansions or add-ons to  this game, but all that would entail lots of extra play-testing, art  development, and associated work that would translate into long  (potentially very long) delays in the production of the game. We don't  want to do that. So no gimmicks, games, or non-sense to get you to  support this campaign. We are offering a solid game for a good discount.  That's the deal. 

BUT, just because we are not going to do Stretch Goals, that doesn't mean we can't sweeten the pot a bit....


The following can be added to your game simply by adding the associated amount to your pledge. Some of these are available and will be shipped upon completion of the campaign. Others are pre-order for up-coming products. Read carefully a note which category the game is in. 

Available NOW and shipped immediately upon completion and funding of Kickstarter campaign:

Folio No. 12: Huzzah! Honey Springs (ADD US: $22, Canada $26, Overseas $32, shipping Included)

A Huzzah! Series Game: The Battle of Honey Springs, July 17, 1863, was an important victory for  Union forces in their efforts to gain control of the Indian Territory.  The largest confrontation between Union and Confederate forces in the  area that would eventually become Oklahoma, the engagement was unique in  that African and Native Americans made up significant portions of each  of the opposing armies. 

 1 x 17x22 Map/Playing Surface
 1 x Sheet of Die-Cut, Mounted, Full-Color Playing Pieces
 1 x Book of Game Specific Rules
 1 x Book of Rules
 1 x Player Aid Card 

Folio No. 5: Rebel Yell! Battle at Lone Jack (ADD US: $22, Canada $26, Overseas $32, shipping Included)

A Rebel Yell! System Game, both sides saw the other as "invaders," so the fight quickly escalated  to one of extreme violence. The fight seesawed up and down the main  street of Lone Jack, and when the rebels fired the Cave Hotel, a Yankee  stronghold, their advantage appeared decisive. Foster now wheeled his  only two artillery pieces forward, blasting the gray attack with  double-shotted canister. 

The Confederates owned the field as well as the dead. They quickly  gathered the remains of the fallen, already spoiling under the torrid  sun. Friend and foe alike they buried beneath the arching shade of the  lone jack oak. 

 1 28-Page Rules Book
 1 8-Page Exclusive Rules Book
 1 12-page Examples of Play and Glossary/Index
 140 half-inch full-color, die-cut counters
 1 22x17 Map/Playing Surface
 Charts and Tables 

Folio No. 6: Rebel Yell! Middle Creek (ADD US: $22, Canada $26, Overseas $32, shipping Included)

A Rebel Yell! System Game: in a fight that largely determined the fate of eastern Kentucky, two  small armies clashed along the swollen tributary of Middle Creek. An  officer of some promise, Humphrey Marshall, generaled the CSA. A  relative unknown commanded the USA by the name of James A. Garfield. 

At the end of the day, Marshall had no choice but to withdrawal. His  supplies were thin and he was fearful of his army deserting. The battle  unmade his reputation and he was barely heard from again. The Federals,  conversely, celebrated a victory. Colonel Garfield earned a brigadiers  star, and took the first step along the road that eventually led to the  White House. 

 1 28-Page Rules Book
 1 4-Page Exclusive Rules Book
 1 12-page Examples of Play and Glossary/Index
 140 half-inch full-color, die-cut counters
 1 22x17 Map/Playing Surface
 Charts and Tables 

NOT YET AVAILABLE, to be published at a future date:

Huzzah! Vol. 3 Manassas (ADD US: $64, Canada $72, Overseas $99, shipping Included)

Vol. 3 in the Huzzah! series will be a treatment of First Manassas from the region of Matthew's Hill to Henry House. This game is currently in the initial design phase, so we have no graphics to show at this time. 

Projected Contents:

  • 1 22"x34" map
  • 2 sheets of half inch die-cut full-color counters 
  • 1 Rules booklet 
  • 1 Scenarios booklet 
  • 2 Sheets of charts and tables 
  • 2 Ten-sided dice 
  • 1 Game box  

Time-frame for Delivery 

We are planning a fast turn-around for Huzzah! Vol. 2. At this point all of  the game development and art-work is complete. The time spent from the  successful end of this campaign forward will be on ushering the game  through the press process. Although we hope to fulfill sooner, we are  estimating mid to late summer 2019 for delivery.

A Note About Shipping Costs

US shipping is based upon medium flat rate shipping.

Our  international shipping price is based upon a 3.5 pound package (what we  estimated the game will weigh) to non-EU overseas destinations. The USPS charge for that at the time of  this writing is $50.11 first class international. We are charging  slightly less than that.

EU shipping is based upon calculating the following 4 items:
1. Cost to bulk ship EU orders to the EU
2. Per unit VAT fee for that shipment
3. Per unit shipping fee of European fulfillment house
4. Actual European postage based upon a four pound package

In estimating the numbers, this adds up to $34.

We  understand that other companies charge lower shipping amounts in their  Kickstarter campaigns. After researching that, we found that they are  doing this by amortizing that cost in the price of the game itself. We  thought about doing that as well, but two factors stopped us. The first  is that what is going to happen in a KS campaign is unknown, and each  scenario we looked at had risk over certain number ranges. Because we  are essentially a small operation, we do not care much for risk.  However, we also simply felt it was unfair to others to make them  subsidize shipping costs that are not their fault. And that is why the  shipping costs are what they are.

A Note About One Small Step

OSS Games is a small company. We are composed of no full-time staff, but  rather are a group of individuals who enjoy producing games in our spare  time. Our MO is to produce small print-run games with consistently high production values. We try to bring you the highest quality product possible for a reasonable amount of money. We do this because we enjoy  it.

That said, we are a game publisher, not a PR firm. We limit  communication to essential announcements. Therefore, we will not be  posting constant updates about everything little thing. Our posts will  be limited to essential milestones, such as the game going to press, the  receipt of press samples, or when the game begins shipping. The press  process is often one of waiting punctuated by occasional back and forth on minor issues. If you don't hear from us in the updates section, this  is simply because we do not have any update that changes status of the  previous one.

Also, because each of us has a day job, we are not  able to monitor the Kickstarter page at all times. Thus, if you need a  rapid response to a question, please email us at

Risks and challenges

This is our fifth Kickstarter project as One Small Step, but we have been publishing games since 1996. We have experienced just about every possible way a project can go wrong and we have overcome it. This project will be no exception.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

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