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Talk.  Tap.  Share.  Our customizable wristband allows you to save & share spontaneous audio so you never miss a moment.
Tap to save and replay the last minute of anything you hear.
Tap to save and replay the last minute of anything you hear.
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1,228 backers pledged $162,386 to help bring this project to life.

Taking it to the Next Level

Hey everyone-

We have a TON of exciting news to share with you!

New Product Features

We listened to your feedback and have already begun the design of the Klip, which allows you to wear our product however you want – like on your lapel or belt. When we reach the $100K mark, we’ll unlock this reward so you can get your hands on one of these bad boys.

New Pledge Levels

We like to keep things exciting, so we’ve added a few pledge levels that we think you – and your friends – will really like.

  • Customized Look: get a Kapture device in any color + app + a second band/grill in any available color.
  • Chrome Grill: a limited-edition chrome grill with a Kapture device in any available color + app + swag bag. Brought to you by our partnership with Shapeways, the largest online 3D printing marketplace and community.
  • Name Your Color: a limited-edition Kapture device in ANY color you want (no, really) + app + swag bag
  • Additional Bands/Grills: add $25 to your pledge and receive an additional band/grill in any color.

Funding Milestones

  • When we reach $100K: we’ll unlock the Klip accessory (see above)
  • When we reach $125K: we’ll unlock a 6th color option

Product Backstory

We thought it’d be fun to give you an inside look at some of the initial design concepts, from the crude wristwatches we used for our first market test to the wide range of design iterations. Some of them have 'nugg-it' on them because that was our product name at the time.

  • Our first sketch!
  • Mike's first proof of concept
  • Broken watches for our test market
  • "Wave"
  • "Imprint"
  • "Flex"
  • "Cuff"
  • "Turntable"
  • "Disco"
  • "Silk"
  • "Sound wave"

Friday the 13th

Did you notice that our page got zombified? We decided to have a little fun on Friday night!

This project doesn’t happen without YOU – thanks for your pledge and for spreading the word. 

-Mike, Matthew and the Kapture team 

PS we’ve had some great press since the launch, so feel free to read and share – Mashable, CNET, and TechCrunch


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    1. Kapture Creator on

      Hey all-

      Thanks for the feedback! We're still talking through the how - and how much - but here's what we're thinking. We'll likely offer the Klip as its own pledge level (e.g. $75) but also offer the ability to add a Klip (without the 'body') to any other level for a certain amount (e.g. $45). We think there are people who will just want the Klip, so that's why we're going to offer both. Just like the bands and grills, the Klip piece is detachable and can therefore be customize in multiple ways - for example, get a Gold Grill wristband + Klip for wearing it elsewhere. So you can easily switch between the clip-on and the wristband versions.

      Now, let's reach for that stretch goal! Start by texting a simple message to five friends, and include this link:

      Until the next episode,

    2. Thomas Campbell on

      From the picture and the description of the stretch silicon backing it seems that both the bracelet and clip can be used

    3. Thomas Campbell on

      Ian I have the same question, it is an either or options things just got more complicated. It it is detachable, fantastic.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      Are the clip and strap detachable from the Kapture, thus allowing us to switch between them when we like. Or will we have to pick one?

    5. Dmytro Kolyvai on

      Wow! Thanks for the clip! You're awesome!!!! Let's reach all stretch goals!

    6. Baldwin90 on

      Will the Klip be something that you have to buy separate from the Kapture? Will it be a completely different pledge, or will it be a case where you add more to your pledge to get a Klip adapter?

    7. Peter Walkowiak on

      Looks great btw. Really like some of the concepts a lot.

    8. Peter Walkowiak on

      Any idea on the klip pricing?