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By Ray Thomas
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All American's have their own opinions on the U.S. building a border wall between the United States and Mexico.

We would like to offer you an attractive, simple way to express your choice with regards to the border wall in the form of a T-Shirt.

By visiting our website and voting "Yes or No" on rather to build this border wall or not, our hope is that your votes will reflect everyone's desire in this matter and these votes will be noticed by government officials.

We urge the media to visit our website to see how many people have expressed their personal wishes with regards to this controversial subject.

Help bring attention to this very important issue by sharing this website with your friends and family in person, on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. By purchasing a T-Shirt, show fellow America's and the World your choice!

Risks and challenges

We are trying to make fellow America's more aware with the development and cost.

It has been estimated that it will cost each and every American approximately $77.00 each to pay for this wall. And that it will take more than 20 years to construct!

Our T-Shirts seen by fellow American's will serve to remind people that as a country we are all immigrants at one time or another.

We do not like the drugs and crime that seems to cross our borders but I personally do not agree with a costly wall that can be blown-up, tunneled under, or scaled!

Our tax dollars will be better served to feed and house our less fortunate countrymen and women. That will help make America Great Again!

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