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We're adapting Hamlet and Macbeth to a modern-day webisode set in Hollywood.

We relate Shakespeare to a modern audience.

We plan to do it by using the best equipment, actors, and crew. The money will go to acquiring these necessities. It is a union project and it's Shakespeare; to do these things justice we need a high production value. The world's your oyster, which thou, with sword, will open! In the meantime, to business that we love we rise betime, and go to it with delight. Thank you for your contribution to our journey in entertainment!


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    A personalized tweet to you from Hamlet, written in iambic pentameter

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    One dozen homemade vegan, fat-free muffins shipped to the address of your choice with a DVD of the webseries.

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    A sonnet written about the word of your choosing. You tell us the word, we'll write you your sonnet.

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    We will send you a personalized monologue in iambic pentameter about the word of your choosing. This makes a great gift!

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    We will adapt and film a scene from Shakespeare based on facts you give us about you or a loved one's life. We will film, edit, and send it to you!

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    All of the above plus a featured voice over: meaning, you will read for Polonius and we will use your voice in the episode!

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