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In a golden age of Museums, play a Curator tasked with amassing a Collection of Artefacts the likes of which the world has never seen!
In a golden age of Museums, play a Curator tasked with amassing a Collection of Artefacts the likes of which the world has never seen!
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Away from prying eyes…

Posted by Jamie "WhelpSlayer" Johnson (Collaborator)

Museum is about the wonders of the archaeological world, the light, the colour, the textures of these wonders of history put on display for all to see!

What some don’t realise though is that there was a dark underworld that shadowed it. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Black Market, where anything is obtainable…if you can pay the price.

Black Market is the fourth expansion for Museum and adds a market system to the game where you may purchase Objects and Notoriety cards to complete your collections and harass your adversaries. For those of you looking to put a more aggressive emphasis on the interaction between players in Museum, this is the one for you!

  • Objects:

The 30 object cards featured in the expansion are all from civilisations outside of the ones present in the base game. You’ll know them by their rather unique appearance (Images coming shortly) and the fact that they only have one attribute! For example, there’s the Viking Longship that will only sport a Navigation Icon or maybe the Terracotta army, the famous guardians of emperor Qin Shi Huang which only counts as a Chinese card? These and many more are purchased exactly like any other object and can give your collections a much needed boost!

  • Notoriety Cards:

Museum has always had a pleasant level of player interaction, with each player concentrating on building up their Museum. With these new cards though, you can throw many a wrench in your opponent’s plans! Purchased like an object card, they follow exactly the same rules as a standard notoriety card except their effects are much more aggressive. Steal objects, create counterfeits, and steal prestige right out from underneath your opponent’s noses! The ends justifies the means!

All these new cards will be available on a separate market board (WiP). When cards first appear, they’ll cost more but as they stick around for longer, their cost will go down. So, do you shell out right from the start or wait for a better price at the risk of having them stolen out from you?

The Black Market expansion includes 60 new Contraband cards (objects and Notoriety cards) as well as new characters, events and Notoriety cards. If you’re looking for a more aggressive stance with Museum then add it to your pledge !


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    1. Ezteiskrid on

      How many cards are there of each? I would like to know for sleeving, i want to be ready when it gets dropped of my porch :)

    2. Richard Walters

      Will this expansion be available to purchase in stores? Not certain I want to get this one at this time, but may want to in the future.

    3. Greg Phillips

      On the BM board graphic the values in red are a bit hard to discern, could these perhaps be on peeling dispatch labels hence on a sepia background?

      Mind you... I'm not sure black markets use dispatch labels... XD

    4. Blox Voy Fred on

      GREAT , This is mine :)

      @rafael :
      I dont care about 5th players and dont want to buy world's fair. So im quite happy to be able to choose

    5. Vinz Glorto on

      For the expansions I think there will a have The 5th player and that's all… at last we should have some objects and assistants… Wolrd's Fair, Archaelogists and Black Market will be on retail…
      I buy it with all the add-ons… I love change some details when I play a game.

    6. Rafaël Theunis on

      ANOTHER expansion ? How many more are you guys planning on making? I mean I applaud fume xtras but it’s 31€ to get all expansions, I’m starting to wonder if it’s not all too much, content wise and material wise. This is a 80€ game now, and this is getting really over budget for me. I mean, it’s up to me to choose of course, but it would feel like not getting the complete game. I just wonder why all this wasn’t included in the base game, since it seems (or at least I hope) those were developed with the base game from the get go.

    7. Missing avatar

      Szilard Leitner on

      So if I understand well the "aggression" comes from the notoriety cards this expansion comes with, and if I leave them out I just get a game with more special object cards to choose from? (Take that is not our style) Thank you

    8. Vinz Glorto on

      Vivement les vidéos demain ! Plus d'interaction violente et directe hâte de voir cela.

    9. Philippe PETIT

      J'achète !!!!!