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Rival gang members work together to fight crime in a new and risky model of peacemaking.

"Art is long, and time is fleeting."
--Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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A VIOLENCE DISRUPTED (formerly called Sanctuary)

A documentary on gang intervention, prevention and violence disruption set in gritty, inner-city Los Angeles, the gang capital of the world!

Update: Scroll down-- LA Mayor additional video clips...  



LA TImes Jan. 7, 2013 headline: CRIME IN LA IS DOWN ..... Link to full article

"... significant drops in gang crime, city leaders announced Monday."

"L.A. (Now) has the lowest violent crime per capita of any big city," Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said in a news conference at LAPD headquarters.

".... gang homicides were down 12% reduction from the previous year, with overall gang crime down 10.8%."


I first became involved in this project when I was asked to explore some of the work that reformed gang member, Alfred Lomas, was doing in South Central (read original LA Times article.) As I was invited into sit-downs where peace treaties were being forged with rival Blood, Crip and Florencia 13 gang members, then asked to film the launch of the LA Gang Tours (Lomas' idea for economic development and education in the hood), I started hearing about the cease-fire negotiations that had taken place. I secured story rights and launched into an exploration that was tragic, eye -opening and yet not without hope for those who are learning what the true nature of peace is. I saw that this is a story that must be told.

It has been an arduous journey since it is a far cry from the upper west side in NY where I grew up.  But I think we can make some issues accessible in a way that has not previously been done, as I have had access to view the cutting edge of some of these new models of peacemaking. Please read a little bit about the project, join the team, and help us get to the next level toward production.
–Nikki Hevesy


Can rival gang members become an unlikely model of peace to the world?

We journey into this core of evil in a gang world where killing and murder between blood enemies is commonplace. As gangs multiply across the globe, Los Angeles remains the gang capital, impacting crime and violence both nationally and internationally. Here, 450 gangs and 45,000 gang members rule some of the poorest neighborhoods in America and life is a privilege; it can be snatched away in an instant to settle a score, for revenge, or just by being caught in the crossfire.

With unique access into this world we look behind the curtain that shrouds these communities with terror, causing them to become breeding grounds for violence.

In one corner of LA, Alfred – Slim – Scorpio and C-dogg, once 'shot-callers', now step up as gangsters who say they're tired of the killings and want to turn things around. Risking their lives to transform the neighborhoods they once wrecked with violence, they now earn their respect by bringing food, jobs and education to the community - crossing enemy lines to stop the killings, rescue kids at risk and become Violence Elimination Professionals.

The four of them, black and brown, from warring gangs - are all guides on Lomas’ ingenious idea for economic development in the hood – The LA Gang Tours.

A renowned gang expert and author, Bill D., gives historical context to today's gang related events, as efforts are explored to free gang communities imprisoned by generational ties.

We follow Alfred as he holds the former enemies together in their commitment to peace. C-dogg as he struggles to survive out of prison, determined to make a difference and not get sucked back into a life of crime. Scorpio as he snatches up gang affiliated dropouts for his alternative high school, and Slim as he is accused of a murder everyone is certain he did not commit.

The reformed gang members wrestle both inner and outer struggles to survive and make a difference in this new, but controversial model.  It is being studied worldwide as crime has dropped in Los Angeles to the lowest since 1951. It is working, but it is messy!

 A Violence Disrupted documents this captivating story and its far-reaching results that are generating hope in this once-thought-lost inner city.

Copyright © 2012  Through the Glass Productions


We call the money we’re asking for here “next step funds” which will catapult us to the next phase of production.

Right Now. We need $10,000 - immediately, to get to take the next step in our documentary. These “next step funds” will enable us to get things ready for the next phase of production, as well as put things in place to pursue other funding opportunities for completion. (see below)

What Have You Been Doing?
Because of the volatile nature of the world of gangs, we began filming more than a year ago (for a limited time) to capture specific events as they unfolded. (We posted some of this footage here.) Simultaneously we sought distribution, and have had a good deal of success and interest here. (Read about this below in the FAQ.)

Then, How Will These Kickstarter Funds Be Used?

We are not attempting to raise the entire budget for this documentary from Kickstarter - but we are asking you to come in on the first floor (okay, maybe second floor) to help us move forward.

Some of the items your funds will go toward include:

  • Preliminary editing - Organize, log and assess dozens of hours of footage that we have shot or acquired to determine what we have and what is needed. Set up drives to begin filming again.
  • Transcription of initial interviews  - Transcribe many, many hours of footage.
  • Story Researcher - Acquire and go through hundreds of pages of a court murder trial transcripts on one of our story points that we need to do to ensure the safety and veracity of this story line.
  • Rough assembly -  Begin to edit a rough cut to show interested co-production partners.

That’s a lot of bang for the buck (so to speak.)

How long does this take?

How will people see this documentary?

What if you don't get  all the money you need  to make the film?

Can’t you get one of the US TV networks to take the rights and pay for this?

Is this tax deductible?

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What if you raise more than $10,000?

Are you seeking investors for the production?


Bios - Production Team Keys
Bios - Production Team Keys


ADVISORS & EXPERTS: The advisory team on the project includes former gang police, authors, professional mediators and academicians who specialize in gangs. Many of these appear in the project offering perspective and information and all have been a valuable resource throughout production, helping us navigate and better understand the delicate and dangerous world of gangs.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We could spend days discussing the risks that come along with making a documentary about gangs. Suffice it to say, we have been successfully navigating an ever-changing world of personalities and allegiances for some time now because we care about this subject. There are safety issues to be considered, for our filmaking team but even more importantly for the gang members and interventionists we are are working with. We are committed to producing a fair, thoughtful project and are dedicated to the time and effort it takes to make this happen.

On a completely different level, the world of film and television production is equally fluid and challenging. We've been close to deals, only to have the person we're working with move to another job... or been put on hold while companies merge. But we're dedicated! We have a team of professionals who have worked in film and television for a long time and have volunteered many, many hours to get the project this far. We are not giving up until this story is told.


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