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Etihad Airways new A380 features a concept that I believe will revolutionize commercial air travel. Help me review the product! Read more

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Etihad Airways new A380 features a concept that I believe will revolutionize commercial air travel. Help me review the product!

Ben Schlappig
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About this project

I've been flying frequently since a very young age, and travel and aviation are my greatest passions. Over time that passion for travel and flying grew to finding the cheapest way to travel in luxury. And over the years I've reviewed most of the world's best first class products.

Through the use of miles and points I've been the only independent reviewer to publish reports on every single A380 first class product currently in service. I've flown every one of these products using miles, including:

Air France A380 First Class
British Airways A380 First Class
China Southern A380 First Class
Emirates A380 First Class
Korean Air A380 First Class
Lufthansa A380 First Class
Malaysia Airlines A380 First Class
Qantas A380 First Class
Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class
Thai Airways A380 First Class

A380 First Class Products
A380 First Class Products

Etihad revolutionized air travel on Sunday with their announcement that they would be introducing "Residences" on their new Airbus A380, which they'll be taking delivery of later this year. 

This isn't just a new airline product, but rather is a whole new direction for air travel, with the first multi-room suite ever introduced on a commercial airplane.

Each Residence consists of a living room, bedroom, and private bathroom with shower, measuring a total of 125 square feet. The Residences also have a private butler specially trained by Savoy Hotels.

Yes, you get three rooms to yourself and a butler.

Absolutely ridiculous.

With only one "Residence" per flight, this may very well be the first A380 premium cabin product for which you can't redeem miles. This may change over time, but with only one "cabin" per flight it's highly unlikely.

As a result, it may be a long time before we get an independent review of Etihad's A380 Residences. 

What I propose is flying the Residences product within the first week it's in service, so I can report on all aspects of the experience. Chances are it would otherwise be a long time before we get an unbiased review of Etihad's new product.

Risks and challenges

In theory, Etihad could delay the launch of the product, which would mess up the timing somewhat.

Otherwise the main challenges include finding reasonable positioning flights to Abu Dhabi, and home from London. If needed I can use my own resources for these flights though.

Outside of that, I don't forsee any sizeable obstacles, given that I've completed many similar reviews in the past.

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