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Exciting card game where 2-6 players embark on adventures, expand their fleet and battle other players to become the ruler of the ocean
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Unexpected allies supporting piracy

Posted by Jules Prick (Creator)


Thinks are looking better and better now. We are at 70% and still climbing!

We even have a special surprise for you! Many people have requested extra battle dice and we have found the perfect guy to make them for us. Meet John and his custom game dice KS project!

 How to order

- We will have our design of the battle dice available at the KS project of John, custom game dice
- You can order extra battle dice at John's Kickstarter page. Now you can have as many as you like in the color that you want!

Incoming treasure map

Secondly we are looking into the option of the treasure map to keep score and offer this as downloadable content for free! So keep an eye out for future updates on this free expansion.


Team Pirates!


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    1. Jules Prick Creator on

      Hi Sarah & the rest;

      Got feedback from Custom Dice about the rounded corners:

      Thanks Jules! Yes, that is an option I'm considering offering.

      If you want, you can tell them they can comment on update 5 of my project (the same one where Pirates! is featured) and vote for rounded corners to be an option.

      Based on the feedback we get, I'm considering adding rounded edges as one of the next stretch goals.

      ~John W.

    2. Jules Prick Creator on

      Hi Sarah,

      Good question! Our current dice are the regular 'rounded' ones and they are produced by a different company than 'Custom Dice', so there will likely be a difference.

      I am not sure if Custom Dice will offer different (e.g. rounded) shapes to choose from. I guess it will depend on their supplier/production process.

      I'll pass on the question :)



    3. Sarah Knopf

      The dice you have pictured above are much rounder than the ones pictured on the other Kickstarter. Are the dice we get in the game going to match? The rounder ones look like they will roll much easier.

    4. Jules Prick Creator on

      the game comes with one wind dice and 5 battle dice. If you want to get more dice i would recommend 5 extra battle dice.


    5. SaphuA on

      So how many extra dice is recommended and how many will fit in the box?

    6. Jules Prick Creator on

      Yeah it's great!! Quite a coincidence too! And a cool project. Who doesn't want to design his own dice??