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A post-apocalyptic board game of adventure and survival set in dystopian Australia for 1-4 players
A post-apocalyptic board game of adventure and survival set in dystopian Australia for 1-4 players
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First Stretch Goals unlocked… but a long road ahead of us!

Posted by Galakta (Creator)

Greetings Knights!

With 200% of the original campaign goal in just 6 hours, you are really ramming the Stretch Goals just like Sallow Lee, the Slasher, hacks through his enemies! Thank you very much! Now, let’s take a quick look at the SGs unlocked so far.

Sand Buggy is the fifth vehicle in the game. Looking at its stats, it is weak as a Bike, no faster than the Off-road, but if wish to make gaping holes in your opponents, this is your best choice. In combat you can trade Damage on the Sand Buggy for a Wound and this additional harm might mean the difference between victory or defeat.

Then we have 1 extra upgrade card for all unlocked knights. This practically means that you get 2 additional options (as the cards are double-sided) on how your knight can improve their skills and abilities. There are also unique gear cards hidden inside the deck, such as Johnny Taylor’s trusty sniper rifle or Zoey Shaw’s Junk Gun. At this point, with 7 knights unlocked you get 7 extra cards. And there can be many more…

Wasteland is an unforgiving place – with 6 additional cards you get more enemies and events to make your experience even more gripping. Especially, that almost all cards in both wasteland decks are unique, forcing you to choose different strategies.

 Last but not least, there is Sallow Lee, the Slasher and 7th knight along with his mighty figure, knight sheet and the set of upgrade cards. He is easily the toughest of all characters and his special ability makes him even more resistant to harm. He is also a very powerful melee fighter able to soak ranged attacks and then smash his enemies into pulp.

That is the stretch of the road we have already covered together, but as you can see in the campaign, we have a lot more. Ruined Australia is a great, yet dangerous continent. It is best to have higher powers on your side and Reverend Evans, the Priest is their faithful servant. He will be a great companion especially that 6 more enemies await in the badlands. Add to this more custom dice and a bag for threat tokens and you will be well-equipped to face any danger!

Let’s keep moving forward! Thank you again in your support!

Galakta Team

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    1. Galakta Creator on

      @Peder Olin Imagine how strong he is if he can slash someone with a bat ;-) Leaving jokes aside, Slasher is a field position in the post-apocalyptic game we've created much like an attacker or goalkeeper in soccer games. Just more brutal and no referees there ;-)

    2. Peder Olin on

      "the slasher" with bats huh? =)

    3. Michael Stevens on

      Onward and upward - we are killing it!