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In a golden age of Museums, play a Curator tasked with amassing a Collection of Artefacts the likes of which the world has never seen!
In a golden age of Museums, play a Curator tasked with amassing a Collection of Artefacts the likes of which the world has never seen!
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Museum Production Update #16

Posted by Holy Grail Games (Creator)

Greetings curators!

We’ve got another update for you on the production of Museum!

The game is in the hands of the factory, and we’re now over 2 weeks into production. The manufacturing team sent us some photos of some of the elements in French, which are hot off the press!

The Boxes for the core games and expansions
The Boxes for the core games and expansions
A few examples of cards and individual elements from the game!
A few examples of cards and individual elements from the game!

Printing is going smoothly, and the factory has assured us that they’ll be sending us finalized production copies for early January! Once we receive them, we’ll create and publish a new video to show you everything 😊

Production will be complete by the end of January, as planned, so we’re fully on track for our March delivery date.

This will be the last update we will do for Museum before the holiday period, so we hope that you all have a wonderful festive season!

See you all in January,

The Holy Grail Games team


Bonjour les conservateurs !

Nous avons une nouvelle mise à jour pour vous au sujet de la production de Museum ! Le jeu est entre les mains de l'usine, et nous sommes maintenant en production depuis plus de 2 semaines. L'équipe de fabrication nous a envoyé des photos des différents éléments du jeu :

Les boîtes!
Les boîtes!
Quelques cartes et autres éléments du jeu
Quelques cartes et autres éléments du jeu

L'impression se passe bien, et l'usine nous a assuré qu'elle nous enverra des copies de production finalisées pour début janvier ! Une fois que nous les recevrons, nous créerons et publierons une nouvelle vidéo pour vous montrer tout ce que vous allez recevoir 😊

La production sera terminée pour fin janvier, comme prévu, de sorte que nous sommes confortablement dans les temps pour notre date de livraison en mars.

Ce sera la dernière mise à jour que nous ferons pour Museum avant la période des Fêtes, alors nous espérons que vous passerez tous de bonnes vacances !

A bientôt en janvier,

L'équipe de Holy Grail Games

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    1. Christian Villarreal

      @Brechnar - it wasn’t a question.

    2. Missing avatar

      Brechnar on

      @Chris ; You know the answer, it's not worth asking.
      Jamie and HGG were very clear, it was not an easy choice and you know the risk by investing in KS.
      I'm disappointed not to have the original player boards but this is only a detail for me (and for all the others who never complains too), so continuing like this and being almost disrespectful, I do not see what you're expecting. Do you really think they'll do retail ?
      The only thing that could be done and that would be really cool, it would be that we can have the files of player boards to print them with us.

      So in the meantime, I'm looking forward to March to finally play this game that has always been wanting for 1 year: D

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, HGG and Jamie :)

    3. Christian Villarreal

      I’d pay extra money for original player boards. Let me know how much. Thanks.

    4. Jamie "WhelpSlayer" Johnson Collaborator on

      @Dirk: Indeed! However we’ve done enough photos, we don’t want to just show more photos and launch the debate again. Next time you’ll see them it’ll be in an unboxing video with all the other content.

    5. Jamie "WhelpSlayer" Johnson Collaborator on

      @ Bart : Agreed, and as I said below, we’re on track to get the games out of the country BEFORE CNY starts 😉

    6. Bart Vervaet

      @Jamie: I understand what you are saying, I'm just saying there is a big difference between having the games ready to ship before CNY and actually getting them on a ship before CNY.

      Last year three games I backed were ready for shipping at the end of januari, but none of them got out of China before CNY, either because they could not find a ship or because the cost of shipping right before CNY was too high.

      Everybody producing anything in China wants to get their stuff out before CNY, so most ships leaving in the week(s) before will be fully booked long in advance.

      I just want to stress this because it is a situation that returns every year, and it's very frustrating for creators and backers alike to have a container full of finished games sitting in a chinese harbor for a month because there was no more available shipping space.

      My sincere apologies if this is starting to sound like a rant.

    7. Missing avatar

      Dirk on

      What about the close-up-pictures/video from this new so called "player board" as promised in the last update/comment section? I guess many of us are very interested in that!

    8. Missing avatar

      cazier on

      Merci pour cette news : les photos avec une meilleure résolution donnent toujours autant envie de jouer ! Est-il possible d'avoir un lien vers les règles finalisées du jeu de base et des extensions ?
      Bonnes fêtes de fin d'année à toute l'équipe !

    9. Jamie "WhelpSlayer" Johnson Collaborator on

      @Bart: CNY is actually a subject we talked about in our previous update and our schedule is built around teh games leaving china BEFORE it begins. As mentioned above, we're on track for this :)

      @Mammut: sure!

    10. Bart Vervaet

      great to hear everything is on schedule. Just one important question....
      Are you guys aware that Chinese New Year basically shuts down all of China for the entire month of febuari, which in turn makes end of januari shipping a lot harder to find and a LOT more expensive.
      I had three games stuck in China during CNY last year just because they couldn't find/afford shipping in the two weeks before.
      I'm just saying you guys are cutting it very close, so be aware of this possibility.

    11. Missing avatar


      Could you insert a link to a higher resoultion image?
      Also, happy holidays!