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An exploration/puzzle board game that uses a digital application to lead you on an adventure to save the world of Asteros!
An exploration/puzzle board game that uses a digital application to lead you on an adventure to save the world of Asteros!
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Rising 5 - Runes of Asteros



Rising 5 : The Runes of Asteros is a cooperative adventure/puzzle board game supported by a Digital Application.

In this 1 – 5 player adventure by Gary Kim and Evan Song, you play the Rising 5; a talented, colourful and especially deniable group of agents sent to investigate the nefarious events occurring on the far flung world of Asteros.

With the rich and colourful universe brought to life by Vincent Dutrait laid before you, you’ll use a simple action card system to control our heroes and explore the world. As you do so, you’ll uncover its secrets helping you to decipher the ancient runes that will allow you to seal The Gate.

The Gate is managed by the App, which will generate a new puzzle for you to tackle each time you play as well as providing you with clues as you interact with it throughout the game.

Time is of the essence however and if your bravery and wits fail you the red moon will rise and the world of Asteros will descend into darkness forever...

  • Solo or up to 5 player cooperative.
  • A beautiful universe illustrated by Vincent Durtrait
  • A digital app that creates puzzles and interacts with you throughout the game.
  • Save your score at the end of the game and compare runs with your friends!
  • The App is Complete and already available for download on iTunes and Google Play.
  • An easy to set up game that lasts 15-25 minutes with plenty of replayability.
  • Simples rules that provide an engaging experience.
  • Playable by ages 8 and up.

Once the game board is set up your first step will be to fire up the Rising 5 App. Once you've started a new game the app will prompt you to take a photo of the runes laid out on the board. Line up the runes with the crosshairs on the screen and it will automaticly take a picture as soon as it detects the runes.

The app is already available on the iTunes store and Google play. If you'd like to test it out feel free to download it now, take a photo of the runes below and see what happens! (note: Certain screens and brightness settings may impede the apps functionality)

The app will then present you with the first clue to sealing the gate. It will show you four astrological symbols. Each symbol is related to a rune and depending on it's colour you can determine if it's correct or not.

  • Gold: The rune is correct and in the right place.
  • Silver: The rune is correct but not in the right place.
  • Dark: The rune is incorrect.

The objective of the game is to turn all of these symbols golden by uncovering the right runes and putting them in the right place, only then can you seal the gate and save Asteros! As you advance in the game you'll move the runes around before asking the app to assess them again. As the symbols change you'll be able to deduce which runes are correct and which need to be swapped out.

 Once you have your first clues, your adventure begins. Players will take it in turns to play action cards, moving characters around, fighting monsters, recovering relics, each time getting closer to solving the puzzle.

  Each player starts with a hand of cards and each turn they can play the cards of one character in order to activate them. Each card they play lets them execute one action.

Before resolving these actions however, the player can use that character's special ability:

Ekho: As a charismatic individual, Ekho's natural talents as a leader allow him to move another character anywhere on the board.

Nova: A master with a blade, she can make an attack against any monster on the board before activating.

Eli: With the ability to control the timeflow of those around here, activating Eli allows you to move the Eclipse tracker up one space (see below).

Hal: An inquisitive robot, Hal can copy the power of any other hero in his zone when he activates.

Orakl: The wizened sage possesses an understanding of the runes that is unequalled by the other heroes. His power allows you to switch the position of the runes or swap them out for one from the sidebar.

Once the activated character's special ability is resolved, you can perform one of three actions for each character card played:

  • Move: Move a character to any zone on the board.

Characters can be moved from anywhere to anywhere and there's no limit to how many heroes can be in the same zone.

  • Encouter: Resolve an area card

There are 4 types of encounter cards:

Helpers: These are the uncorrupted inhabitants of Asteros that will help our heroes any way they can, providing our heroes with healing, Silk and even clues to the gate's secrets.

  • Silk: The source of the plight befalling Asteros. Never the less, you'll still need it if you are to attempt to seal the gate.
  • Aid: Representing general forms of aid given to our heroes. Whether it be supplies, healing or even just some kind words, these all go towards pulling Asteros back from the brink of disaster.
  • Clues: Some of Asteros' more wizened inhabitants may be able to aid you in your mission with clues pertaining to the gate and its secrets! When encountered you can ask the app to tell you which rune is related to which symbol! Although it won't tell you if the rune is correct or not it's still a very useful piece of information!

Relic caches: Asteros is an ancient world, almost untouched by scavengers and treasure hunters. Therefore, there are still treasures of a bygone age hidden away, just waiting to be discovered. Coming across one of these cards will give you acess to a powerful, one use card that can make all the difference in tight situations!

Monsters: Once peaceful inhabitant of Asteros, these beings have been totally corrupted by Silk and now ravage the lands and any individuals unfortunate enough to get in their way. Players will not be able to avoid these monsters forever as they will need the resources that the monsters possess and if they let too many monsters build up it could spell their doom if the Red Moon appears!

To fight a monster the player must roll the combat dice and equal or beat the enemie's strength value. If they manage to defeat their foe then they will gain the reward shown on the card. However, if they roll an eclipse then they automatically loose the fight and dire events may come to pass!

As stronger monsters appear, heroes will need to team up in order to ensure victory. Bonuses to the combat roll can be obtained if multiple heroes are in the same zone or if other players contribute action cards to the fight!

This is especially important if you want to have a chance at beating the boss monsters! Especially tough creatures that require more than a bit of luck to best! They do reward you for your hard work though as they posses artifacts; especially powerful relics that can be yours if you defeat them.

  • Seal The Gate: Ask the app to assess the runes on the board.

Once you have collected 4 silk cubes (these can be tracked with the physical cubes or via the app) you can attempt to seal the gate!

Just like when you started the game, you'll be promted to take a photo of the current rune setup. By comparing this new arrangement of symbols with the previous one and the runes that you've moved around since then, you'll be one step closer to figuring out the solution to The Gate's puzzle.

The app also contains a handy tutorial that will delve into this deduction and reasoning process in more detail, be sure to check it out!

 Once you've turned all the symbols golden; Congratulations! You have succeeded in saving the planet of Asteros!

However, as you move closer to discovering the true combination of The Gate, you won't do so unnoposed. The corrupted monters running rampant over the world as well as time itself will be against you!

There are two ways to lose the game:

The first is if the Eclipse tracker reaches the Red Moon symbol. This track is represented by different phases of the eclipse that will syymbolise the fall of Asteros! The tracker can be moved down if either a Red Moon card is drawn from the action deck or if an Eclipse result is rolled whilst fighting a monster!

Fear not though, you can fight back against the encroaching darkness by accepting aid from the inhabitants of Asteros, by using the power of Relics or Eli's special ability!

The second is if you run out of cards in the action deck. This represents our heroes running out of time before the gate opens. At the end of each player's turn they must draw at least one card from the action deck. They can draw up to their maximum hand size but drawing more cards means moving closer to loosing the game! You'll have to use your best judgement whether you need more cards or if what you have will suffice!

Good luck out there heroes, you're going to need it!

You can find a complete set of rules HERE. Please bear in mind that although the rules and mechanics are finalized this document is still an Alpha version. Any and all feedback is appreciated!

The game also features a solo mode as well as a game master mode that doesn't require the use of the app.

We're pretty happy with Rising 5, although, you could say that we're slightly biased! Therefore we asked some of the gaming world's most prominent reviewers to give us their opinion on the game!

One of the best things about Kickstarter is that it allows us to unlock all of a games potential. As funding increases we'll be adding more and more exciting content to the game!

Add-ons are optional purchases that are not included in either pledge levels. If you so wish, you can add these to your pledge and recieve them along with your other rewards!

To do so: Simply click on the "Manage my pledge" button at the top of the page and in the pledge amount box add the price of the desired add-on(s) to your total. After the campaign ends you'll be able to confirm which Add-ons you wish to receive.

Now this is going to work slightly differently from a normal add on because there’s only one of each of course. So here’s how we’ll do it: If you want one of these originals message us first to confirm that you’ll get it. These will be attributed on a first come first served basis. Once we’ve confirmed with you that the piece is yours, and then you can add the additional funds to your pledge. This is of course the first batch of many, we'll be releasing the others throughout the campaign.

Note that these will not be shipped with the rest of your pledge, Vincent will be sending them to you personally in a tracked, ensured and protected package. Whilst he’s at it he can of course sign it for you ;)

Currently the game design and pre-production for the core box is complete. You can see the prototype copies of it in the reviews and videos shown on this page. At most, there is just some proof reading and modifications to be made to the rule book before we can call it done.

As for stretch goals and other content we may unlock during the course of the campaign: The game design for all the elements has been tested and finalized and, for the most part, the artwork has been started and should be complete not long after the kickstarter has ended.

All in all, it shouldn't take too long to complete pre-production and send the game off to print. However, this depends on the route the campaign takes. We have prepared as much as possible for this kickstarter however if the funding levels exceed our expectations we need to add addition stretch goals this may cause delays so please bear this in mind.

The one element that we have experienced delays on is the models. Due to our original scultor encountering some personal issues the miniatures, apart from Ekho (shown above), are not yet complete. We apologise for this, it was our original intention that everything be ready for the launch. However I can assure you that our new sculptor: David Pereira is hard at work on the others and we will reveal them as they are completed.

Behind every good game is a team of passionate individuals devoted to the cause, working hard to bring you a new and exciting gaming experience and Rising 5 is no different. We want you to know who these people are, where they come from, what they've done and, ultimately, what led them to the creation of Rising 5.

In short, we want to tell you this game's story.


Gary is the premier game designer of Korea. He started designing games more than 10 years ago however his best work has been over the past 4 years. He is the designer of Koryo, Chosen, The Hare & Tortoise, Abraca…What?, Play Jeju and so on. He plays games everyday and tries to make new games everyday!

Evan is a young game designer living in Seoul. He stepped into the board game industry with a game called “Doremi”. After joining team Rising 5, he has more games on the way. 2016 will be a special year for Evan as he has two new games for Essen Spiel this October: Rising 5 and Slide Blast.

Mandoo Games is a boardgame publishing and consulting company based in Seoul. Kevin Kim, the founder, has been working in game development, production and international trade since 2002. Kevin managed the development of coconuts (bgg #1 ranked kids game), Abraca…what? And other projects during his career at Korea boardgames. He set up Mandoo games in 2015 to develop more challenging projects and to help game designers and small game studios in asia. Mandoo games also takes care of the export business for several Asian companies such as Happybaobab, gemblo, boardm (Korea), gakken (Japan), capstone games (Hong Kong) and more.


Holy Grail Games specialises in developing and publishing games via Crowdfunding campaigns and Jamie has worked on projects such as Conan: The Board Game, The 7th Continent and Outlive.

We believe that each project is a new adventure, a new quest if you will, that needs to be handled and cultivated based on its own merits. We take great games, treating each one as its own unique entity with its specific needs and possibilities, and push them as high as they’ll go, handling everything from design and development, crowdfunding and community management to sourcing reliable manufacturing and shipping partners.

We do this because we love games. We love playing games, we love making games and we love seeing good games succeed. There’s as much passion in this company as there is business sense I can assure you of that!

Well, the real question is: Why not? Kickstarter and crowdfunding in general are amazing tools for game publishers and have revolutionized our industry. Financially it is one of the most beneficial routes of publishing and helps us ensure that all those involved in the project: Authors, Artists, Developpers...everyone earns a good living from each game and, at the end of the day, this is what allows us to continue to do what we love! Kickstarter is also an amazing communication tool, allowing us to reach out directly to those most interested in what we have to offer in a unique and engaging way.

But that's not all. Even if just those two make for an excellent commercial argument, there's also things that go beyond business sense. Kickstarter allows us to prioritise quality over quantity. It allows us to only take games that we love and believe in 100%, taking the time and care necessary to push their devellopment as far as it will go. What do I mean by this? Well, simply put, some games and/or their content would just not be viable with a "traditional" publishing method.

With the leeway and support afforded to us by these kind of projects, we can take a normal gaming experience and make it extraordinary. Via both material and content, our aim is to have all of our games provide a unique, exciting, engaging and luxury ludical experience!

We are aiming to deliver the game by October 2017. This may seem like a long time as the game itself is already quite advanced (as detailed in the "development" section). However, knowing the caprices of board game design, fabrication and shipping, we'd rather include a good margin of error in our estimations in order to avoid disappointment.

We've done our utmost to secure partnerships with respectable and reliable dispatchers with a proven record of service in order to ensure that your game gets to you post-haste!

Philibert will be taking care of backers in Europe and the surrounding regions whilst ShipNaked will be responsible for the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

As mentioned previously, Shipping costs are not included in your pledge. After the campaign has concluded we will ask you to pay for shipping duing the "Pledge Manager" phase.

Currently the shipping for this project is both E.U. and U.S. friendly. What does this mean? It means that backers from these two regions will not have to pay any import tax whatsoever when they recieve their game.

This offer may extend to other regions during the campaign such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This will be decided purely based on the number of backers. Generally 100 backers will ensure friendly shipping for these regions.

However, even if your region is not covered by this: please rest assured that our dispatchers will ensure you pay the absolute minimum in tax for your game.

What follows are the average prices for each region based on an estimation of the final weight of the game so please bear in mind that this may change depending on the campaign's progress.

Once again, these are averages, the real price may vary depending on your exact location. If your country is not on the list above, please feel free to contact us and we will inform you of the price.

Note that these prices include:

  • Tracked Shipping
  • Adequate packaging to prevent damage during transport

Once again, if you have any questions about Shipping, please don't heistate to ask us in the Comments section!

Risks and challenges

No crowdfunding project comes without risk but we have done our utmost to minimise it.


This is not our first rodeo, we have been involved in many Kickstarters before so are very familiar with any potential pitfalls.


Rising 5 has already been fully designed and play-tested. All artwork and graphic design elements have been completed ahead of the kickstarter campaign for the core box and we have also reached agreements with our partners for manufacturing and shipping so that we can get your game to you as quickly as possible after the kickstarter campaign ends.


We estimate a October 2017 delivery date. This corresponds to the time we believe will be necessary to prepare the game for manufacturing, produce it and ship it to you. It also includes a safety margin too in case we come across any unforeseen circumstances.

It is in our best interests to get the game to our backers as soon as possible and we will do our utmost to ensure that there are no delays, however, it may be that a situation arises that is out of our control, such as issues with shipping, customs or problems at the factory. Should anything cause this date to change we will of course keep you updated.


All pledges can be refunded up to the completion of the Pledge Manager, no questions asked.

If, for any reason, we are unable to produce the game we will provide a full refund to all our backers.


Any costs shown in $ are based on the exchange rate in effect during the first day of the campaign.

By pledging to this Kickstarter, you acknowledge that the final appearance, materials and content of the rewards (and the Kickstarter) are subject to change and may differ From what is presented while the Kickstarter project is active.

You agree that our responsibility to you is to ship your order as entered into our pledge manager system, that title and risk passes to you upon delivery to a common carrier for such shipment, and you are responsible for import duties or any other duties that may be payable to the relevant tax authorities, providing correct address information and ensuring this address is deliverable by normal methods. We regret we are unable to ship to PO Boxes.

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    *Available in English and French. Downloadable rules for Spanish, German, Korean and simplified Chinese

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