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A new web dramedy slated to go live this fall.


GAYS is about four twenty something gay best friends navigating the tumultuous terrain of NYC: Huxley, a quick witted waiter and aspiring photographer; Ben, an attractive introvert who works for a LGBT  non-profit;  Jackson, a promiscuous overgrown rich kid; and Cameron, a dramatic drag queen with a love for old Hollywood. In this city you always have to look out for yourself; but the little lies, mini compromises and secrets they keep could derail their dreams and destroy their happiness… Growing up, fucking up, and fucking along the way.


We believe GAYS can be one of the funniest and strongest shows on the internet. And to make that happen, we don't want to cut any corners. We plan to shoot the entire first season of the show in one fell swoop. That's eight 25-minute episodes in two months of shooting. Yes, it's ambitious, but we believe in the project.  With solid writing, cable quality production value, and an intentionally naturalistic portrayal of gay life and NYC rarely seen on film or tv, we see commercial viability in this passion project. If the scene above is any indication, this project really does have legs. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of funding out there for gay content from traditional sources-- especially on the web.  It’s only through the support and dedication of people like you that we can get these stories told. And they’re important stories and relevant stories.


We have mapped out the entire project very carefully, and have come to realization that we can do this for about $30,000. I know that sounds like a lot of money, but remember that we are going big here, shooting 8 distinct episodes, each over 20 minutes long -- that's a lot of content! And, again, we are striving to keep production value as high as possible -- we want viewers to watch and be as impressed by the production design, camera quality and location shooting as they are with the writing, directing and acting. As an example, we've made a creative decision to invest in the visual integrity of the show: we'll be shooting the whole series on a Scarlet Red camera, which will make GAYS stand out even more. And from equipment, to insurance, to craft services, to post production, none of it is cheap and it all adds up. Help us make GAYS a reality.




Huxley: Peter William Dunn

Ben: Thomas Gibbons

Jackson: Jay William Thomas

Cameron: Markus Kelleman

Natasha: Marina Pulido

Parker: Peter Giessl

Andrew: Justin Garascia

Will: Corey Wright


Lynne Koplitz, of WE's Joan Knows Best, as Olivia

All photos by Tiffany Bloomfield. First poster by Eden Foster. Above poster by Peter Dunn and Tiffany Bloomfield.


Peter William Dunn (Creator/Director/Writer/Executive Producer) is an artist currently living in NYC. Born and raised in New York, he went to Emerson College in Boston, then moved to Dublin and London and traveled all over Europe to experience some more of the world. (And follow his love of accents).

His career in the entertainment industry began as a baby model at six months old, and as a child actor at two years old. As a child he appeared in such films as Spike Lee’s “Malcolm X”, such shows as “The Wizard of Oz “ at Madison Square Garden, and has appeared in over 75 national commercials, including Bill Cosby’s grape Jell-O commercial with a young pre hot mess Lindsay Lohan. His acting career came to a crashing halt when he was hit by a cab. (Yes, it did hurt.) After recovering he decided to focus on his behind the scenes love of writing and directing. He’d begun writing at a very early age, and wanted to study the technicalities of it and hone his craft.

For the past couple of years he’s been working in freelance, while working part time in bars and restaurants. Some of his freelance credits have included “The X Factor”, “America’ s Got Talent”, and the 49th New York Film Festival. While great experiences, he’s decided this is the year he redirects his path. He has stories to tell, and wants to produce a piece of work that is his, not someone else’s.

GAYS is his first experience as a showrunner, and he couldn’t be more thrilled to share these characters, and their stories, with all of you.

Eden Sidney Foster (Director/Executive Producer) is a native New Yorker and BFF of Peter Dunn since they were high school classmates. Her love for story telling has sent her down many different avenues; including creating underground theater with Another Urban Riff, studying acting with Mary Boyer of MTB Studio, and freelance graphic design and production work for fellow creatives.

A good story and it's power to affect perception (even for a moment) is her passion. She is thrilled to be a part of bringing the story of GAYS for all to view. Eden is currently in the research stages of a historical fantasy novel about witches, and always on the hunt for fabulous vegan lipstick.

Ian Patrick (Executive Producer/Line Producer) Born and bred in New York, Ian Patrick and Peter William Dunn go way back (think: swimming lessons at the Y). A former actor, Ian now spends his time creating art and affecting change at organizations such as GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network) and the Tribeca Film Festival.

As both an arts and rights advocate, Ian is thrilled to be a part of GAYS, and is excited to see the final product both entertain and inspire. Ian can also be described as one of those crazy runner-types, whose idea of a fun couple hours is do a half marathon. That, or watch wildlife specials on NatGeo...on repeat.

Ed Blythe (Director of Photography) is an Emmy award winning director, cinematographer and producer. Originally from Melbourne, Australia he moved to New York City to study at Columbia University's Graduate Film program.

His narrative work has screened at Sundance, New York Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand, Aspen Shortsfest, and the Hamptons International Film Festival, amongst many others (taking prizes at Dubai, Mexico City International, Sacramento and Dances With Films). As a cinematographer, he has shot commercial work for clients as diverse as AT&T, Bond No. 9 Perfume, Perry Ellis and Oxford University Press. His feature script MAN WITH VAN placed in the finals of both the Nicholl Fellowship and the Final Draft Big Break in 2012, and is being produced in New York mid 2013.

Jana (AJ) Mattioli (Associate Producer) "could very well be considered the voice of the LGBT community in the independent film world," as quoted by Times Square Gossip. From his shorts to his entries in the feature film world, this transmale filmmaker is definitely making his mark and leaving his impression. The May 2011 issue of The Advocate included Mattioli in their select list of "Forty People Under 40 to Look Out For." AJ hopes to use his voice to inform, educate and entertain.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

We have found incredibly talented cast and crew who believe in this project and are donating their time and talents to make it happen. Honestly, everything is all set. The biggest risk and challenge right now is not being able to have the funds to call 'action, for the first time in late July. We're so close yet so far, and so we are resting our hopes on Kickstarter, on you. Also, just so you know about Kickstarter: it's an all-or-nothing situation. Meaning, if we don't reach our $30,000 goal, we won't actually see a penny, which is really scary. Please don’t let this happen! Help spread the word about our show to anyone who will listen, and then get excited to watch it come September!


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