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Tired of buying shirts and suits that just don't fit? We're making custom garments tailored to your body.

A Custom Shirt or Suit in 30 minutes or less!

Are you tired of buying off the rack suits or shirts that DON’T fit?

Do you think it’s IMPOSSIBLE to look like the guys on GQ and Esquire?

The Secret: it isn’t Style without FIT.

A Zegna shirt costs over $300, a tailored suit ranges in the THOUSANDS!

We can do better.

Arden Reed cuts out the retailer and passes on those savings to you.

My Story

I started Arden Reed to solve these problems.  To create affordable personalized custom clothing that won’t break the bank. 

My dad has been in the garment industry since I can remember and with his help I started my own business out of my dorm room.  Each week, I’d measure clients and send out detailed instructions to my tailor.  I learned everything I could about tailored suits and shirts.

I graduated and took a short detour to work in Corporate.  The idea stuck and I still kept getting orders from my old customers.  I decided to leave my job and focus on this idea full time.  In the meantime I partnered with my co-worker, Carlos.  Together we want to create an e-commerce experience that matches the customer service I provided as an on-call tailor.


How Will It Work?

You’ll first step onto our platform and make your selections.  From there you’ll be able to personalize your item to fit your style. Be it for work or play, you can change anything from collar and cuff styles to the contrast colors.

We´ll have various fabrics you can choose from and we´ll curate a list of up to 10 contrast collars that match perfectly with your garment.



Once you checkout we’ll walk you through a step by step process to get your precise measurements. 


We’ll take all your inputs and begin hand crafting your personalized suit or shirt.


If your item doesn’t fit on arrival we’ll refund any tailoring costs up to $80 on suits and $20 on shirts.  We´ll then change your measurements for your profile ensuring a perfect fit for every following order.  

Why Should I Invest?

You´ll be a part of something special.  You´ll be a founding customer of our company and will help decide the trajectory that Arden Reed will take.  We´ll take your feedback to heart and do our best to make your experience with Arden Reed a fulfilling one.

So be a part of something bigger! You deserve clothing that fits. By investing in our products you'll be able to get fitted shirts and suits with a click of a button for the rest of your life.  


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    ONE ARDEN REED CUSTOM DRESS SHIRT. We'll have ten shirt styles to choose from with various contrast colors available to accent your personalized dress shirt. Additionally, you´ll be able to customize your shirt with your own collar, cuff, placket and monogram options, among others. This award is $80-$120 in value.

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    TWO ARDEN REED CUSTOM DRESS SHIRT. Double the fun! Mix up your wardrobe with two personally stitched shirts created by you. This award is $160-$240 in value.

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    SIX ARDEN REED CUSTOM DRESS SHIRTS or AN ARDEN REED PERSONALIZED SUIT. Get half of the Arden Reed Shirt collection or your very own customized suit. Change anything from the lining to the stitching! This award is $400-$600 in value.

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    THREE ARDEN REED CUSTOM DRESS SHIRTS AND AN ARDEN REED PERSONALIZED SUIT. Due to popular demand we've added one more level! This award is $600-$900 in value.

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    ARDEN REED LAUNCH COLLECTION OF SEVEN SUITS AND TEN SHIRTS. Reinvigorate your life with a personalized style consultation and an entire new wardrobe. This award is $3,300 to $4,000 in value.

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