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You'll never have to wrap or untangle your earbuds again!
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Posted by J2 Product Development, LLC (Creator)


You did it! You helped us reach our $15,000 stretch goal and unlock a NEW COLOR of your choice! But which color will it be? So far GREEN and BLACK are neck and neck, with RED, ORANGE, and BLUE not too far behind. It's anyone's game at this point, so if you have not already voted, HERE'S HOW TO VOTE:

LIKE Kordl on Facebook and leave a comment on our voting post by clicking HERE (or if you don't have Facebook, leave a comment here on Kickstarter). Here's what our voting post looks like:

Also, SURPRISE! We don't like waiting any more than you do, so we decided to get a jumpstart on the injection mold tooling! This way everyone should receive their Kordls with plenty of time before the holidays, as we all know Kordls make great stocking stuffers! Check out some preview shots of the steel mold inserts:

Everything is coming together nicely, and we expect to see the first samples shortly. We are thrilled to have such a supportive crowd behind Kordl. However, we still have 4 DAYS LEFT on Kickstarter -- so PLEASE HELP and spread the word to everyone you know that would like to live a tangle-free lifestyle! Facebook, Twitter, email, anything helps!

Thank you again for all of your support!

Your Kordl Creators, 

John & Joe


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    1. J2 Product Development, LLC Creator on

      Thanks for all the votes everyone and keep them coming -- less than 60 hours to go!

    2. Missing avatar

      Gabriel on

      Black... or if not black, something which complements black cables reasonably well.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jennifer on

      Red gets my vote!

    4. Joe Drews on

      Red! It appears I'm in the minority...

    5. Still Fighting

      Black please!

    6. Stephan on

      Orange - won't be so easy to lose!

    7. Missing avatar

      John Malick on

      Black...because my headphone cords are black. I like things to match. :)

    8. Allan Carpenter

      Green... preferably a darker one... maybe hunter green... but any green is fine :)

    9. Sagar Rupani on

      Please gimme red! Damn red is sick!

    10. Missing avatar

      dpayne on

      Orange! (It's the new black.) These things are small and need to be colorful so we can find them when we drop them.

    11. Missing avatar

      M.W on

      Blue, then black.

    12. Missing avatar


      Orange for me

    13. Missing avatar

      KLGaffney on

      first choice would be blue, then black. (no FB)

    14. Missing avatar

      Paul Belk on

      Vote black as well. :)

    15. Nic on

      Kickstarter Green

    16. Brodie Stephens on

      Red - Facebook is stealing the souls of our children.

    17. Hieu Do on

      Red (no facebook)

    18. Missing avatar

      Theodore Briggs on

      Blue (no facebook)

    19. Gwen.

      Kickstater Green.

    20. Jerry Beers on

      I would say blue then black

    21. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Guys be smart vote for blue