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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 2 2013
Zachary KingstonBy Zachary Kingston
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Zachary KingstonBy Zachary Kingston
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pledged of $8,000pledged of $8,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 2 2013

Update #1 - People of the World

Posted by Zachary Kingston (Creator)

Hello everyone!

Let me quickly, once again, thank you all for supporting PreApocalypse. We've still got a long way to go before the project is funded, but the initial support has been heartwarming, to say the least. In the past I've spent a lot of time talking about the big ideas and mechanics driving this game, but today I'd simply like to introduce you to some of the races who call the world of PreApocalypse their home.


A soft and fleshy race, early humans fought tooth and claw to rise above the wild bests and attain civilization. 

Humanity is an industrious race with a fascination, if not an affinity, for magic. Indeed,  they lay rightful claim to the scientific and arcane methods, which are heavily credited for moving the world into its current golden age.

The Risen

Death, it seems, is little besides a state of mind. 

The Risen are a collective of bodies, in varying states of decay, which simply decided to get back up again. There are surely some criteria that must be met for this phenomenon to occur, but if the Risen know they aren't telling. In fact, the undead of the world, who have strikingly few basic needs, have a long history of not doing much of anything besides hanging around ancient graveyards and interviewing the newly arisen. 

Perhaps the undead are simply uninterested in the living world around them. Or, perhaps, patience and apathy appear quite similar from an outsider's viewpoint. In the words of one brave tourist, "they appear to be piecing together the fragments of something lost. And it's not life."

Racial Ability - Resilience: Undead units who are cut off from their formation leader will continue too fight as long as a formation with a leader is in contact with their formation. If the supporting formation moves away the abandoned undead are destroyed.


The Aquatics have a name for their race. But other sentient creatures often find clicking their mandibles in that particular manner disagreeable. So they've resigned themselves to the inapt title.

In truth, the Aquatics have been unable to survive beneath the waves for many years. Their rapid adaptation, aided equally by a natural affinity for magic and Arch-Wizard Winard's theory of natural selection, has simply outpaced the social memory of their neighbors. 

While the Aquatics do not exist in a true hive mind, the concept of individual gain is entirely foreign to them. The earnestness with which they cooperate, coupled with their alien appearance, makes them curiously strong allies under the right circumstances. But woe to those caught trying to take advantage of their good will. An Aquatic's mind wields many more blades than human hands ever have. 

Racial Ability - Linger: When an Aquatic unit dies it is replaced with a psychic "bubble". This "bubble" has a single hit point and cannot attack, but preserves formation integrity. The "bubble" does not produce another when destroyed.


Some very many years ago, two groups of nomadic humanoids took two different paths. One group settled on the open planes and learned to run down massive beasts in feats of great endurance. The other group, the Elves, wandered into the jungles. Here, they put their natural cunning to use and became the world's first agriculturalists.

Modern Elves celebrate their connection with the wilds as more of a style choice than anything else. In most every important area their growth as an industrio-magical civilization has either followed or preceded humanity's by mere years. In fact, scholars on both sides have argued that the cultural arms-race occurring between the two empires is the greatest catalyst for progress the world has ever known. Of course, current events are poised to wipe that title away.

Racial Ability - Precision: Everyone knows that Elven archers are the best. Elves have a far lower chance to miss their bow attacks.


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    1. Zachary Kingston Creator on

      Hey David,

      PreApocalypse is set in a world where the F-16 has yet to be invented. I do, however, reserve the right to implement F-15's if I so choose.

      On the topic of leaders with differing personality: The AI making the strategic moves in PreApocalypse operates on the empire level. While not having different AI implementations for each leader unit cuts down on development time, my decision would remain the same even if PreApocalypse was developing with infinite resources. I believe that the added complexity of formations moving across the world-map with individual purpose would obscure player's understanding of the controlling empire's mindset and intentions. Hope that helps to explain.

      There are more than four races! This update is simply intended to be a teaser/dash-of-flavor.

    2. Zachary Kingston Creator on

      Good eye John. Thanks for pointing it out.

      Unfortunately, I don't believe I can edit Kickstarter updates, so I'll just have to live with my shame.

    3. Missing avatar

      David Whitman on

      I prefer to think that the humans chased down massive beasts using F-16's.

      This all sounds very cool. So, will there be leaders will different personalities within a race or will the races have the defined personalities? And will there be more than four races?

    4. Missing avatar

      John Bickers on

      Zack: You used the wrong spelling of plains, I believe, in the second line of the Elves description.