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A post-apocalyptic board game of adventure and survival set in dystopian Australia for 1-4 players
A post-apocalyptic board game of adventure and survival set in dystopian Australia for 1-4 players
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4,421 backers pledged $337,716 to help bring this project to life.

The strength of our community… and some exclusives!

Posted by Galakta (Creator)

Greetings Knights!

We are after 24 hours of your great effort and support. First of all, we wish to tell you that you have proven to be true survivors fit to face any challenges of ruined Australia. Many thanks! Second of all, we hope you will not stop there and the project will be evolving for the next 21 days.

As the time for free Scavenger add-on has passed, we can tell you that all Backers up to number 2616 will receive this additional knight for free. Anyone who backed or will back the project later may still get Mr. Mall by pledging extra $7 for his figure, knight sheet and the full set of dedicated upgrade cards. 

You show your support in many ways – not only by backing, but also by your social media activity. This has tangible results as we have unlocked both social Stretch Goals: the one for 3500 Facebook likes and for 300 BoardGameGeek fans of the game. Let’s take a quick look at them.

The first SG is a gear card that will be created by you. You have a chance to give us some ideas for an item every Waste Knight worth its salt needs in the badlands. Check out our FB page and comment under the post and we will pick the best idea to illustrate it and add to the game. You can find the link below:

The second SG is rather straightforward and deadly – the Hand Flamer gear card to increase your chances of survival. It uses Fuel instead of Ammo to shoot, features the powerful red die, and has a strong special effect in combat. Just remember that you might get burnt when playing with fire…

Finally, we have something special to show to you: our first Kickstarter exclusive SG in the form of a new character: Doctor Feng, the Scientist. It seems the end of the world does not bother him much. Actually, the whole wasteland has become his lab and he is more than willing to turn any foe into a test subject! With great skills and abilities utilizing various special actions, Doctor Feng can prepare himself for the worst.

We hope we will reach the good doctor quickly, covering a few other SGs on the way.

Thank you again for your support! See you in the Waste!

Galakta Team


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    1. Marco Tuzzi on

      @Alexandre: your pledge number is in the mail you got from kickstarter as you pledged. I don't think there's a place here on the website to see it. It should only be in the pledge confirmation email. Check your spam folder if you can't find it in your inbox.

    2. Alexandre Leal on

      The weird part is I cannot find my Pledge Number for this Project.... Unlike my other backed projects I just cannot find mine anywhere.

    3. Justin Boehm BLOODBORNE BACKER #1!

      If a backer pledges they get assigned a number, if they then cancel, that number is already used and does not get reassigned, ever. So if 2800 people back and 200 then cancel, the next backer will get 2801, but the campaign will show 2601 backers.

    4. Greg Krywusha

      Hmmm... with only 2,594 backers shown, I backed the game. Yet my profile shows being backer 2,722. Doesn't seem right.

    5. F.S.P.

      Drones are totally out off topic here! It wouldn't make sense to include drones, robots, AI machines...
      Look at the guns and vehicles knights are using. Would make sense to use electric cars, fighter plane with the latest technology, massive destruction weapons...?

    6. Jason "Lucky Dice" Jardine on

      You do realise I couldn't post here unless I was already a backer?

      Maybe go learn how KS assigns backer numbers.

    7. Missing avatar

      Francisco on

      @JasonJ Yep, there is still place for the FREE SCAVENGER.
      Don`t whine and push the button for the pledge quickly, or the last 25 places will be covered -and then you will have motive to whine.
      All aboard!
      PS: I will repeat myself. We need a Mel Gibson cameo here. Like a guy named "Gib Melson".
      And also some weird stuff, like a mutant cyborg Kangaroo as Vehicle/Monster

    8. Jason "Lucky Dice" Jardine on

      @Sichr, KS assigns an individual backer number to each backer. They don't reuse numbers when people back out, so once people start to cancel, the highest backer number will always be more than the total number of backers.

    9. Sichr on

      US$ 144,799
      pledged of US$ 40,000 goal

      Being Backer No.2617 is impossible as for this moment there is still 31 backers to pledge to reach that number.

    10. Jason "Lucky Dice" Jardine on

      I 'm backer #2617. The offer of the free mini was still up when i pressed the button to back the game. This sucks.

    11. Missing avatar

      Akash Yadav on

      In post apocalyptic scenario , we can also use DRONE, with equipment slot, as a very special and rear gear. that can be used as a weapon, armor or utility (exploration action/increasing capacity):
      As a weapon: it can work as a ranged weapon when survivor attach ammo (limited amount) and(or) 2-3 bomb(like mini missiles) attached to its slot. Every time it’s used as a weapon with bullet player will spend 1 ammo for each bullet used and 1 ammo for draining drone's battery. if mini missile is used then player will spend 3 ammo for each missile and 2 ammo for battery. It will have high damage in large area.
      As a Armor: player can detect enemy from distance when the cam / binocular is attached to slot and so player can do the preparation for combat in advance which reduce the combat damage but player will also spent 1 ammo for battery.
      In Exploration action: when this card is equipped with the player, he can also use it for exploration action (in which if used he can increase the number of resources found or can decrease the negative effects.) but in this it will drain all the battery and will take some ammo or turn time to recharge the battery.
      Increasing Capacity: when not using DRONE as any of the other option it can also be used to increase the capacity of the user for some number of terms. but then it cannot be used as a weapon, armor or in exploration action. when using a carrier, it will drain (1 or a half) unit of battery every turn.
      depending on the game we can set the battery limit for the Drone.

    12. Draxon Fly on

      I'm not a fan of KS exclusive's. I don't think people that might off missed or couldn't afford at the time to back to miss out on anything. Bit of a shame.

      But, looking good so far.

    13. Justin Boehm BLOODBORNE BACKER #1!

      I like the doctor and the fact that he's KSE, but I hope we see some more female character options too. 3 for 3 SGs plus the add-on are all male. It was nice that 3 of 5 starters were female though :) Just with the doc and add-on we've gone from a 2:3 ratio to a 2:1.