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Exciting card game where 2-6 players embark on adventures, expand their fleet and battle other players to become the ruler of the ocean
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New artwork & treasure chests ahead!

Posted by Jules Prick (Creator)

New artwork for the last Pirate of the Deep!

We've finished up the artwork of the last Pirate of the Deep! (6/6) 
All 6 Pirates of the Deep! kind of belong together and we feel it would be a pity if not all of them would would be included (we're kind of short on hitting the FB stretch goal). That's why we decided to release all remaining Pirates of the Deep! when hitting the 15k Stretch goal! Harrr!

Now let's get to that last stretch goal!!

Thank for everyone supporting us and pledging another 5 Pounds to push us towards the 16k stretch goal! There is not much more to say really - We'd really like to print them :) !!!

We actually have good hopes on getting there during the last few days when we hit the ending-soon list on KS!

Last but not least - we've bumped into a big pile of Treasure Chests!

If you really like to pimp your Pirates! deck you can store the game in these awesome (wooden) treasure chests of another Kickstarter project of Dog Might Games. You can also custom design your own storage box. The boxes hold 125 regular cards (3.5" x 2.5") or 100 sleeved cards.

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    1. Vasco van de Haar Pinto on

      Great news! Love the unique starting sloops. I'm also a huge fan of double sided sloop-cards! With some groups I would prefer to have the same starting stats, but personally I love the idea of unique starting stats. I can imagine it needs playtesting, but I 'm definately fan of the idea! Now on to the final stretch goals. Can't wait for the 48-hour notice to go out!

    2. Szienceman

      You're definitely very close to 120 with the new world expansion. Do what you can to add a little variety. The art is there. I think it's ok if the starting sloop is two-sided. Easier to pull out and recognize the cards that don't get shuffled in if the backs are different. The print n play option for "advanced" sloops could certainly work too. Maybe it's just a simple three iterations. Fast sloop, armed sloop and cabin sloop or something. Not sure how the cargo stat affects things for the starting sloop, but maybe that could provide the finer balance. Either way. The game is looking amazing and we're grateful for all the extras and great production value.

    3. Jules Prick Creator on

      @Sebasthian Caesar:

      Cards are produced on a sheet of max 120 cards, so we are kind of restricted to a certain amount. We'll ask around but can't promise anything due to production limitations :(

    4. Caesar on

      Thats seems fair about the doublesided cards, though i would prefer to have one card per sloop(especially if they have different abilities. I do agree with Szienceman. But that the differences does'nt need to be that big just some variants like one less speed but more crew or cannons. Or even one more speed and a lot less crew. Even if you don't have time to play test you will always have the standard sloops to choose from if one variant should be too powerfull.

    5. Löwenpower

      Thanks for releasing all of the sloops at $15k! :) Appreciated.
      Hope we reach the $16k. =^.^=

    6. Szienceman

      I think the two sided cards could work. You could then make the alternative ability essentially an upgraded ship. Maybe an upgrade mechanic could be built into the harbors expansion later. The upgraded ship could be used for an easier game, or pay a price at some point in order to upgrade. Maybe the equivalent of two speed (I'm assuming speed is the most valuable single stat). So two speed on one ship, a speed and two cannon, four cannons, two cannons four crew, eight crew, one speed four crew. (My equivalencies are based on no real information so just an example.)

    7. Jules Prick Creator on


      That doesn't make any sense :)

      What I try to say is to print the normal version on the front of the sloop cards, and the new version (altered abilities) on the back. This keeps production costs down as we don't have to increase the amount of cards.

    8. Jules Prick Creator on


      I was just thinking about printing different backs on one card instead of the purple back. One side normal, other side different.

      But maybe this is more for a future expansion as we need to test the balance. Or a PnP version? Print and sleeve them?

    9. Szienceman

      Or even do the same art but different starting stat ships as an add on for 3 quid. Would make a great BGG promo.

    10. Szienceman

      Thanks for unlocking those. I'm fairly confident we can hit $16k. Also like the idea of slightly different starting stats. Maybe lose two crew max get a cannon, four crew for a speed. Lose a speed get a couple cannons or four crew. Not sure what the balance value might be, but you probably have a pretty good idea of the approximate values. Would lead people to go down different paths in encounters as well. Play to their strengths.

    11. Gary Evans on

      The facebook share option hasn't worked for me the entire time of the kickstarter, i imagine others aswell, which is why the target wasn't met...

      Good news on including the goal anyway :)

    12. Caesar on

      Great news! But i would really like the new starting sloops to have different starting stats. That way the cards would be a little more unique, not just new art.